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Sardinia, with resorts on the map: pictures of the best beaches on the island with white sand

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The beaches of Sardinia is a territory with a total length of 1850 km and the Island is famous for its pristine beach areas and is one of the record for the number of beaches with blue flags.

Sardinia is diverse in quality and colour of the beaches, there are beaches for all tastes: rocky, pebble, sandy, grassy. The color of the beaches shimmers like a kaleidoscope: white, pink, gold, brown, black, mixed color.

Sardinia, with resorts on the map in Russian language

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Sardinia is a large Italian island, which has preserved the language of SARDU, which the locals say. Since 1962 the government of Italy is implementing a programme for the development of Sardinia, aimed at tourism.

Since the mid-twentieth century in Sardinia appeared resorts, civilized and exotic places for a beach holiday.

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North of the city

The Northern part of the island is attractive for its famous luxury beaches. One of these famous beaches owes its appearance to the Lebanese Prince Aga Khan. He's in the seventies on this coast created the famous yacht club Costa Smeralda, and the name of the club became known as the resort. It's also called the emerald coast by the color of the sea.

Alghero is one of the largest and oldest cities of Sardinia. The residents themselves consider it little Barcelona. Also known as the Coral Riviera, as in many red sea corals. For tourists it is attractive beautiful beaches and architecture.

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On the territory of Alghero are ancient buildings, this tower Nuraghe, built fifteen hundred years ago BC. Alghero is surrounded by beaches for every taste:

  • Spiaggia del Lido , Central beach, which allows you to combine a beach holiday with a city. The beach is famous for its hotels, where the rest of Elizabeth Taylor and Anthony Quinn, and clean, amazingly white sand;
  • Beach Barentin, sandy, shaped like a heart, just five kilometers from Alghero;
  • Beach , Le bombarde, attractive scent of warmed pine needles. Pine trees provide shade and a unique flavor;
  • Isola Rossa is a small fishing village with gorgeous sandy beaches and towering cliffs nearby.

The best places in South coast

Cagliari is an ancient city and capital of Sardinia. Medieval towers and cathedrals, restaurants and museums, as well as an abundance of beach locations attract tourists from all over the world.

The city is located in the coastal mountains and surrounded by towers. Most popular Ivory tower.

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In Cagliari you can also see the medieval walls of the Castello. This ancient place has a Museum. You can visit the Roman theatre, the University, churches and cathedrals. The city is famous for and beautiful beaches:

  1. Poetto is a comfortable beach. Clean fine sand and calm, shallow sea. Along the beach there are a lot of small and big shops, cafes and restaurants. A great opportunity for families with children;
  2. Villasimius is a small town near Cagliari, a charming place for lovers of night life, clubs, discos and beaches;
  3. Spiaggia del RISO, the famous "rice" sand from quartz;
  4. Campulongu offers the opportunity to admire the cormorants;
  5. Simius, due to its location, has the warmest water;
  6. Of notteri – famous strip of sand between sea and lagoon;
  7. Nora is located near the city of Pula, 27 km from Cagliari. Beach – white sand, caves, cliffs, next to the archaeological site of the ancient city;
  8. Santa Margherita di Pula – sand and pine trees along the sea for miles.

Where on the island the best beaches - photos

Coast of Sardinia is considered to be the best in all of Italy, and so I think the inhabitants of the country. Here you can find absolutely any beach: sandy and rocky, barren and noisy, even a pink beach on the island.

Top 5: the most beautiful

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  • La Pelosa near Stintino, is very popular among tourists. The best time, when the influx of tourists falls, may and September. Fine white sand, emerald water, a medieval tower that protected areas allow him to take first place in the ranking of the beaches of Sardinia.
  • Is Arutas in the province of Oristano. This long, narrow beach covered with amazing sand. The grains resemble colored like mother-of-pearl, rice grain, very pleasant to the touch.

    There very beautiful nature. It is a protected areawhere construction is prohibited, but animal lovers can enjoy to roam freely nearby horses.

  • For lovers educational vacation nearby Phoenician city of Tharros Museum.

  • Cala Luna near the town of Orosei. The beach attracts people with its mystery. Not everyone will have the chance to be a visitor of this beach - no roads to it, and can be reached only narrow trails, sometimes very dangerous, or at sea.

    But the beach worth of sand surrounded by rocks and cliffs, pristine nature, fresh water lake almost on the beach. There are excellent opportunities for diving and fishing. For tired tourists on the beach there is a bar.

  • La Cinta in San Teodoro beach, providing the opportunity for a comfortable stay in equipped areas, and conditions for fans of rest in tents. White sand, emerald sea, make this beach attractive. This beach is a favorite place for surfing.
  • Spiaggia Rosa (Rosa) - the beach, the beauty of which was almost lost, so in 90 years, the beach access was closed until 2006. Now looking to explore on this beach, brought by sea, watch boat.

    Unique pink sand is the result of the grinding sea coral, lending a romantic and fantastic view of the coast, guard.

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Sandy areas

  1. Capriccioli, in the town of Arzachena - fine light-grey sand, gentle entry into the sea.
  2. Spiaggia Dell Principe, one of the beaches of the Costa Smeralda with white sand. The beach is Crescent-shaped, scarlet poppies, blue water, secluded coves.
  3. Beach Sekitto in the same city is famous for its sandy coastline with sand is an unusual color, it is dark yellow and the sun streaked gold.
  4. Cat beach is located in the fishing village of su-Palloza in the province of Oristano, where in 2011 Andrea Atzori opened a shelter for cats. They are the main attraction of the beach and attract fans of these animals from around the world.

    The entrance to the beach is free, donations accepted for shelter and treats for cats, but in order to get to the beach you need to register in advance on the website.

Pebbly and rocky zones of rest

  • Spiaggia Coccorrocci near the city of Cairo. The most famous rocky beach, covered with gravel, which gives the beach a dark color, iridescent pink, gray and green.
  • Cala Goloritze , near the town of Tortoli – white pebbles and the like by nature made the stone pillars.
  • Cala Regina – pebble beach West of Cagliari.
  • kamenistaya territoriya Kala-Redzhina

    Above the Bay hangs a sheer Cape that covers the Mediterranean brush, eucalyptus and pine. In this place rises a watchtower built during the Spanish domination in Sardinia.

Travel tips

  1. Tourists should note that summer months in Sardinia is very hot, the maximum heat occurs in August. If you are planning a sightseeing vacation, it is best to choose may, September or October.
  2. For a comfortable sightseeing it is better to rent a car.
  3. You should care about Italian PhraseBook, as many locals do not know foreign languages.
  4. Cheaper holidays cost on the South side of the island.
  5. The best souvenir from the island's local wine.
  6. From the island you can not take the stones, sand and shells.

The same pink beach, to which there is no passage you can see in this video: