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Map of Italy in the Russian language - where is Sardinia: ferry to the island

Sardiniya na karte

The exotic island of Sardinia on the map refers to the Italian state and attracts tourists with natural beauty, rich history and the opportunity to relax on the beach.

Peaceful rest among the cypresses, laurels, olive trees, dwarf palms, familiarity with exquisite corals and mysterious caves – that is a trip to Sardinia.

Sardinia on the world map and Italy in Russian

ostrov na atlase

On the world map Sardinia looking for in the area of the Mediterraneannear Corsica. The island, which even in prehistoric times people lived that is a valuable monument of bygone eras and cultures.

Where exactly is it?

The big island is West of Italylocated on the continent, in the heart of the Mediterranean, near Sicily and Corsica.

The outlines of the settlement like a giant sandal, which is reflected in the name: it sound like the word "andalites" from the Greek language.

From Corsica island removed twelve miles, and to reach the Apennine Peninsula will have to overcome two hundred kilometers. The southern boundary of the island side by side with Tunisia, and Western – with the Balearic Islands. Between the island and the proceeds Corsica across the Bonifacio Strait.

Historical note

istoricheskie svedeniya

The first people settled in Sardinia in the sixth Millennium BC. Over time the island began to be erected stone towers called "Nuraghi". In the height of the tower reached ten to twenty meters. Next to the constructions of the ancient inhabitants erected huts.

Since a thousand years BC, the island was dominated by the Phoenicians, who actively began to settle and develop. The island began to have trade routes. However, after a few centuries of Sardinia took possession of the Carthaginians, who in 238 was defeated by the Romans. The latter was engaged in the redevelopment of the city, expanding the old cities and designing new ones.

Between the ancient and modern Sardinia is often passed from hand to hand. As a result of victories in battle and conquest it is in different States.

During the First world war the inhabitants who fought in the same brigade, fought valiantly. In the period of the reign of fascism on the island founded the city Mussolini, which was named in honor of the fascist Duce. When the fascist regime was defeated, the city was renamed. Now Sardinia is part of Italy as the Autonomous region.

In 1999, the Sardinian language has received official status as Italian.

Basic information and photos

The island civilization gives way to the power of nature. Adventurers and history buffs will be thrilled by the secrets stored silent flora and fauna.

The size and topography

dannye o ploshadi i relefe

The island covers an area of twenty four thousand square kilometers. The figure of the resident population reaches a little more than half a million people. The mixed terrain includes:

  • lush meadows;
  • green forest;
  • olive groves;
  • plains;
  • mountains.

The terrain on site varies: East of the mountains are located almost on the water, and the Western part consists of lowlands and plains. In the South-West rises the massif of the mountains of the Iglesiente. In the heart of the island is mountainous, consisting of schist and granite formations. In the Western direction can be detected lava and tuff plateaus.

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Climatic conditions

Mainly in Sardinia is mild weather, often clear shines the sun. The climate is dry subtropical. In the spring the island is attacked by the rains, and comes back in the summer dry season.

In the middle of summer the temperature can reach thirty five to thirty seven degrees Celsius. At this time the island blown a strong wind.

Comfortable for months for an active holiday with excursions considered:

  1. September;
  2. June;
  3. may.

In winter there is the lion's share of precipitation. In January the average temperature is kept at ten degrees Celsius.

On plains winter weather is milder, while at higher elevations, quite cold.

klimaticheskie osobennosti

In April and October, the demand for leisure decreases. At this time on the island a few travelers, it can be a big plus for lovers of peace and quiet alone with nature. However, it is more difficult to find suitable housing because many owners of such establishments have either not opened hotels and restaurants in the new season, or have already closed them until the next.

The undoubted advantage of the travel to Sardinia in the off-season is a significant reduction of prices for accommodation in hotels.

Administrative division

Tuscany subject of Italy, but it is part of the country as an Autonomous region. The island has its own President and your Council at the regional level.

During the rich history often place territorial changes. Today there is a division in the region, carried out in the medieval period. The administrative center of the island is Cagliari, the entire territory of the district is divided into eight provinces, each of which includes the communes:

  • Cagliari;
  • Carbonia-Iglesias;
  • Medio-Campidano;
  • Nuoro;
  • Ogliastra;
  • Olbia-Featuring An Outdoor Swimming Pool;
  • Oristano;
  • Sassari.

Modern Sardinia is a popular destination for tourists. However, local residents earn only thanks to the flow of travelers. They work in the industrial sectorthat produce electricity.

People living in the mountains, is occupied by sheep. Animal common on the island, because it is an important component of the economic development of Sardinia. In the settlement produce excellent wines. Residents are closely connected to the sea to catch sardines and tuna.

How to get to Paradise?

kak doletet do mesta?

Sardinia is a popular tourist destination, so the island is easy to reach. There are two ways: air and sea. On the island there are three airportconstantly receiving flights from all corners of the globe. Throughout the year, running water message.

Plane: how long is the flight from Moscow?

In the center of the island is the main airport called Fiumicino. It is called the Mario Mameli airport. In this place travelers come from all over the world – from the capital of great Britain, France, Belgium, Rome and other large Italian cities.

From Cagliari airport and reached via taxi or train.

For tourists provided by two airport located in the North and Olbia in the West of Alghero. They also take international flights during the high season here sit aircraft carrying out direct Charter flights from the Russian Federation. The air route from Moscow takes about three hours.

Plane tickets you can pick up using this simple and convenient search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.


Some of the nearby towns to the resort is accessible by ferry. Sea connections functioning all year round without interruption. Across the water to Sardinia you can sail from ports:

  1. Of Naples;
  2. Rome;
  3. Genoa;
  4. Nice.

Ferry from Rome is about fourteen – sixteen hours. From Barcelona get in the water twelve hours. Using ferries to move back into the Sardinia. Thought flights connecting ports of the island.

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