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The Vatican square is where on the political map of the world and Europe?

gde nahoditsya Vatikan?

A trip to the Vatican is a real event even for an experienced traveler. You don't often get the chance to visit the smallest state of the planet, which is a special enclave on the territory of Rome. Here resides the Pope – the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

A small country on the world map and Europe

strana na karte

To find the city on the political map of the world is not so simple because of the small size and scarcity of the population.

Even after arriving in Rome inexperienced tourists will take a little time to navigate and figure out the way to this mini-country.

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In the capital of what state?

The Vatican is a small part of the centre of Rome and is based on the famous Vatican hill, situated in the North-Western part of the capital of Italy. From the Tiber river it is separated by only a few hundred meters.


Although officially the state with the same name exists only since 1929, the history of this religious state education totals about 2 thousand years.

In ancient times this territory was called ager Vaticanus and was far outside of Rome, representing the wetlands. This place was built a Villa and gardens for the mother of the infamous Roman Emperor Caligula, Agrippina.

A little later on the same order of Caligula on the slopes of the Vatican hill there was a small Racecourse. According to legend, he was crucified, the Apostle Peter, the disciple of Christ in 64 ad

In the mid-eighth century on the territory of the Vatican arose the Papal state, in 1870, captured novopromyshlennaya the Kingdom of Italy. In 1929, after negotiations between representatives of the Roman Catholic Church with the dictator Mussolini founded the modern Vatican.

Useful information

poleznaya informaciya

The Vatican is an absolute theocratic monarchy persuasion, managed exclusively by the Holy see.

The highest rank of the Holy see, which on the territory of the state belongs to all the fullness of legislative, Executive and judicial authority is the Pope, elected for life.

After his death and during meetings of the Conclave that lead to the election of a new Pope, its functions assumes kamerlengo.

The area of Vatican city is only 0.44 sq km and a population of just over 800. The official language is Latin. 100% of vatikanas residing in this city-state, profess the Roman Catholic faith. Pay for purchases in euros.

To the sea the country borders and the minerals do not exist here. Be ready for constant descents and ascents: the local landscape is quite hilly.

To enter the Vatican need a visa or standard Italian Schengen sample. Tourist visa can be obtained at the Embassy of Italy, presenting the following documents:

  • The original invitation letter or certificate from the tour operator;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Certificate from the place of employment, evidence of your income;
  • 2 profiles;
  • Passport;
  • Photos size 3x4 cm.

Visa gives right to stay in Italy (including the Vatican) for the past 2 weeks, and its reception will cost $ 36. However, remember that hotels in the possession of the Catholic Church no: for the night will have to return to Rome.


pogodnye usloviya

The climate of Vatican city belongs to the mild Mediterranean type. In the summerit is hot, dry and even hot, and winters are relatively warm and rainy. In January the temperature seldom falls below +5°C and in summer the average temperature is about +25°C.

Most precipitation falls in the autumn, and their average annual amount reaches 700 mm. the Snow in Vatican city is extremely rare.

Best time to visit this tiny state is April-June and autumn months.

How to get there?

So the journey was quick and pleasant, it is important to figure out which way is best to enter the territory of the Vatican.

The journey from Russia

Your airport in the Vatican, so the Russians need to get to Rome. From Moscow here every day travel flights Alitalia and Aeroflot (flight time is equal to 3.5 hours). Residents of St. Petersburg can fly to Rome, buying a ticket on the flight, GTK Rossiya, the flight of which is planned twice a week.

Direct railway communication between Russia and Rome is not. If you wish to the Italian capital can be reached with two transfers on the train in Germany, but it is very expensive and will take about 50 hours.

If you want to drive the bus, you will also have to go through several changes on the territory of Germany and to go more than 2 days, which is very tiring.

To purchase a ticket to Rome, please use this search form. Specify the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

The trip from Rome

puteshestvie iz stolicy

The Vatican is surrounded on all sides by areas of Rome. You can reach it in several ways:

  1. On the bus. In the centre of Rome you need to find the stop of bus routes 46 and 64. A ticket costs 1 Euro, and after 15 minutes you will be in place;
  2. Taxi. The cost of the trip, which will last no more than 5 minutes from the centre of Rome, equal to an average of 6 euros;
  3. Metro. Tourists should get off at stations Cipro, Ottaviano and then five minutes walk in the direction of St. Peter.

The Vatican has its own train station St. Peter's, where you can catch trains and local trains.

On average the station is about 5 trains per hour. To enter the territory of the residence of the Pope from the main station in Rome Termini (Termini) by picking up a ticket for the train numbered FL3, FL5 and 4: it won't take you more than 20 minutes.

Tourism in Vatican city

Despite the fact that many of the faithful come every year to this mini-state solely in order to see the head of the Church, the Vatican offers to the tourists many interesting things.

The main areas

glavnye rajony

The city-state is so tiny that to see it the day during a leisurely walk is quite real. The Vatican is divided into several areas:

  • Central. Here is concentrated most of the public buildings and institutions: the residence of the Pope, St. Peter's Basilica, Sistine chapel, etc.;
  • Eastern. It is mostly inhabited by members of the Pontifical Commission, civil servants, military and the rest of the population of a small state;
  • Western. In this part of the Vatican, there were no residential structures: it is almost entirely occupied by extensive gardens.

The main attractions

In the Vatican are certainly something to look at even for an experienced traveler. Deserve special attention the following attractions:

  1. Square. Peter of the same Cathedral, which presents magnificent works of art by Raphael and Michelangelo;
  2. Apostolic Palace, uniting dozens of unique museums, including the Egyptian Museum, the Museum PIO Clementino, Sistine chapel and the Vatican Library full of old manuscripts;
  3. Park area, where the shade of oaks, olive trees and cypress trees sheltered the small temples, beautiful fountains and original sculptures;
  4. Etruscan Museumdedicated to the history of an ancient people, once living on Roman lands;
  5. Pinakothek, which holds thousands of paintings of outstanding artists of all countries and eras.


interesnye svedeniya

The Vatican is an ancient place with thousands of years of history, so if you come here, tour guides will tell you many interesting things about his past and present. You will learn that:

  • The name of the state and the hill on which it is located, comes from the Latin word vacitinia, meaning "divination";
  • All the inhabitants of the city are at the service of the Catholic Church. To obtain citizenship of the Vatican can only the Ministers of the Church, staff or military Swiss guard of the Pope;
  • About half of the population in the passport the stamp of the Holy see, which confirms their status and citizenship. However, it is not inherited and shall be canceled upon completion of the work in the Vatican.

  • In the country there is a building, lighting, and heating which exclusively provides the solar battery;
  • 95% of the population of the Vatican – male;
  • In the city-state is completely absent industry and agriculture, and the only source of income is taxescollected from Catholic dioceses around the world;
  • Here live people of different nationalities, but their education level is so high that the literacy rate in the country is 100%;
  • The Vatican operates a single banking institution called "Institute of religious Affairs";
  • In the country one of the highest crime rates in the world: the majority of offences are committed by tourists and hired servants living in Rome.
  • From this video you can find out where the Vatican and other interesting information: