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Ski holidays in Andorra: map of resorts, the circuit trails, downhill skiing

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The ski resorts of Andorra – map of the slopes, which gained its fame due to the large choice of routes and low cost for all types of entertainment. This region can easily compete with other ski resorts in Europe, becoming a great place for family or youth recreation.

The ski resorts of Andorra on the map

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For Andorra ski holidays is the main source of revenue, since the slopes occupy almost half the territory of the state, and most of the villages have become resorts.


Andorra is a dwarf Kingdom, whose territory lies in Europe within the Eastern region of the Pyrenees.

Andorra difficult to see on the map, but for convenience is to take over a landmark of the border of Spain and France.

More recently, this tiny country was closed to tourism, but little more than half a century ago, she has sparked the interest of tourists for its luxurious ski resorts, health spas and products from sheep wool.

How to get there?

While Andorra is not accessible directly, because the Principality has no own airport. For this reason, many tourists prefer to come here, going to Barcelona, Girona or Toulouse to Spain, and from there by train to the end point.

To purchase airline tickets, use this convenient search form. Complete the information about the cities of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

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To these Spanish cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Russian cities each day, followed by direct flights of such airlinesas S7, Iberia, Vueling and Aeroflot. The flight time will be about 4 hours, and the trip from Barcelona bus to Andorra resorts – another 3-4 hours. Overall, between the cities are about 200 kilometers, and by the standards of Europe is a fairly close location.

It is worth noting that some tourists prefer to travel by bus to Andorra from Girona. The fact is that, looking at the map, the distance between cities may seem less, but, in the end, the way to the resorts is through the serpentine road. In this context, travel time can increase significantly.

From Barcelona to Andorra travel buses companies such as Novatel, Direct Bus and Alsa. They go with a small interval from 6:00 to 23:00, but best to pre-select the time of arrival and to book tickets.


Andorra has a great subtropical climate. This weather is ideal for ski tourism, because winter here is not colder than +2-8°C.

The most abundant amount of snow during the period from October to may, and the season of skiing lasts from December via April.

The rest of the time in Andorra is observed in Sunny and clear weather with minimal rainfall and winds.

Description of the complexes

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For a small country number of ski resorts are quite extensive, but not all of them are suitable for beginners, as many of them have slopes and many bends.


Grandvalira ski resort is one of the largest in Europe. It originated in 2003, when it was eaten several areas. Now these slopes are 210 kilometres of beautiful trails of varying difficulty, as well as areas foreseen for other activities.

Grandvalira includes several areas:

  • Soldeu-El Tarter is the most picturesque and largest ski resort, located between the little villages about 20 kilometers from the capital.Its slopes are ideal for skiing, with skiing you can not only skiing but also snowboarding, tubing and tobogganing.

    The resort has 52 tracks, and their length is about 90 km away. some of them is suitable for beginners and children, and the other part popular among fans of extreme sports;

  • Pas de La Casa-Grau Roig – the highest ski resort in the East of the country. It is a very extensive ski area with 60 runs, from the easiest to the most difficult descents. Total length of tracks is about 100 km away. the Local scheme tracks – a lot of opportunities for those who are just starting to stand on mountain skiing, but also for adventurers and those who prefer to ride at night.

Both the ski area has turned into a major ski region of Grandvalira, and all of them interconnected vast number of cable cars. There is also a common Ski-pass – a pass that allows you to ride where you want.

In schools that are open in the resorts of Grandvalira, teach children starting from three years. Immediately give the equipment for different purposes.

trassy Grandvaliry

By themselves, these cities represent a pretty settlement, in which there are a variety of hotels. Here you can choose the prestigious five-star hotels with excellent entertainment and sports facilities, including Spa, massage, school with instructors, bar, restaurants and discos. Also Andorra and its ski resorts are known for charging reasonable prices for all types of travelers, so tourists will be able to find budget rooms in hotels.

The resort of Pas de La Casa has a panoramic mountain restaurant with a private viewing deck at a height of 2600 meters. From this point a magnificent view of the Pyrenees mountains of France and Andorra.


The ski resorts of Vallnord – beautiful place, organized around two regions – PAL-Arinsal and Ordino-Arcalis. They are separated by a small distance of only seven miles, but between the resorts runs regular transport.

All hotels are located in Arinsal, but the territory has a single Ski-pass.

For tourists prepared a variety of slopes:

  1. The special road;
  2. Jumps;
  3. Gutters to half-pipe.

In Vallnord a large number of trails of varying difficulty. In the sector of PAL-Arinsal with 63 km to Catania, which is located at an altitude 1550-2560 meters. It is a set of 5 black, 16 red, the same blue, 4 green and 5 slalom slopes. While in Arinsal slopes are only for professional skiers, and in the Palais – slopes and slopes for beginners and athletes.

The entire ski area is equipped with cable car, hearse, 30 lifts and snow cannons to support the steady snow cover until the end of the season. Here you can rent equipment. Specialists recommend tourists sets so that they fit the physique perfectly, and adjusting the length of skis and poles.

Pal-Arinsal v Vellnorde

In the valley directly at stations with lifts, there are many cozy cafes and restaurantswhere you can eat croissants and drink coffee. Also from the infrastructure it is worth noting the opportunity to enjoy not only skiing, but also skating, snowshoeing and snowmobile.

In another sector of Ordino-Arcalis has 26 kilometres of ski slopes, located at an altitude of 1940-2625 meters:

  • 2 black;
  • 8 red;
  • 8 blue;
  • 6 green;
  • 1 slalom.

Vellnordskij Arkalis

Overall, it is great for fans of a variety of slopes, from very steep and narrow to areas for skiing, created for children.

Not to get lost or injure yourself on the slopes, and everywhere there are signs and markings, and protective barriers.

Ordino-arcalís is one of the most romantic regions of Andorra. Besides the beautiful nature there is a diversity of attractions: ancient castles, old mansions and Romanesque cathedrals. This splendor is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, creating a wonderful picture of the rest.

The main advantages of the region include the wonderful climate, magnificent hotels, and beyond them, a well-developed infrastructure and a budget option holiday.

The tourist business in Ordino-arcalís in the dawn, so visitors are protected from natural disasters. Many hotels are located directly at the lifts and have a formal category from one to five stars.

Helpful information

  • Almost all the resorts in Andorra have Russian-speaking instructors, so those who go with children, can not worry aboutworthy of learning.
  • Ski resorts quite a bit of entertainment, but in this part of Europe is very popular shopping.
  • The advantage of shopping is that Andorra is a Duty-Free with prices lower than in neighboring Spain and France.

  • The resorts of Andorra are incredibly popular with tourists, so to get here at the end of December, tours should be booked in early Nov.
  • In Andorra you can rent any equipment except goggles and suit and gloves – they have to buy.

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