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Where to go and what to see in Cyprus independently by car: route

chto posmotret na Kipre samostoyatelno na mashine?

Clean beaches, good service and affordable prices has made Cyprus one of the most visited holiday destinations Russians. Geographically the third largest island in the Mediterranean sea belongs to Asia. The beautiful climate and picturesque mountain scenery make the trip a memorable one. What to see in Cyprus on their own car? Now learn.

Rent a car in Cyprus

arenda avto na ostrove

Rent a car in the country is not difficult. On Cyprus enough proposals for lease of vehicles of various types and classes of comfort.

To execute the contract of car rental with or without driver at the airport, hotel or any other rental, which are in every city of the resort.

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How much is it?

Despite the friendliness and helpfulness of the Cypriots, to approach the design of your car rental needs with caution and very carefully. Should not refuse to inspect the vehicle before signing the rental agreement and check the petrol in his tank.

When ordering a car in the hotels need not to forget that most of them do not have a vehicle and they are in the deal of conventional intermediarieswho earn on a Commission percentage. Rent a car like Ford Focus will cost around 37€ per day, if it is issued in rent for a period of 3 to 7 days. To rent car in Cyprus for a period of days is very difficult.

The cost of car rental includes the provision of a road map of the country, and the child seat. This sum includes payment of mandatory taxes and cost of insurance.

kakova stoimost?

During the period of the lease is more than 14 days she can be served anywhere in the island for free. The average cost of supply of the ordered transport you to the address of 20€. For registration of the lease car will need:

  • passport;
  • a driver's license. It can be the Russian sample.

The contract takes into account the age of the driver and his driving experience. He should not be younger than 21 years and have driving experience more than 3 years. Renters under 25 years of age the contract will have to pay additional insurance.

Rent vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, will cost more than 3-5€. When renting a car with paid Deposit. Its size depends on vehicle class.

How to rent a car without excess?

Deductible when renting a car is the condition under which the tenant in case of an accident has to pay part of the cost of repairs. These funds are deductible.

If you dented the car, you will pay exactly the part which due to the franchise.

kak zabronirovat mashinu bez franshizy?

Those who do not wish to pay a deductible, which is the mandatory amount of payments for vehicle damage, it is necessary to include in the lease agreement marked as "No Excess". The cost of a franchise depends on the brand and class of car.

Cypriots are quite different from Russians, its peculiar manner of driving, so inexperienced drivers to acquire full insurance. It can be Full CDW or Super CDW. Each of them can increase the amount of renting a car for 10-20€.

Not will avoid the payment of the special tax when renting a vehicle to persons under 25 years of age. Refuse to buy expensive insurance you can convince the owners to hire a great experience driving in left-hand traffic.

Early booking

Book in advance a car in Cyprus can be on the websites of rental companies of vehicles or on the resource "Rentalcars". You have to fill in is composed oflandlord application form, which specifies the time and place of delivery of the car, and the lease term. To pay the rent of the vehicle prior to arrival in Cyprus or when picking up the car.

Sights: detailed driving directions

Occupied the island total area of 9.25 thousand square meters. km., a Well-developed road network in Cyprus allows you to drive it from East to West on average 3 hours. In any part of the country you can find monuments of different historical epochs.

Interesting route to travel to Cyprus is a trip to its Northern part. On this trip without a car is not enough. In this part of the island you can find very attractive places to stay. Almost empty beaches occur on the Karpaz.

Of special interest for tourists are the castles of Kantara, Buffavento, St. Hilarion castle and the village of Kyrenia (Girne). In the latest settlement is Kyrenia castle.

20 minutes drive from Kyrenia castle there is the monastery of Bellapais - a unique old building in the same village.

dorogi po dostoprimechatelnostyam

Where to go from Ayia NAPA?

Ayia NAPA is located in the Eastern part of Cyprus and is the main resort in the country. The name he gave the name of the local monastery, which is located in the center of town. Its main Shrine is the icon of "Panagia NAPA". There are several versions of her finds at a local cave. The first written information about Ayia NAPA can be found in sources dated to 1386 year.

Not less interesting feature of the resort is the pirate ship "the Black Pearl". This is an exact replica of the ship that took part in the filming of "pirates of the Caribbean". Fun for kids can be a trip to the neighbouring resort and donkey farm.

Just 8 kilometres from Ayia NAPA is the small resort of Protaras. All the beaches in this part of the country have a blue EU flags that are issued for the level of cleanliness and well-developed infrastructure. The best of them in Ayia NAPA — Nissi.

There are in Ayia NAPA and the largest on the island, a water Park and Dinosaur Park and Lunopark.

  1. One of the attractions of the resort, which you should definitely visit is the Cape Greco. It is located West of Ayia NAPA. The distance between the Cape and the resort is just 4 km away.

    You can reach it not only by car but also by bike, to rent in the city is no trouble. Cape Greco is a unique monument of nature. Its canyons and caves amaze with their beauty. The location is great for snorkeling and fishing.

  2. 8 km from Agia NAPA is a small town of Paralimni. It was erected on the shore of the lake, gave the name to the settlement. Currently Paralimni is a major center of tourism and trade.

    The main attraction of the town is the Church of the virgin. Part of this temple is a Byzantine Museum.

  3. Like the Church in Paralimni buildings belonging to different eras, can be found in almost every local village. For example, in the village of Deryneia are two churches of the 17th century (St. George and the virgin) and one of the 15th century (Saint Marina).

Similar structures can be found in the villages of Sotiras, Frenaros and Liopetri. 15 km from Ayia NAPA is the Bastion, which was used to repel the attacks of British troops, members of the national liberation movement of Cyprus.

puteshestvie iz Ajya-Napy

Guide of Larnaca

The most popular route for travelling by car from Larnaca is on the southern coast of Cyprus. He goes from Larnaca via Limassol to Paphos. On the segment of the route "the Larnaca-Limassol" you can visit many interesting places and sights.

  • At Cape Kiti is a beautiful beach of Faros lighthouse. In these places the Church of the Panagia Angeloktistos. According to legend it was created by angels in one night. The building belongs to the 6th century and famous for its early Byzantine mosaics, which are perfectly preserved to our time.
  • Close to the airport of Larnaca is the Hala Sultan Tekke. It is considered fourth in importance to a Muslim Shrine in the world. Local giving says that in the mosque the body is buried the relatives of the prophet Muhammad. The mosque is open to tourists and pilgrims.
  • Along the way the route is salt lake Aliki. It is famous for its wintering pink flamingos. It is located just six hundred meters from the Church of St. Lazarus, which is considered the main Christian Shrine of Larnaca. In the temple there are the relics of St. Lazarus the four. According to biblical legend, Christ raised him from the dead on the fourth day after his death.
  • put iz Larnaki

  • One of the attractions of the route, the Kamares aqueduct. Itthe length is 19 km away and it is not Far from Choirokoitia and Tenta. Settlements of the Neolithic period.
  • Interesting would be a visit to the monastery of Saint George the Alaman.
  • From the monastery of Saint George the Alaman road goes to the sea which are clean.

  • Before reaching the town of Limassol is located the ruins of Amathus. It is an ancient town, the entrance of which is 2.5€.

Where to go from Limassol?

Travel by car from Paphos can take place in the direction of Troodos and Paphos. On the way to Troodos is worth a look objects such as:

  1. The Church Alessa. It is a modern facility, which is located in close proximity to the reservoir created by the settlement Alassa. After the construction of the dam the settlement was moved from the territory of flooding in another location;
  2. Monagri. A small village, the main attractions are two monasteries and two churches;
  3. Lanya. Cozy village with a small Church and a Museum of winemaking. It is known that they produced the famous Cypriot wine Commandaria;
  4. Waterfall in Trimiklini. Amazingly beautiful place with paid access to the waterfalls;
  5. Troodos. Tourism village named after the largest mountain system in Cyprus.

The Troodos mountains, is a place rich in attractions. Here are the famous monasteries of Cyprus — Kykkos and Machairas. They are among the cultural monuments protected by UNESCO.

iz Limassola v Troodos

Trip from Limassol to Paphos is worth a visit:

  • The medieval castle, known as Kolossi. It was built by king Cyprus Hugh I;
  • Cat monastery. The second name of this most ancient monastery in Cyprus - the monastery of St. Nicholas;
  • The ancient city-state of Kourion. The surviving buildings date to the 12th century;
  • Petra tou Romiou or the rock river. According to the existing legend is the birthplace of Aphrodite. It is the hallmark of Cyprus. Sanctuary of Aphrodite is located in Paleo, the district of Paphos, and is part of the travel route;
  • On the way to the temple of Aphrodite, the pilgrims stopped at the Church of St. Paraskeva.

  • Paphos. Final destination of Limassol. The city is protected by UNESCO. In 51 BC, there lived Cicero.

In the area of Paphos you can find a great number of monuments of ancient culture. Here a well-developed tourist infrastructure, have a place to stay and a great time.

What to visit in the outskirts of Nicosia?

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus. It is the only EU capital, which is divided by a state border. To travel around the island from Nicosia in any direction. The city is located in the heart of the country. The most popular routes for travel are from Nicosia to:

  1. Larnaca (56 km);
  2. Famagusta (60 km);
  3. Limassol (87 km);
  4. Paphos (82 km).

To use the car for trips around the Cypriot capital. They are rich in attractions.

West of Nicosia 40 km is located the Church of St. Cyprian. You can find it in the village Menico. Near the temple is the source that according to the existing dowry has healing powers.

kuda poehat iz Nikosii?

"Metamorfosi" – stone temple of the Transfiguration of Christ can also be found in one village, which is located in the outskirts of Nicosia. She has more than 700 years. Called Palehori village and is famous for the fact that its inhabitants retain the ancient traditions of winemaking.

Interesting tourist places to visit can be:

  • Stavrovouni monastery is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Installed in this order allows you to get inside women. The main Shrine of the monastery — part of the cross on which Christ was crucified. Erected was by the Empress Helena;
  • Choirokoitia is a Neolithic village. This is one of the most famous prehistoric settlements, which is under protection of UNESCO.
  • The ancient site of Choirokoitia well enough preserved to our time are interesting to tourists.

  • Lefkara is the most famous village in Cyprus, located 20 minutes drive from Choirokoitia. Well known for her lefkaritika lace. Mention of them can be found in the Chronicles of the 12th century. In the settlement more than 20 churches;
  • Picard is a village-Museum, which leaves a good impression with tourists. For a long time in this village lived three people. The influx of tourists came to the village and gave her the impetus torevival.

On the road from Lefkara in Fikardu is a monastery which is known as "Machairas". One of the interesting exhibits is an icon painted by Luke.

Especially driving on the island

  1. On the roads of Cyprus drive on the left. In order to get used to it, it will take some time even for an experienced driver.
  2. On the island the roads are very much the ring junctions. Before the traffic lights they arranged additional lanes for turns.
  3. The police never does not leave to accidentif there are no victims.
  4. Cyprus traffic rules are largely similar to Russian: during the ride, all passengers and driver must wear seat belts, children under 10 years must be transported in special chairs.
  5. In Cyprus it is forbidden to smoke in the car if there are children under the age of 16.

See in this video, which route can be built for travelling by car: