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Tour of Cyprus attractions: what to see in Protaras?

dostoprimechatelnosti Protarasa

Beautiful and cozy resort town in Cyprus, located on the Eastern coast of the island - Protaras. Sights and interesting museums, clean and well-kept beaches, promenade, many attractions and cafes make glad the tourists.

Protaras on the map in Russian language

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Protaras is a small village in the South-East of Cyprus, it is part of the community of Paralimni district Famagusta. One of the best resorts of Cyprus allows you to enjoy a restful, pleasant holiday, and its rich history and easy access to the coast would be an advantage.

Historical note

Like many other cities of Cyprus, Protaras has its own ancient history, and its origin is connected many legends and myths.

The history of this place began in times of deep Antiquity, when it was a Greek Polis Lefkosa.

In those times the city served as a major port and the site of the battle between the two rulers – the great commander Demetrius, and the Egyptian king Ptolemy. In our days, in its place remained only ruins, but for many centuries of existence, the city managed to get in Byzantium, Venice and the Ottoman Empire.

In the 70-ies of Cyprus began the active development of the tourism industry. Because of this, in Protaras and nearby Ayia NAPA – the place is modest and quiet villages arose modern resortsthat include hotels, beaches, restaurants and museums.

How to get there?

kak doehat?

The easiest and most convenient way to independently get to Protaras is to go to Larnaca on the plane. This is the largest airport in the country are private planes and commuter airlines from Moscow and St. Petersburg. All that remains to be done to promptly be at the resort to choose how you travel.

Simple variant – to go on the regular bus from Larnaca to Protaras, the cost of which will cost 12 $ (680 rubles) for adults and $ 4 (225 rubles) for children. This rate also includes the cost of baggage. The route to the resort takes about an hour.

Another way to be in resort to book a taxi or rent a car directly at the property. This option is ideal for large companies and those who have a lot of Luggage.

Also, this method is chosen by those who wish as faster to get to Protaras. The fact that taxis, unlike buses, do not stop, so passengers takes 40 minutes.

The taxi rank is located directly at the airport – on the right side from the exit of the building.

The cost of the trip should be discussed beforehand. On average, the trip will cost 60$ (3,400 rubles) a day (the night will be much more expensive) one way transfer for 4 people – 150$ (about 8500 rubles).

Attractions - photos and description

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Over the centuries of its existence, this city managed to acquire a variety of attractions including ancient monuments of history and culture, natural sites and modern places of interest. Thanks to the excellent climate of this region, tourists have the opportunity to explore them at any time of the year.


During a trip to Protaras, in the first place, is to visit the architectural structures located outside of this resort. One such place is the valley of the windmills is the area where local residents grow vegetables, herbs and fruit. This object has a special charm and looks very authentic.

Familiarity with the valley of windmills causes only positive emotions.

Another region that delights with its beauty and uniqueness the village of Liopetri is a place with a small but incredibly charming huts of fishermen. It is perfect for exploring historic and architectural structures that characterize this region. Here you can buy various original Souvenirs – woven baskets made by local residents and fish of different species.

Religious buildings

An important religious monument located in Cyprus and Protaras is the Church of the prophet Elijah. It can be found on top of a hill 120 metres above sea level. The path to it is not easy to be at the threshold of this ancient temple have to travel about 180 steps.

stroenie cerkvi proroka Ili

Such a difficult road will be repaid in full luxurious views from its top – view of the city, the Mediterranean sea and the green hills. It should be noted that near the temple is "the tree of desires" is the object that made the tourists to hang ribbons, making thus something unseen.

The building of the Church was built in the XVI century. It looks like a miniature – the temple has only one dome and a belfry with one bell. Its interior is quite austere – white walls decorated with images of saints, and the marble floors are benches for the congregation.

Of religious buildings are also worth noting:

  • Church. Barbara is a beautiful old Church of Cyprus, built in the mid XVI century. This building has become a cult, because the outside looks very elegant and pretty.

    In the Church decided to conduct wedding ceremonies for local residents and visitors to the island. Many couples choose it for a charming look and a contrasting picture, opening on the Mediterranean sea;

  • Church. Nicholas is a structure in honor of one of the world's most popular Christian saints. The temple is relatively modern – it was built in 2007. The building has a small size, and from outside it has white walls, blue door and the dome.

Outside of Protaras the village of Liopetri are two other ancient temple – the Church of Apostle Andronicus of the XV century and the Church of the virgin of the XVI century.


Istoricheskij muzej

Despite the fact that Protaras is not rich in historical museums as other resorts on Cyprus, in this city, you can find the legendary place, a visit which will delight adults and children. Right in the heart of the city serves as a Historical Museum.

Historical Museum – object collection, which reflects the history of this region starting in the nineteenth century.

The richest collection of artifacts includes:

  1. elements of the frescoes and mosaics – décor, which the locals have decorated their homes;
  2. sculpture, made of local material;
  3. national costumes and everyday objects of the inhabitants;
  4. collection of various vehicles.

All exhibits are from the collection of the Historical Museum – archaeological finds, found within the city. Fans of authentic history and life will love walking into this place.

What else to see yourself?

Protaras is a small town, and around all its attractions can be only 2-3 days. This walk will be a nice addition to a relaxing beach holiday.

Natural objects

The main advantage of Protaras – the nature of the city and its environs. In addition to the clean and well kept beaches, its open spaces you can find mountains, gorges and other interesting places. The most striking natural landmark, which is trying to get any tourist – the promontory of Capo Greko – romantic and fabulous place on the island.

prirodnyj mys Greko

The highlight of the Cape – the cliff, along which you can leisurely stroll, or go down to explore the local caves. Some tourists – fans of extreme sports, jumping off the Cape into the water.

Other well-known places associated with nature:

  • Sinners bridge – building, created without human intervention. According to legend, he will fall when it will be held a sinner, but this test will not work because the entrance to it is closed from both sides;
  • Bay Fig tree – a unique beach that can be seen not only on postcards and photos in the brochures, but also to visit him in person. It is the cleanest coastal strip lapped by turquoise waters. The coast is decorated with Fig trees in a bignumber, and on the beaches across pelicans;
  • Another incredibly beautiful place – the beach Palaces – this coast, is reachable only by boat. It is a stone beach with boulders, resembling palaces. Such an unusual shape was carved by waves over the centuries.

Where to go with kids?

chto posetit s detmi?

If some travelers have small children, they will love the Historical Museum, because among the extensive collection of exhibits you can meet a large number of old dolls, carriages, pottery.

A more modern place that is sure to please children – Aquarium – global Museum, which is home to thousands of marine life.

Guys can see fish that live in the Atlantic and the Pacific, to get acquainted with the abodes of the Mediterranean sea.

In the same building there are themed events and various shows.

Excursions from the city

If you have already visited all the attractions of Protaras and want more, then you can go with a tour to other interesting places of the country:

  1. to see the nature of Cyprus in its original form, it is possible to visit the mountain system of Troodos. There you will see the monastery of Kykkos icon of the mother of God, the rebellious tomb of Archbishop Makarios;
  2. in the heart of Cyprus, Nicosia, you can see the unique architectural monuments, medieval cathedrals, palaces, museums and beautiful old quarters of the city;
  3. near Nicosia is a village of Agios Ioannis, where you can visit an ostrich farm;
  4. in one of the most popular towns of the island, Larnacayou can visit the cultural center of Christian history - the Church of St. Lazarus;
  5. in Paphos you can get acquainted with the ancient period of the history of the island - the ancient monuments that are a world cultural heritage. Not far from this resort you can visit the Baths of Aphrodite, a place where according to legend, she emerged from the sea foam.

See this video overview a video tour of the city: