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Where in Cyprus in Ayia NAPA better sandy beaches and resorts with "all inclusive"?

gde luchshe plyazhi na Kipre?

Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations. In addition to the unique historical sites, beautiful nature and hospitality of local residents, attracts tourists and is a great opportunity for a good beach holiday.

Beaches on the island have a huge variety for almost every taste. Let's see, where in Cyprus the beaches are better.

Cyprus coast

poberezhe ostrova

A distinctive feature of the majority of Cypriot beaches is their purity and high quality of sea water off the coast. More than two dozen beaches in Cyprus have the"Blue flag".

Some beaches are wide and long, there are cosy, located in secluded bays.

The most part of beaches are municipal, the entrance fee will be charged. For money is only offered additional services - sun beds, beach cabanas.

In Cyprus a significant part of the beaches is sandy. The sand may be imported, color from grey to Golden. Part of the beaches are pebbly. Typically, the water is more transparent to bathe more comfortable.

There are several beaches, which boast white sand, it is almost white. Many of them are located in the heart of Ayia NAPA's beaches is Nissi beach, Makronisos, Landa, sandy Bay. Close to Protaras is possible to note Konnos Bay near Cape Greco.

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A General description of the coast of Cyprus, including the main resorts:

  • Ayia NAPA Golden Sands;
  • Protaras and the coast to the North of Ayia NAPA - pale yellow sand;
  • Limassol - sand grey;
  • Paphos and the coast to the North - mainly pebbles.

It should be understood that pure white sand in Cyprus no. This sand is derived only from coral and is not found in the Mediterranean.

Best resorts with sandy and pebble beaches on the map with photos

karta populyarnyh peschanyh i galechnyh kurortov

Every major resort area of Cyprus is known for its features. This also applies to beaches.


The beaches are very well equipped with comfortable gentle entry into the sea. Especially popular are families with children. Bright and beautiful sand.

  1. The largest and most famous beach in Ayia NAPA - Nissi beach. The sand is light yellow, almost white. The water is beautiful turquoise, good call. The beach is long, has good infrastructure. Because of the large popularity of people abound here. In peak season, crowds of tourists. To find a place that is quieter, is to move away from the Central part.
  2. Adams Beach is a small beautiful beach. Narrow enough to enter the water, use the stairs.
  3. Makronissos Beach is another great beach of Ayia NAPA. There are fewer people than on Nissi beach, due to the greater distance from the main resort area. To the city center is almost 5 km.

    Clean fine sand light yellow color, excellent entry into the sea, the sea of emerald hue. The length of the beach about 500 meters. Will be especially good for families with children. Near the beach is a famous historical landmark excavations of tombs of the Greek period.

  4. Lanta Beach is located between Nissi beach and Macronissos beach. Yet it is called Golden Beach. The place is peaceful and tranquil, the width of the beach is about 400 meters.
  5. People on the beach Plate is not very much, the water is clean, convenient and the entrance is very shallow, and there is a large free car Park.

  6. Sandy Bay is located in the small lovely Bay. Fine white sand with crystal clear water. Located close to the centre of Ayia NAPA. Good infrastructure, are all necessary.

In addition, in Paphos there are several other good beaches, such asLimanaki Beach, Katsarka Beach and others.


Konnos v Protarase

The beaches of this resort one of the best in Cyprus. They feature beautiful color of the sand and picturesque location.

  • Konnos Beach is located in Protaras, in the Eastern part of the city. Is about interesting hills, in a secluded Cove.
  • Sand Konnos beach, Golden color, pleasant and delicate to the touch, the water is crystal clear, the entrance to the sea convenient.

  • Fig Tree Bay Beach - one of the most famous places in this part of the island. Well-equipped beach. For families with children the beach is almost perfect.
  • Sunrise Beach is almost 500 meters of light yellow sand. There are lifeguards, sun loungers, children's Playground.
  • Flamingo Beach is the main beach of Protaras. There is a whole set of entertainment. Comfortable for adults and for children.
  • Marlita Beach - not very big, but beautiful beach near the city. Light Golden sand, secluded Bay.


In Limassol, you can relax on the sandy and pebble beaches.

Dasoudi Beach is the main stretching almost a mile to the beach resort. Located near the center of the city. Parallel to it on the shore located a grove of pine and eucalyptus trees. The air has a special flavor created by the freshness of the sea and smell of pine trees. Sand, gray and yellow. Sunset in shallow sea. Good infrastructure, ample Parking adjacent.

Offers a classic set of beach activities:

  1. catamarans;
  2. watercraft;
  3. volleyball courts;
  4. parachute.

Dasudi v Limassole

Close to Dasoudi beach, Akti Olympion Beach. Beach sand, entrance to the water is comfortable. It is a nice place to relax with young children.

Everything you need on Akti Olympion beach is the rental of sun beds, changing cabins, toilets. Works even free Wi-Fi.

Lady's Mile has an overall length of about 7 kilometers. It is a beach mixed - sand-and-shingle. It is considered the most quiet and peaceful beach. Well-equipped, there are plenty of taverns and cafes. Next to it there is a salt lake and a purpose built winter home for flamingos.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island - Governors Beach. Also known as Governor's beach. Located almost 20 km from the centre of Limassol, on motion to Larnaca. Due to the remote location, the people here a little bit.

Governor's beach is very picturesque. It is located in a cozy Bay surrounded by white cliffs. The beach of sand. The water in the Bay is warm and calm. Popular with divers, and as a venue for photo shoots, including wedding. Well suited for families with children.

limassolskaya gubernatorskaya zona otdyha

Pissouri Beach is a short distance from Limassol. This beach is pebbly and sandy, so to stay better to rent a sunbed. Secluded quiet place, there rests a lot of the locals. The area around the beach is very beautiful. There are clubs of diving, cafes, shops with Souvenirs.

Curium Beach, he Episkopi Beach is removed from Limassol, 20 km. Situated at the foot of the picturesque rocks near the ancient city of Kourion. The sand is yellowish, the entrance is simple. You can combine a beach holiday with a visit to the archaeological Museum and the remnants of the old settlement.

Loures Beach is located at some distance from Limassol. The sand and pebble beach with good infrastructure.

Aphrodite Beach - a nice sandy beach near Loures Beach. There is a pier of stone. Nearby is the Four Seasons hotel.

Also in Paphos are of interest beaches Castella Beach, Agia Varvara, Panagies Beach.


This resort is famous for its clean sea water off the coast and a good variety of beaches. In this area 27, if you count only public.

  • Coral Bay Beach - located on the outskirts of Paphos. The beach itself is rather narrow, but cute. The sand is a beautiful Golden color. The Creek is shallow, the water is well heated. Due to this, usually, its temperature is higher than in other places. Sunset in shallow water.
  • Coral beach offers rental sun loungers, there are showers, toilets, dressing rooms.

  • Corallia Beach is only 200 meters from coral Bay. Nice beach with light sand, easy entry into the sea. Popular with divers.
  • Municipal Baths - municipal beach of Paphos is situated in the centre of Lower Paphos. The shore is covered with concrete slabs with wooden flooring, the entrance to the water - stairs. The depth of water is very sharp.
  • Municipalnye bani v Pafose

  • Faros Beach is 2 km from the city centre in a westerly direction. Near the beach there is a lighthouse. You can get there by bus number 615 or on foot through the beautiful promenade. The sea bottom is rocky, it is best to call to use a special ladder.
  • Geroskipou Beach, rolling in the Rikkos beach Beach - removed from the city at 3 kmsand and pebble beaches. The sand is loose. The water is clean, the bottom is pebble. The sunset flat.

Other popular beaches of Paphos - Vrisoudia A Beach, SODAP Beach, St. George Beach, Latsi Beach, Pachyammos Beach. Most of them sand and gravel, most are marked "Blue flag".


Although in General the beaches of Larnaca are inferior to the beaches of Ayia NAPA or Protaras here, too, there are a few good places.

Faros Beach - located on Cape Kiti, near Larnaca. A breakwater protects swimmers from waves, so the sea is always calm.

Beach city apartments is located in the Central part of the city. The sand is gray, the bottom is also covered with sand. Long smooth entry into the sea. Several companies offer rental of sunbeds and umbrellas.

Mackenzie Beach - a long stretch of beach adjacent to the airport of Larnaca. The sand is gray, quite small. In the presence of all necessary amenities. The bottom is sandy, and the sunset travelers. Need to get taxi or car, Parking is available only pay.


The small town of Paralimni has a rich historical heritage and some nice beaches.

  1. Agia Triada Beach is a remote beautiful beach of sand. From Paralimni it is separated by a distance of 4 km away. the Sand is yellowish-gray.
  2. On the beach Ayia Triada is a tower with lifeguards and shower, dressing room, sun loungers and parasols.

    Agia Triada Beach v Paralimni

  3. Fireman's Beach is a small beach, which is situated in a small quiet Bay. Usually no waves, the water is clean. Sand, gray and yellow. The length is good, smooth, with a gradual descend. The necessary minimum of facilities available.
  4. Malama Beach - beach near the Malama Beach Holiday Village. The grounds are well kept, the sand on the beach is cleaned regularly. Close working Kapparis Waterfun - a large centre offering various water activities.

Beach holiday requests

In addition to the standard of the beaches, tourists interested in some aspects related to their personal preferences. Someone who likes to stay in solitude, and someone does not want to go far from your accommodation.

What are the beautiful wild parts?

Good wild beaches located on the distance from the major resort towns.

  • Lara Beach to the North of Paphos - obscure an interesting beach. Pebble is large, the water in the Bay is very clean. Is in a national Park on the Akamas Peninsula.
  • Kapparis Beach, Armyropigano Bay - located North of Ayia NAPA. It's a secluded Cove with a beach covered with small pebbles.
  • Golden Beach in the Northern part of Cyprus, deserted, surrounded by beautiful countryside and the beach.

dikij Golden Bich

Hotels with private area by the sea and the "all-inclusive"

While the system is all-inclusive not widespread on the island. However, a number of hotels, provides such an opportunity.

To book a room in one of the hotels of the island can use this search form. You just need to specify the name of the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Many of these beaches are on the balance sheet at hotels, but access is granted to everyone.

Have high rating and are very popular with holidaymakers and the following hotels:

  1. Intercontinental Aphrodite Hills Resortis 15 km from Paphos town;
  2. Atlantica Aeneas Resort & Spa is 2 km from Ayia NAPA;
  3. Four Seasons in Limassol district;
  4. Golden Bay Beach Hotel in Larnaca;
  5. Annabelle Hotel in Paphos;
  6. Constantinos the Great Beach Hotel in Protaras.

Cyprus - the place where everyone can find a beach to taste. This island has to offer all tourists have something special that will get him back here more than once.

Look at some of the popular beaches of Cyprus in this video: