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Map of Cyprus: Larnaca, where is it, how long is the flight from Moscow and to go in Paphos?

Larnaka - gde eto?

Paphos – where is it? This question can be any man, not been on the Mediterranean sea. This is an incredibly popular resort, which is equally pleasant to spend time on the coast, to get acquainted with the culture of the country or visit the most interesting excursions.

The city on the world map

kurort na karte

Larnaca is a very popular resort for residents of Russia. This city with rich history, beautiful beaches and abundance of attractions famous outside of his country.

Limassol - what is a country?

If you wonder what country is located in Larnaca, it is necessary to turn to the map of Cyprus. Larnaca is one of the oldest cities on the island. It is located on the Southeast coast of the country.

The city has a fairly impressive size, and its coast is washed by the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

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A bit of history

The ancient city of Larnaca emerged in Cyprus back in pre-Christian times, but its name it received only in 1600. That the city has a rich history, numerous ancient artifacts found in its territory.

According to history, Paphos was founded by a grandson of Noah in the X century BC, and its first name was – Kition. Mention of the city with the same name can be found even in the Bible. Later in the city lived a resurrected Saint Lazarus and there he was buried. According to one version it is for this reason the city got its final name, since the word "Larnaca" means "tomb".

istoricheskie svedeniya

After the island was discovered by the Phoenicians, they started to use it to trade on the Mediterranean sea. Due to its convenient location between Western Europe and the East, Larnaca was the city, where they began to open diplomatic mission of different countries, but after a couple of centuries, the need has disappeared and the town has received the honorary status of the prestigious resort.

Later the island of Cyprus and its main sea port of Larnaca was occupied by the Greeks, Ottomans and Venetians, as evidenced by the numerous traces of history. In 1975, the city was declared the main air port of Cyprus.


On the coast of Larnaca is dominated by a Mediterranean climate with long hot and dry summer and short mild rainy winters. The beach season opens in early may, when the water temperature warms up to +25 degrees, and in the afternoon the air temperature pleases indicators +28-30 degrees.

The tourist season lasts Larnaca until October, but even after warm days will cease to please, tourists are in no hurry to leave the island.

Even on a cool time here to spend their vacation, visiting festivals, exhibitions, exploring the city and exploring its attractions.

klimaticheskie usloviya

It is worth noting that the climate in Larnaca, on the island, quite soft and not as hot as in nearby resorts. Even in the warm days to be on the coast very comfortable, thanks to the sea breeze. This climate is perfect for families with children, so in Larnaca most of the hotels are designed for travelers with young tourists.

How to get there?

In Larnaca built a large international airport, so getting to this resort from any point of Russia will not be difficult. It was originally built in 1975 for communication with Greece, but after the announcement of the main air Harbor of the country.

Flights from Moscow - how many to go?

The easiest way to get to Larnaca to go regular or Charter flight to the airport, which is located in the city. The most frequent flight making the aircraft company "Aeroflot" and Cyprus Airways. They go on several times a day from Sheremetyevo or Vnukovo. The distance is 2337 km, the flight time will be about 4 hours. It is worth noting thattime difference between Moscow and Larnaca is -1 hour.

According to the direction you can go with transfers. This method is used by those who wish to get as cheap as possible to this resort. The planes of low-cost airlines make connections in Kiev, Rome, Warsaw, Belgrade or Frankfurt am main.

It should be noted that the time spent on such a trip much more, since the dock takes 3-7 hours.

The most popular airlines to Larnaca:

  • JatAirways;
  • Aegian;
  • AirBaltic;
  • OrenAir.

The average journey time on the low-cost airlines is about 5-10 hours. The airport is located 4 km from the city, so getting to him will be easy.

vremya v puti iz Moskvy

A plane ticket you can choose right here using the quick search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

From other airports of the Russian Federation

Flying to Larnaca is also possible from other cities of the Russian Federation. From St. Petersburg there are direct flights of "Russia" and "Ural Airlines". The road will take 5 hours. From the cultural capital sent planes with a stopover in Athens.

Holders of Schengen frequent connections to Helsinki, and from there the cheapest flights directly to the resort.

The company "Ural" several times a week planes sent from larger cities such as Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg. Travel time takes 6 hours.

From Limassol

Many tourists prefer to travel on Cyprus, resting at several resorts on the island. The second most popular city after Larnaca – Limassol, the distance between the resorts is only 67 kilometers. With such a convenient and close location, the trip from Limassol to Larnaca will be no more than 1-2 hours.

To get to Larnaca from Paphos, you can sit in a busthat operates flights every 1.5 hours starting from 0:30 and ending at 22:45. The cost of the ticket will cost 9 euros and children 4 euros. Journey time is around 90 minutes.

rasstoyanie s Limassolom

For travel on this route there is also a special transfer Limassol-Larnaca. If you pre-book a transfer to get to the end point just in 40 minutes.

The trip by transfer will be much more comfortable than if I had to do it by public transport.

The most popular way is to rent a car. Many tourists, having the rights, I use this method because it allows not to depend on timetables, and is much cheaper than a Shuttle service.

How to get to Paphos?

A very popular route from Larnaca to Paphos – up to another popular resort, located in Cyprus. The distance is only 130 km, and to overcome it in different ways, the most convenient and easiest of which is land transport.

The cheapest way to get on the busfollowing this route. Road route may seem a bit tedious, because all the traffic moves not directly, but through another resort – Limassol. Buses are not frequent, they are sent to the airport located in Larnaca.

With a schedule can be found on site. The journey time will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Much more expensive the road from Limassol to Paphos and back, if you order a taxi. For the price of this trip can go 5-6 times more expensive. Therefore, many tourists prefer to rent a car.

Interesting information about the resort

The resort of Paphos has a very large coastline, stretching for 26 miles, for this reason, tourists are heading here to spend time on the beaches. There are all the necessary conditions for vacation, including hotels for every taste and infrastructure.

poleznaya informaciya

A large part of the hotels is located on the coast East of the city. This area is considered the most popular and prestigious. There are three main city beach – McKenzie, Phinikoudes and Dhekelia. They occupy quite a large area, they are constantly groomed and clean.

On the beaches there are sun loungers, parasols, bars and night clubs – all in order to rest was the most interesting and rich.

In Larnaca available active tourism. In summer, people come here to dive into the underwater world. The resort boasts several diving schools, which give lessons how to properly andsafely engage in this kind of recreation.

The most interesting places for walking in the city:

  1. The Phinikoudes Promenade;
  2. The remains of Christian temples;
  3. Archaeological monuments of different times;
  4. Turkish mosques and medieval castles;
  5. Salt lake with pink flamingos.

Everywhere at the Larnaca can be found restaurants and cafes, and on the coast, a beautiful harbour and decorating them with white yachts.

It is worth noting that in Larnaca is very popular shopping. In this city the cost of different goods is much lower than at other resorts. Here there is the largest open-air market, where you can buy everything from fruit and vegetables to rare artifacts.

On several streets of shops with European brands, where in August and February for customers are seasonal sales with discounts up to 40-60%.

Thus, a holiday in Larnaca is the ideal option for those who are planning a trip to the island with children or want to relax in beautiful surroundings.

With this video you can have an idea what is the Larnaca: