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What can you bring from Riga (Latvia) of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Rigi?

Most recently, the stay in Latvia was one of the most popular. Famous Riga seaside - Jurmala and Saulkrasti took tourists from Russia.

The visa regime is not much reduced the number of visitors, wonderful stay and the opportunity to bring from travel gifts for all family members and friends, that's why the Russians continue to travel to Latvia.

Souvenirs from Riga (Latvia): what to bring?

Going to Latvia in advance you are browsing the lists of possible Souvenirs that you should definitely purchase in this country. Even if your stay in Riga is too short to have time to buy gifts to their dear people, you can pretty quickly.

The world famous cosmetics

What else should I buy in Latvia - cosmetics. Famous factory Dzintars added a new manufacturer. It's Madara and Stendera ziepju fabrika.

You can buy cosmetics, varnishes and gels for nails, soap in bulk - great quality and extremely fragrant. This gift looks original, is packaged in a beautiful box, each gift is attached to an interesting label.

You it will seem somewhat expensive - but try the soap is worth it, the quality is unsurpassed. And of course the Dzintars perfume - it leaves a unique trail, will buy, will not regret.

Znamenitaya na ves mir kosmetika


In the first place - the famous Riga Balsam. This is a great balm, which is composed of 24 ingredients. This is the only alcoholic beverage in Latvia, which is purchased for the table of the Queen each year.

It was reconstructed on the basis of the prescription the pharmacist Abraham Kunze, the first mention of the balm dates back to the XVII century. Since aromatic beverage has become a business card of Latvia.

In combination with juices, ice cream, a balm, an indispensable additive to coffee, used for medicinal purposes. Available only in ceramic bottles, because it is protected from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Buy the famous the balm at any store that sells alcoholic beverages or in the company shop factory "Latvijas Balzams". Packaging from small bottles to 0.04 l up to a large three-liter bottle.

Since we are talking about alcoholic beverages, then it is impossible to ignore and beer. Brewing traditions in Latvia have very ancient roots.

Famous brands of beer Bauskas, Aldaris, Tērvetes, Cēsu, Valmiermuižas, Līvuto list them all is just impossible. Beer lovers will appreciate if you will bring from your trip to Latvia a couple of bottles of this gorgeous frothy drink.


Be sure to take Riga black rye bread and during the stay in Riga try as many varieties of bread bakeries produce about 40 different varieties. There is an interesting sour-sweet bread, with nuts, seeds, carrots.

So bread should take, there is a very large gift loaves - weight 10 kg! The most popular bakery Liepkalnes and Latchi.

You travel by car? Don't forget to buy smoked fish. The product is perishable, take it before leaving.

And of course sprats - production of smoked fish in oil do many private entrepreneurs, be sure to try the sprats in Riga, and then take as a souvenir from Latvia.

To buy fish is the most famous market of Riga - RigasTirgus. Worth a visit though, because it is a unique place, it is located in the centre of Riga and covers five aircraft hangars, the place is interesting in itself, is the market square on the banks of the river Daugava, products here just Nemer.

Produkty: shproty

Sweets and honey

Children can not go past the chocolate factory “Laima”, the aroma of chocolate hovers over the area where the company store. Such an abundance of chocolates, you will not see anywhere else. Worth to buy marshmallows in chocolate, "Cow" with the most unusual toppings: raisins, poppy seeds, cranberry, cinnamon.

And the signature candy "Prozit", "Red poppy" candy, truffles, candy, Serenade, little and big chocolates and cakes Laima - waffles, nuts.

And yet it is the "Prozit" first and foremost, this is a unique little chocolate bottles with fillers, such as brandy, rum, balsam, liqueur etc. For adults - what could be better?

Andsweet - honey. For any taste, any season fees. To buy honey is on the marketthere will give you to try and fill any container.

Have in stock from sellers plastic boxes, but it's nice to get a gift of a ceramic pot filled with honey.

Here, in "the honey series" sold Souvenirs and crafts from wax. Close - herbs are fragrant, the whole pavilion is fragrant.

Solar amber

Amber, sun stone, from which are made great decorations. To buy in Riga is amber must. They are sold everywhere - beads, necklaces, bracelets, rings with amber. Amazing paintings and handmade goods, analogues of which you will not find anywhere else.

In the square of Riga in the Old Town there are several places where artisans put up for sale your work. You can just admire the amber, and yet you can not pass by, buy a souvenir gift.

If you came to Latvia in early summer, be sure to go to the Ethnographic Museum. As a rule, at the end of the first week there is the famous Fair, which attracts masters from all over the country.

So many beautiful products at relatively low prices. And all of this author's works - leather, linen, wicker, ceramics. Just the abundance of beautiful things handmade.

Besides, it's a real celebration - music, sold a wonderful fragrant cookies "Piparkukas", - be sure to take, this cookie is produced only in Latvia.

Solnechnyj yantar


At the fair and in the shops of Riga look at the ceramics. Pottery workshops of Latvia, especially in the regions of Vidzeme and Latgale produces not only tableware.

A variety of vases and vases, plates and Souvenirs - everything is so beautiful and interesting that to pass even whistles in the form of birds, animals you can not.

Knitwear and Jersey

Manual work is exclusive! Knitted items, we offer masters - masterpieces. Big, soft sweaters of natural wool, magnificent mittens and socks with national ornaments, hats and scarves - all of it is bought by tourists from many countries of the world, although the price of such products is quite high.

To tell the knits from the nearest to the Riga town of Riga is not necessary. The most famous plant of "Ogres Trikotāža" has always been famous for its splendid products.

Today, production of so many great jerseys, you can update your wardrobe and bring your friends beautiful gifts.

And linen - factory Lauma produces great lingerie at low prices. The quality is fine, the production uses only natural materials, so it's also wonderful gifts.

The most beautiful linen

Remember the song Raymonda Pauls "Blue flax"? So many products from flax is not anywhere else. Tablecloths, napkins, shopping bags and original colorful prints - all of these products from flax.

Look at bedspreads and towels are made from bleached and natural linen. They can take themselves and friends.

Buying from Latvia

What else can you bring from Riga (Latvia) as a gift? In Latvia you can buy a lot of original handmade gifts - masters of leather, potters, knitters, manufacturers offer a huge selection of Souvenirs.

Sunny amber in the first place, Riga Black balsam with coffee - choose. In every store of Souvenirs and gifts such a large selection that you will be able to purchase gifts for all family members and friends.