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What can you buy from Vilnius (Lithuania) from Souvenirs and gift?

CHto privezti iz Vilnusa?

Every tourist wants to bring her home some sort of souvenir or gift, which is a hallmark of the country visit.

From Russia take away the dolls and balalaika, from the Egyptian — papyrus.

Lithuania is no exception. The country has something to see and something to take with them on a long, pleasant memory.

Gifts and Souvenirs from Lithuania

The traditional souvenir is Baltic amber. It is often called "the Lithuanian gold". Products from this material you can buy all the souvenir shops of the Old Vilnius.

The mineral Museum opened in Palanga. Few visitors coming out of its walls without amber angel, bracelet or necklace. The Museum opened a small shop selling amber Souvenirs.

Popular among tourists are the first priority. But consider them only Lithuanian calling card 100% is impossible. Proud of amber and Latvia, and Estonia.

The best in the Baltic States is considered to be of Lithuanian ceramics. Capital of pottery — Kursenai. Original gift can become a souvenir of the clay in the shape of a beer mug or ashtray made in national traditions.

No less creative souvenir clay figurine hell. In Kaunas opened a Museum of Devils. This is a popular place visited by tourists coming to Lithuania from around the world.

The largest share is in the grocery shopping tourists Souvenirs. Lithuania is to surprise gourmets.

Podarki i suveniry iz Litvy: chto privezti?


The most famous Lithuanian national drink — minus. He is considered one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world. Every Lithuanian knows that cooking it could even 7000 years before Christ.

The basic ingredients for making honey, water and bread yeast. Sometimes the water in the preparation of the drink replaced by juices. Lithuanian midus has three main types — Bočių, Trakai and Stakliškės.

Along with bothof branded alcoholic drinks of Lithuania are considered to be liqueurs "Palanga" ("in Palanga"), "Dainava" (ooodaynava), "Sokoladinis (Chocolatines"). They all come in a gift box with an attractive design.

Lithuanians are proud of its beer. Its quality is not inferior to the German. This gift can please connoisseurs of this drink.

The most famous varieties of Lithuanian beer "Utenos" ("Utenos") and "Kalnapilis" ("Kalnapilis"). A sort of, as "Svyturys" ("Svyturys") is manufactured 1784.

Food and spices

Not ashamed to take from a country famous Lithuanian pie "Sakotis". Without him not a Banquet table in Lithuania. It has the shape of a Christmas tree and is prepared from dough. Inside the pie instead of filling the void.

No less famous Lithuanian rye custard bread and cheese. Glory on the quality of local cheese is alive since the Great Duchy of Lithuania. The tradition of cheese making in this country has not been lost over time.

The Russians Lithuanian cheeses are always in demand. The most popular variety — swale.

It is impossible to leave Lithuania without buying spices for fish. All kinds of salt flavoured dishes give this product a unique taste.

As confectionery Souvenirs you can bring home candy kits famous factory "Viktorija" - "Pergalė", "Sostinės" and "Vilnius". These varieties were produced by the company in the early nineteenth century.

Produkty pitaniya i specii

Cosmetics and perfume

The most famous cosmetic brand of the Lithuanian - MARGARITA. As ingredients for the production of cosmetic products of this line uses natural, environmentally friendly raw materials. This is the most popular products in the country.

With the fame perfume Lithuania is much less famous than neighboring Latvia. The shelves of Lithuanian stores is filled with flavors brands.

To take out of Vilnius, only the production of their famous neighbors - the perfumers. The spirits of the Latvian company Dzintars has long been widely known outside of their country.

Watch the following video about shopping in Vilnius:


Clothes and shoes

Lithuania is known for its products made of linen and knitted fabrics. You can buy them in specialized boutiques. Original and interesting models to attract the attention of fashionistas.

Modern stylish clothes Lithuanian fashion designers presented on world markets - known brand Grizas.

Shoes from Lithuania does mostly Italian and German. Low prices on the products of famous European manufacturers of footwear do not leave a chance for the local shoemakers to compete.


Many tourists take away with them from Lithuania "Tevagrastim". This drug is known all over the world. It is used during chemotherapy in cancer treatment.

In its effectiveness of combating the disease he is not inferior to the American counterparts, but has a price two times lower than their cost.

Lekarstva i vsyakaya vsyachina


Among the purchases of tourists in Lithuania are always famous dolls in national costumes, various key chains and t-shirts with the image of local symbols or landmarks.

Tourists love to take it with you Vilnius famous honey cakes, local halva, and various curd cheese, jams and, of course, postcards with beautiful landscapes of the country.

What to bring from Vilnius (Lithuania)?

All Souvenirs and gifts every tourist divided into several categories — family and friends, work colleagues and friends.

Traditionally co-workers get small gifts and cards, friends, booze and snacks. It is harder to pick gifts for your girlfriend, man or child.


Beloved man will be happy with a warm sweater, with a great taste made by Lithuanian craftswomen, and designers.

Like him and leather goods by local artisans. Belts, gloves, purses, produced in Lithuania have very high quality.

Not even a drinking man able to appreciate a good alcoholic drink. For gifts of Lithuanian liqueurs, beer and midus.

The girl

Any girl would be happy jewelry with amber, cosmetics brand MARGARITA or Lithuanian sweets.

May surprise her cherry bitters for cocktails, local producers called "999". She has an amazing taste and aroma. A drink of love.

CHto privezti iz Vilnusa (Litvy) v podarok?


For kids no need to be sorry sweets and toys. As a souvenir it is possible to give the amber angel. Appropriate gift can be warm to wear Lithuanian Jersey.

The main gift that you can get from Lithuania is a sea of memories and positive emotions. Quiet, narrow streets of the old Vilnius and its cosy wine cellars for a long time remain in memory of visiting tourists.