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World map and Europe: Republic of Macedonia - where is it?

Makedoniya na karte mira

Macedonia is a beautiful nature, architectural monuments, and also a great place for active tourism. Due to the large number of rivers, lakes and mountains luxury, there is always something to do.

The Republic of Macedonia on the world map and Europe

Makedoniya na atlase mira i Evropy

Macedonia is perfect for travel because this country has an ancient history, unique culture and excellent conditions for recreation. Here it will be interesting to relax as couples and young people. Due to the fact that to get to it for so long and travel services is developed, will not be bored.


A small Balkan state with a population of only 2 million people is located on the North of the Balkan Peninsula in the middle of it, and with respect to Europe – in the South-East. Its name is due to golovynskoe population.

In Greek language "makedones" – tall, slender.

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Who is on the border?

The country is surrounded by several States. In the North it has borders with Serbia, in the East it has common boundary with Bulgaria in the South-East – with Greece, and on the West with Albania.

A large part of a small state is mountain – the Rhodopes, Skopie black Mountain and pind.


Between the mountains rivers Vardar and Strumica are the two important waterways. In the South-West are two beautiful lakes – Ohrid and Prespa are two major pearl of Macedonia, and the South-East – lake doirani.

How to get out of Russia?

To Macedonia adopted several options to get, and a pleasant event is the fact that visas for Russians do not need (up to 90 days of stay). Direct flights linking the Macedonian Republic with Russia, so tourists are here on the plane with stopovers in Belgrade, Istanbul, Vienna or Dubai.

Flights depart daily from the Moscow airports of Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo, and also from airports in other major cities of Russia. The planes are in the international airport in Skopje or Ohrid. Journey time is three hours.

The country takes the following airlines:

  1. Air Serbia;
  2. Aeroflot;
  3. Air Italia;
  4. Pegasus Airlines;
  5. Turkish Airlines;
  6. Austrian Airlines;
  7. Flydubai.

Some tourists who have Schengen, to choose their own a more fuel-efficient routes, going to Belgrade or Thessaloniki, and from there the planes of low-cost airlines or trains to Skopje.

To find a suitable plane ticket will help you with this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

Map of Macedonia with cities in the Russian language

Goroda strany na karte

In the small territory of the country, dotted with mountains and big lakes, is several large settlements that existed here in ancient times.


The most important city of Skopje – the ancient capital, which can be found in the North a few kilometers from the border with Serbia, in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountain ranges. It is the largest city of Macedonia.

Of the 2 million Macedonians in the capital, home to about 670 thousand people, and the rest – no more than 74 thousand.

The devastating earthquake of 1963 nearly wiped Skopje from the face of the earth. The city was badly damaged, andits architectural appearance has significantly changed. Strolling through the Old town, you can find not restored areas, surrounded by modern houses, due to which the capital seems to be a modern metropolis.

However, the Macedonians managed to preserve some ancient relics:

  • Old market;
  • Museum Of Macedonia;
  • The Venetian castle of Calais;
  • Tower Of The Middle Ages Saat Kula;
  • The Church Of The Holy Saviour;
  • Hamam Dutpase.

Skopje – a very attractive and welcoming Balkan capital, so tourists are not uncommon. About this city was known during the Roman Empire.

Major cities

The second important historical and tourist city in Macedonia – Ohrid – for incredibly authentic settlement on the South-West, located on the shore of the picturesque Balkan lake Ohrid. These places are considered to be a popular resort, allowing you to get to know the historical heritage of Macedonia, as well as enjoying the local cuisine and picturesque views of one of the most pristine lakes on the planet.

In the city are important attractions of the country:

  1. Church. Sophia – a masterpiece of religious art of the middle Ages;
  2. Church. Clement is a Treasury of Holy shrines.
  3. Roman amphitheatre – ancient structure with the names of the spectators on the seats.

The first mention of Ohrid refers to the year 353 BC In those days it had the name of Lihnidos and belonged to the Greeks, and in 879, it was renamed Ohrid.

Bitola is another historically important settlement in the South-West of the country, located in the mountain Bitolsko-prilepsko basin.

Krupnyj gorod Bitola

Prior to 1991 the city was the southernmost point of Yugoslavia, and today is the closest town bordering Greece (16 km to the border).

Bitola at all times played an important military role. Initially its founder was Philip of Macedon (4th century BC), but two centuries later the city passed to the Romans, becoming a transit point between the Adriatic and the Aegean sea. In the X century it became the most valuable shopping centre in the Balkan Peninsula.

Past events show attractions:

  • The Isak Mosque;
  • Mosque Aydar-Kadi;
  • Closed Turkish market Bezisten;
  • Church. Dmitry with engraved iconostasis.

In Bitola constantly attracts tourists from all over the world to visit iconic attractions, telling about the turbulent life of the ancient city.

Another important city in Macedonia, Tetovo is a large settlement in the North-West of the country, built at the foot of the Ball. Through it flows the river Pena, as well as highway in Gostivar. Tetovo was founded in the XIII century as an Orthodox settlement of the Church of the Holy virgin, but after the conquest of the Ottoman Empire, the city began a growth of Muslims, and with them came the construction of mosques, baths and markets.

In addition, Tetovo has undergone a lot of military events. The result of the Balkan war he moved to Serbia, and during the Second World war was influenced by Italy and Albania. Thanks to such events, there formed a quite diverse ethnic composition. In the city get along with Albanians, Macedonians, Turks, Italians and Serbs.

The other major cities in Macedonia are:

  1. Kumanovo;
  2. Prilep;
  3. Veles;
  4. Gostivar;
  5. Stip.

Information about the country

Virtually every corner of Macedonia, suggests that this country had to go through many major eventsthat influenced its destiny, in particular, is evident in the composition of the population and by language (he reminds Bulgarian).

At the same time, the country has all the benefits of civilization, but it continues to be one of the most unexplored countries in Europe.

A bit of history

Istoriya gosudarstva

The first mention about the country refers to the VIII century BC, when the legendary Perdiccas I have outlined here the first Macedonian Kingdom. Three centuries later this town was conquered the Persian king Darius I of the Achaemenid dynasty, and independence, she returned to Alexander the great. Under Philip II the Macedonian, in Macedonia, who established an absolute monarchy, this state was conquered by Greece.

From 1371, the year the territory of Macedonia is continuously appropriated to other States. First, it was divided between Greece and Serbia, after which it was conquered by the Turks, and finally after the Balkan war it shared by Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia. After world war II, Macedonia became part of Yugoslavia, and in 1991 gained independence and became again of Macedonia.

Administrative division

Macedonia is divided into 34 communities, 123 district, as well as Skopje, as a separate management unit. Also the Republic is divided into eightregions:

  • Skopje;
  • Vardarski;
  • East;
  • Pelagoniski;
  • Paloski;
  • The North-East;
  • Skopie;
  • The South-West.

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The population

The vast majority of the population – Macedonians, a quarter of the country consists of Albanians, representatives of the Balkan peoples – Serbs and Montenegrins.


The official language of Macedonia is Macedonian, vaguely reminiscent of Bulgarian.

Macedonia is one of the most prosperous and peaceful countries of the Balkan Peninsula, and in recent time it gained popularity among tourists because of the luxurious nature and low prices on vacation.

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