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Where is the island of Malta and the Malta Strait on the world map and Europe?

Translated from drevnegrecheskogo language the country's name means "haven", "asylum". It could not be better characterize the small island nation nestled in the Mediterranean sea.

Malta has always been a tasty morsel for the conquerors. Here, at the time ruled by the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs. More than 100 years Malta was part of the UK.

Today miniature and graceful country attracts tourists with a mild climate, clean sea, peaceful atmosphere, rich culture and great number of architectural monuments.

Where is Malta on the map?

Ostrov na karte

The country is located the Mediterranean between Europe and Africa, the Maltese archipelago consists of 5 Islands, two of which are not inhabited by people. Coast of Malta form the harbours, rocky coves and numerous beaches.

Maltese Strait and the Mediterranean sea wash over the country. The Strait separates the archipelago from the southern part of Sicily. Today is the main path of the waterway of Malta with other countries of Europe. The width of the Strait is 90 km, the maximum depth is up to 150 m.

The Maltese archipelago is composed of limestone. Its highest point is located in the South-West of Malta. A large part of the archipelago is occupied by plains.

Since the state is located on the Islands, he has no land borders. Their business and cultural ties Malta develops using the sea route. Nearest neighbour is Italy. Its South island is located just 93 km North of Malta.

Other European countries are not far from the Maltese Islands is:

  1. Greece;
  2. Albania;
  3. Spain;
  4. France;
  5. Cyprus.

The closest Albania, at a distance of 760 km To Greece and Cyprus less than 1000 km, but before France and Spain substantial distance – more than 1.500 km.

In Malta – a convenient sea access to the North African countries. The distance to the nearest neighbor, Tunisia, is 280 km away. the Convenient location of the country, in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, allows it for centuries to be a kind of connecting link between Europe, Asia and Africa.

The country's climate is humid and mild. Here hot summer with many Sunny days and mild winters. In the country snow falls very rarely, almost never cold and wet slushy weather. In late summer, from Africa begin to blow hot winds carrying yellow dust. This period is short, most of the year in Malta is dominated by warm sea wind.

The population and government

The country is home to more than 400 thousand people, most of them on the island of Malta. In Gozo the number of residents is 30 thousand, and on the island of Comino lives only a few families. The majority of Maltese (94%) lives and works in cities. The population density is one of the highest in the world (4th place).

During the British rule of Malta was a large naval base in the UK. Since 1964, the country began a new era in the history declaring independence. Today the state is in the European Union.

naselenie strany

Most of the inhabitants speak Maltese and English, Italian is also widely spoken language. The Russian language speech can be heard only from tourists, so Malta is better to go with a basic knowledge of at least English.

Recently, the country has dramatically increased the number of immigrants from Africa. Popular Malta and among the pensioners of the UK and other European countries who choose it as a place of comfortable living.

In 1993 the country was established in 68 municipalities, which represent the main form of local government. Malta is a parliamentary Republic. The head of state is the President, and legislative power is concentrated in the hands of Parliament.

Map with towns and resorts

In the country more than 30 cities. Many of them are very small settlements with a dozen streets and a couple of hundred inhabitants. Today they provide a tranquil peaceful atmosphere and only the architectural monuments remind about the rich history.


The capital of the country, one of the well-preserved walled cities. Valletta was founded in the late 16th century knight Jean de La Valletta after settlementwithstood a long siege by the Turks. Almost all the buildings of the town were built in ten years. In the 21st century Valetta was able to maintain its original appearance.

Even today the streets are so narrow that many of them are pedestrian. A little vegetation, the main decoration of the sculptures and ornate facades.

The main attraction for tourists is the Cathedral of St. John. Marble floors with inlays, magnificent arch, decorated with paintings from the Holy Scriptures make a lasting impression on even the most experienced traveler.


gorod Mdina

The fortress on the hill, which many centuries ago was constructed and labeled by the Turks as a capital, it is considered the abode of the aristocracy.

"Silent city" - so today is called Mdina the Maltese themselves, because the ancient maze of streets seem to take you into the distant past. Here it seems as if time has stopped. In Mdina there is no modern infrastructure, and the city's population is about 300 people.

Today it's more of a city-Museum. In Mdina one hotel has nine churches.


In ancient times the settlement of Mdina grew, many people began to settle beyond. Thus arose the modern city of Rabat. Tourists will be interesting:

  1. Catacombs;
  2. Roman Villa;
  3. The Cathedral Of St. Paul.

Unlike Mdina Rabat doesn't look medieval town, and sometimes hard to believe that in the old days there was refuge for the monks, the Franciscans and the Dominicans. Today it is a major commercial center.


In the 19th century, wealthy city dwellers have chosen a small fishing village as a seaside resort. Mediterranean climate, comfortable accommodation in the Bay, lack of fogs and cold winds allows the holiday season in the slim lasts all year round.

There are a lot of towers, with the height which once conducted surveillance of possible enemy. Walking around the city, you can enjoy the views of old mansions and luxurious villas. Bored and shopping in Sliema is a major commercial city of the country.

Interesting facts about the country

fakty o Malte

  • The country has no permanent rivers and lakes, small streams are formed only during heavy rains;
  • The inhabitants of the island accepted Christianity in ' 60 after their banks were shipwrecked vessel SV. Paul;
  • The country is almost completely missing crime, homeless residents and stray dogs;
  • Wine in Malta is cheaper than water, since there is no freshwater source;
  • Here are the best and affordable English language schools;
  • Malta is one of the smallest countries of Europe, where all conditions for comfortable living and recreation of local people and tourists.

  • Divorce in Malta as difficult as in the middle Ages;
  • The country has found structure, whose age is older than the Egyptian pyramids by 1000 years;
  • Width of Malta is at 15 km, is smaller than the diameter of the MKAD;
  • The country has no railway communication;
  • The Maltese are a musical nation. Here every second person knows how to play a musical instrument.

I advise you to watch a video about the geographical position of Malta on the world map: