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World map in Russian of Monaco: where is this country in Europe?

Monako na karte mira

Monaco – the tiny European country, is world famous for its great variety of nightlife entertainment and gambling, luxury yachts, moored on the banks and luxury hotels, where you can easily meet a celebrity.

Map of Monaco in Russian

Monako na karte

Find miniature state of Monaco on the world map is very difficult, because some little red dot, surrounded on all land borders with France, barely stands out from its giant neighbor.

Where and with whom borders?

The Principality is located in southern Europe on the shores of the Ligurian sea, and for its size it is more like a city with a small suburb.

The modest territory of Monaco does not prevent the explorers to this refined and luxurious country which is guarded by the army of 82 people.

To have an accurate representation of where the country of Monaco, it is enough to mark on the map a small place where converge the borders of France and Italy along the Mediterranean sea. The same almost imperceptible point, which is at the junction adjacent no less luxurious nice, and is a Principality. For this reason it is often called a continuation of the côte d'azur.

Detailed location of Monaco on the world map you can see in this video:

Natural resources

The territory of Monaco is a rocky coast with a hilly terrain, located on the southern periphery of the Maritime Alps. The highest point of the country is the Cape of the Monte-Azhel, projecting into the sea and fall into the open Bay.

Country has a typical Mediterranean flora: boxwood, juniper, Jasmine, cedar, and Palmetto. In the forest meets Laurel, strawberry tree and Eric. In the mountains growing shrubs, guelder rose and red juniper. Among fruit crops are figs, pomegranates, sweet and bitter almonds, pistachios and grapes are grown as well as bananas, persimmons, oranges and lemons.

Seaside beach has a large amount of fish and other marine inhabitants.

The fauna of the Monaco modest – here no large animals, only small mammals: rodents, hedgehogs, shrews, bats and rare species of Mediterranean bat. Ubiquitous reptiles, a variety of insects.

What is the climate?

Kakoj klimat v Monte-Karlo?

The Principality has typical coastal climate with Sunny summerand mild in winter. The number of Sunny days per year is 300 and drizzling rain do not cause inconvenience, falling mainly in autumn and continuing to a maximum of three days.

The temperature in July, the pleasing performance of +24 degrees, in winter in January is a little cool – 8 degrees. Thanks to such climatic conditions, this place is considered the most popular and favourable resort of Europe.

Due to its location, in the winter time, the Principality is protected from cold Northern winds, and in the heat of summer the marine breeze refreshes the hot Mediterranean air.

How to get out of Russia?

Mosta simple way to be in Monaco is to fly direct from Moscow to nice, and from there take the bus (45 minutes) or train (half an hour).

From the platform of the railway station, which is located on the hills of Monte Carlo, scenic views.

An alternative option is to go by plane to Paris, and from there by train directly to Monaco (about 950 km). Regular flights to nice or Paris by the company "Aeroflot" and Air France. Flight time takes about 4 hours.

Can purchase a ticket on a plane right now, using the form for searching airtickets. Enter the departure city and arrival city, date and number of passengers.

The state system

In Monaco – a constitutional monarchywhere the head of state is the Prince, transferring management rights to the heir.


Colorful history of Monaco began when Francois Grimaldi, disguised as a monk deception was in the Genoese fortress, and at night opened the gates to the soldiers that they captured her. Since then, the Grimaldi dynasty has ruled this country for more than 700 years. For this reason, family coat of arms of the princely family – a knight in a cassock.

For all time of its existence, Monaco lost their independence and gained it again. Spain, the Kingdom of Sardinia and France - under the protectorate of these States were a country.

In 1848, by king Charles III, the country gained recognition of sovereignty from France.

The Prince immediately allowed to open a casino and several hotels, which provided the Principality of success and popularity, because at that time in many neighboring countries, including in France, gambling was banned.

Since then Monaco has become a stable to attract royalty, bourgeoisie, and aristocrats, which provided the country with a decent income.

Politics and Economics

Politicheskij simvol

Domestic and foreign policy of Monaco is inextricably tied to France. Since the Principality is a protectorate of that state, their acts of Monaco performs in accordance with its interests.

The main income of Monaco – gambling and tourism, the construction of new residences, as well as through the media, highlighting the high life of the ruling family.


For a visit to Monaco will need a Schengen visa, since that country is a member of the European Union. The Prince of Moscow office, so the documents are submitted to the visa centers of France in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

In the country to hear Monegasque, English and Italian speech, but the official language is French.

Culture and religion

National specifics of Monaco such that only about 20% of the population of the country is the indigenous population is Monegasque.

They have a special privilege not to pay taxes and to live in the old town, but also they lay the Foundation of culture. Thanks to them, in Monaco they honor family values, implying the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with family.

90% of Monaco – Catholic, about 6% – Protestants.

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The movement for Monaco won't be a problem at any time of the day. Here walking buses in six areas, available water and land transportation, as well as a small tourist steam train and free the escalators.

Business and currency

Monaco is freely used Euros, equal to 100 cents.

It is well developed tourism, banking, Finance and e-field, for this reason, the country is a great place to do business, but the taxes levied on local firms is very high.

Wi-fi spots available everywhere, and the only ISP and mobile communication is Monaco Telecom.

Real estate

The small size of the country does not allow new development but the real estate Monaco – valuable asset with a high value, because real estate in Andorra gives you the opportunity to obtain a residence permit.

Stay in Monaco

In the entire history of the country, the Principality has acquired important attractions and places worthy of the attention of travellers.

The main resort town

Karta kurortnyh gorodov

Monaco officiallyfour citiesmerged into one large Central city:

  1. Monaco-Ville is the oldest part, situated on a hill, home to the ruling family;
  2. Monte Carlo , the largest district, which is home to the legendary casino;
  3. La Condamine – the country's main port and the place for a major transaction;
  4. Fontvieille is the place arose by the construction of the dam.

Other areas of Monaco , Larvotto – a place where magnificent beaches and La Colle, Moneghetti, Saint-Roman, Saint-Michelthat are attractive residential areas.


The brightest attraction in Monaco, luxury casinos in Monte Carlo, the entrance to which is available round the clock. It its construction was the first reason why the country has become so popular.

You can also visit:

  • Wax Museum with figures of princely personages;
  • The princely Palace, founded in 1215;
  • Cathedral Monaco Cathedral – the main Cathedral of the Principality;
  • Chapel of mercy – the old Church on the square city Hall;
  • Church of the Holy Devoti – the patron Saint of the Principality.

Many tourists will be interesting to stroll through an Exotic garden with thousands of species of tropical plants, as well as the Avenue of sculptures with works by internationally famous artists.


Very interesting are the excursions to the Aquarium, which was founded with the assistance of Prince albert I and Jacques Cousteau. In aquariums, there are about 200 species of marine life.

Will be a fascinating acquaintance with the Prince's vintage car collection, which includes automotive history, starting with the XX century: 1929 Bugatti, a 1903 De Dion Bouton and many others in many models of the prestigious cars.

National kitchen and restaurants

Restoran tradicionnoj kuhni

In Monaco, decided not to dine at home, instead visit numerous popular restaurants, the most prestigious of which are considered to be Le Louis XV and Le Cafe de Paris.

Local chefs prepare gourmet cuisine which is dominated by Italian or French cuisine.

Where to stay?

Hotels in Monaco offer visitors first-class accommodations with impeccable service and high prices. Only in the Principality, there are about 15 hotels from 3-5 star.

The most popular places to stay:

  1. Hotel Hermitage 5*;
  2. Hotel Metropole 5*;
  3. Port Palace 4*;
  4. Ambassador Monaco 3*;
  5. Novotel Monte Carlo 3*.

The rooms are not always available, so guests of this country try to stay outside.

To choose a hotel, use the search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


Day, travelers visit museums and theaters, resting on the beach, ride on boats or watch the races stage "Grand Prix Formula 1", as part of the route runs through the city.

The most favorite place of entertainment at night is, of course, a casino. Day it is available for tours, in the evening, it attracts the gambling public.

One of the most Monaco – shopping, which takes place in the "Golden square" where you will find only original products of branded stores.

Travel tips

  • Do not drink the tap water – better to buy bottled products;
  • In the days of national holidays in the country held a colorful ceremony (27 January, 19 Nov, 25 Dec);
  • The speed of the car is limited to 50 km/h;
  • During the races, prices in the country increase two times;
  • Banks are closed on weekends.

Monaco is an incredibly bright and attractive destination because of its convenient geographical location, developed infrastructure and interesting attractions.