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What to see in Norway: a photo, a description and map of attractions

dostoprimechatelnosti Norvegii - foto i opisanie

Travel to Norway – is an impressive introduction to the wonderful Northern country, whose natural beauty, excellent infrastructure and indescribable atmosphere of cordiality, able to charm every moment.

Norway on the world map

Karta Norvegii

Due to its location, Norway has a unique places, unique architecture and interesting sights that make the trip memorable.

Geographical position and climate

Norway – a country whose very name stands for – "the path to the North", is located in the Northern Europe in the Western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It has land borders with Finland, Sweden and Russia, water with Denmark. The coastal areas washed by the North, Barents and Norwegian seas.

Almost half of Norway is covered by mountains, the remaining part is occupied by bodies of water, forests and arable land. The entire coast is indented with rocky fjords. A third of the country is the North Pole.

Coastal areas of Norway have a temperate Maritime climatethanks to its proximity to the Gulf stream, especially in the summer. The Central part of the country is under the authority of a continental climatein the mountain areas, there is extreme fluctuation of temperatures, and the Northern region – Arctic climate.

The most favorable time to visit Norway is from may to September and the low season lasts from November to March. In the warmest months (July, August) daytime temperatures of 17-22 degrees, at night +15°C. In winter, especially in February, the temperature reaches -22°C.

Description large cities

The country of Vikings and Valkyries are ready to introduce travelers to the unique cities, each of which has a unique appearance, has a distinctive architecture and pleasant atmosphere.

  • The largest city in Norway and at the same time its capital, Oslo, is one of the oldest settlements in which well preserved ancient sights, as well as many historical monuments.

    krupnyj gorod - Oslo

    The city is located on the shores of the three bays, so it is ready to offer travelers wonderful views, beautiful parks and a familiarity with luxury fjords.

  • Second in size but first beauty of the city of Norway – Bergen – place, situated on seven hills on the shore of the North sea. It differs significantly from Oslo appearance, because he managed to keep the beauty of cobbled streets and small colorful houses.
  • In Bergen organises festivals, exhibitions, and also in his Arsenal there are many attractions and unique architectural buildings.

  • Alesund is an incredibly picturesque town, whose uniqueness is manifested in the fact that it was built in the style of "art Nouveau" is quite rare, so it is a valuable phenomenon. Charming and well-kept town with colourful houses, quiet streets and beautiful gardens, and a private viewing deck, attracts tourists wanting to see touching the magnificence of this country.
  • To experience authentic Norway in Trondheim in a small picturesque town, located on the shore of the Trondheim fjord. Once this city was the first capital of the country, and now here are held the coronation of Norwegian kings.

    In the old part of Trondheim you will find the old wooden houses and many charming alleyways, embodying the true architectural heritage of Norway.

  • Tromsø is the most Northern city of Norway located in the Arctic circle, over what it called the "Gates of the Arctic" and "Paris of the North". To get to it is very difficult – the city has no railway communication with other settlements, but this does not prevent tourists to visit it. Tromso attracts fans of winter sports loversscenic views.

Opisanie Tromse

Special attention is given to the city in which are located the ski resorts of Norway

  1. Geilo;
  2. Lillehammer;
  3. Voss;
  4. Narvik.

Each is picturesque in its own way and has its own unique attractions.


Familiarity with the homeland of these Vikings and fairy-tale trolls, due admiration for the fascinating Northern nature and authentic architecture – that such are sightseeing trips around Norway.


Echoes of the rich history of Norway's scattered across the country, but it is better to start the main attractions of the fjords.

These magnificent natural wonders, surrounded by deep blue water, scattered all over the country.


The names of the most beautiful fjords of Norway:

  • Geiranger – the most picturesque fjord, the length of which is about 15 km;
  • Norway's rocky shore, covered with fruit gardens, especially beautiful in the spring;
  • The Lysefjord isknown for its sheer rock that is used as a viewing platform.


In Norway a lot of interesting museums, among which will be interesting to visit:

  1. The Viking ship Museum – a place where the recreated three raised from Yes Moray rook;
  2. The Museum Kon-Tiki – the exhibition, which contains materials on the famous expedition;
  3. Historical Museum, Oslo – three of the Museum with the richest collection of objects of Viking life.


The study of the history and culture of Norway is impossible without acquaintance with the architectural heritage of the country, the brightest of which – palaces, fortresses, castles and temples.

In the capital of Norway is worth visiting the Royal Palace Oslo – the residence of all the kings, ruling the country.

Many travellers will be interested to meet with a masterpiece of historic architecture – the Akershus Fortress, located on the Eastern shore of the Harbor.

A very striking landmark of Norway , Hakons Hall and the Tower of Rosencratz – lock, of which there are about 750 years. Earlier in the halls of this fortress was taken all major decisions about the fate of the country, to deal with significant events and carried out a medieval ceremony.

The iconic pearls of Norway – a picturesque cathedrals and temples, perfectly preserved to our days:

  • Cathedral Oslo Cathedral is the main Church of the capital, inside of which you can see the magnificent stained glass Windows and a lovely altar;
  • Stavkirke in Urnes.

    arhitekturnaya cerkov

    This old wooden Church, which became a vivid example of "animal style" (the use of animal motifs, where the lion is Christianity, and the serpent paganism);

  • The Nidaros Cathedral is a place built in honor of Olaf, the Viking chieftain who converted his people to Christianity.

The Norwegian town of røros – a real architectural heritage of the country, causing delight to all travelers with its atmosphere of the XVII century. Little old houses and narrow cobbled streets of the former mining town inspired her many writers and artists.

Many tourists will be interested to visit Bryggen , a picturesque area of Bergen, where is the old Hanseatic quayand Vigeland Park.


In addition to the fjords, Norway is rich in wonderful natural attractions such as waterfalls, glaciers and national parks.

For tourists who choose to visit this country, you should draw up a route:

  • To visit in Rondane national Park – the oldest nature reserve;
  • See the famous "Troll's Tongue" and "the Ladder of Trolls",
  • prirodnyj obekt - yazyk trollya

  • To visit the waterfall Voringsfossen and Steinsdalsfossen,
  • Then visit the North Cape.

What else to see?

Collection of Norway is constantly updated with various places which discover a curious traveller.

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In the winter

Active rest in winter, easy to combine with a fascinating excursion in the nearby cities.

  • In you can visit Holmenkollen ski Museum;
  • In Telemark you should pay attention to the Ibsen Museum;
  • In Elverum – Museum Of Forestry;
  • In Bergen in winter you can visit the Aquarium, manor of, Adarga Grieg or Art Museum.

Cathedral in winter"/>

In winter time in Norway is visited by tourists wishing to enjoy skiing on the best slopes not only the country but also around the world.

The most interesting winter sights hidden in the North of Tromso. In this "country of Islands" you can visit the Arctic Cathedral of glass and metal, the Museum "Polaria", and then to climb the mountain on the lift.

With a child

Tours of Norway and waiting for little hikers. Children can visit the Aquarium and Arctic Museum, and then the Atlantic sea Park in Ålesund, Magical caves of Gudvangen, home to the fabulous heroes and, finally, the zoo in Kristiansand with polar animals.

One of the favorite children's entertainment in Norway – skiing on the railway on the old steam train in Setesdalsbanen.

By car

tropy trollej na mashine

Car Norway is a trip to the North Cape and the Lofoten Islands – the northernmost point of the country, and also visit:

  • The trail of Trolls – mountain streamers, along which are found the wonderful views of waterfalls, scenic slopes and other natural beauty of the fjords;
  • The Atlantic Road – the original design, connecting a few Islands and offers the traveller the opportunity to admire the whales and seals, sea storms and the power of the ocean.

    Along the Atlantic Road, there are observation deck and fishing pier.

Norway is definitely a country that deserves special attention of tourists thanks to a vast number of unique, vibrant and exciting attractions.

And in this video you will see amazing places the homeland of the Vikings: