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Trysil and other ski resorts on the map of Norway: leisure and rates

Norvegiya - gornolyzhnye kurorty

Norway is one of the few countries willing to offer travelers a unique opportunity year-round to visit the best ski resorts are enjoying excellent slopes located in picturesque areas of the country.

The Norwegian ski on the map

karta gornolyzhnyh kurortov Norvegii

This country is considered the place where "born" skiing, and the inhabitants of Norway to this day proves that the invention of the skis belongs to them.

The geographical position

In Norway, there are several prestigious ski areas. The most interesting is located on the East of the country: Hemsedal, Geilo, Lillehammer, Voss, Lillehammer region. Lillehammer, in turn, brings together five major centres – Hafjell, Kvitfjell, Skeikampen, Shosoin and Holo. To reach them from the capital will not be difficult – the maximum distance is around 2.5 hours.

No less famous are the resorts located near the country's capital – Oslo, Holmenkollen.

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Ski resorts in Norway is incredibly comfortable to ride all season, since the average winter temperature is -6°C. This weather is perfect, snow is fully consistent with a relaxed movement on skis. Sunny day lasts from 9 am to 4 PM, and the season lasts from November through to 4 may.

It is worth noting that skiing is available all year round, but the most convenient to do it in the period from November to April, when the high amount of snow and the optimum temperature make your holidays memorable and incredibly rich.

The benefits of recreation

Norwegian ski resorts – a variety of trails, including cross country, as well as extensive opportunities for extreme sports, allowing you to experience a storm of emotions.

Here, you can easily put a child on skis or to go down with the wind on the sparkling snow, to enjoy snowshoeing, sleigh rides pulled by dogs, to visit the fairytale castles of ice.

Also on the Norwegian slopes, there is the opportunity to ride on the Bob, snowboarding and tubing.

A description of the main resorts

Norwegian resorts have a well-developed infrastructure that allows you to have a good time.


trassy Trusilya

The most famous ski resort offers a rich leisure. Three mountainside Trysilfjellet combined into one the largest area for skiing, offer a very diverse set of entertainment.

Trysil is located close to the border with Sweden and a three-hour drive from Oslo (210 km).

To get to Trysil is quite simple: Express bus from Oslo or Stockholm on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Slightly cheaper option is the bus No. 130, traveling from the capital from the main bus station or from the airport "Gardermoen".

Trysil is popular among couples with children, because the infrastructure allows you to stay in the hotels located in the immediate vicinity of the slopes. For kids are also educational schools, restaurants with children's menu, there is a Playground, toboggan slide, and a separate lift.

In Trysil with only about 66 trailstotal length of around 100km. Most of them are wide and gentle. There are also separate areas for freeriding, where you can hone your jumping and riding on boards.

Alignment Trustyle are as follows:

  • 11 difficult;
  • 17 medium;
  • 17 lungs;
  • 21 the simplest.

Holidaymakers have the option to ride in the dark, since most of the trails are illuminated.

To the topslope of tourists take modern lifts, among which there are special booths for children.

In this video you will find information about the ski area in Trysil:


Kurort Lillehammer

This ski area combines several resorts. If you buy a ski pass for one of them, then you can freely visit the other. Due to the presence of the best tracks on the slopes of Lillehammer often hosts professional competitions.

Lillehammer is a modest settlement on the banks of the most beautiful lakes of the country. Town deleted on 176 km from Oslo, and resorts that it combines stretches of 15-20 km.

From the capital from the airport railway station, Oslo and Lillehammer train No. 10 and No. 21, the following directly to the town. Also 2.5 hours and can be reached by bus No. 141, buying advance ticket online. From the resort to the resort deliver local free buses.

The city is full of streets with restaurants, shops and hotels, as well as a variety of museums and galleries – it is perfectly adapted to ski holidays in Lillehammer was the most complete.

Depending on what the slopes are chosen as a priority, changing the level of traces:

  • Hafjell is the largest resort, protected on all sides from wind and weather troubles, has 39 trails of varying difficulty;
  • Kvitfjell – the high-rise resort which boasts a large number of extreme slopes;
  • Shosoin – plateau resort, designed for fans of cross-country skiing;
  • Skeikampen in addition to Jogging, children's and extreme slopes, a slope for snowboarders, carving and freestyle;
  • Holo – this resort offers vacationers around 600 kms of cross country trails and the opportunity to combine mountain-skiing tourism with a lot of exciting winter activities.

All resorts are ski lifts, brings tourists directly to the top of the mountains to the beginning of tracks.


otdyh v Oppdale

Equipped to a very steep standards of Oppdal has at its disposal excellent slopes, night-lit trails, professional schools, exciting tours for tourists wishing to get acquainted with the country. Oppdal is known for its large ski area and exceptional panoramic view on the valley.

Oppdal is located at the foot of the Trollheimen mountains near the national Park of Dovrefjell.

From international capital airport to the station Oppdal four times a day there is a trainthat delivers to the place after 4.5 hours.

Oppdal offers climbing and ice fishing, Curling and tobogganing, and snowshoeing.

In the surroundings slopes there many wonderful places to stay, cafes and a cinema, pool and Nightclubs.

Overall in Oppdal, about 56 km ski areathat combines a 4 mountains, each of which serves 17 lifts.


Hemsedal is often called "the Scandinavian Alps". The resort is located on an incredibly scenic three peaks (Totten, Tinden, Rogin), therefore, attracts professional skiers and snowboarders. It offers an abundance of trails, steep gradients and exciting night life.

Hemsedal deleted on 200 km from Oslo, and is located in the center of the country.

A simple way to be in Hemsedal – Oslo airport to take the bus Nettbuss or Hemsedalalekspressen and after 4-5 hours to be in place.

Hemsedal is recognized as the best place for snowboarding, as it features special tracks, ramps, rails and big airs. For this reason there are constantly held competitions.

For children in organized leisure "Trolley Park"where there are activities for children from 3 months. Also in Hallingdal there is a children's slope, a large number of restaurants, Nightclubs and entertainment such as riding in a sleigh, dog sledding, horse riding, climbing or Telemark.

In Hemsedal, only about 48 well-groomed trails

  1. 4 complex;
  2. 6 red;
  3. 7 blue;
  4. 8 green.

In addition, on the slopes, a snow Park (Terrain park) for fans of extreme fun and tricks.

Throughout the resort there are modern high-speed lifts, delivering children to 7 years free of charge.


Otdyh v Vosse

This ski resort is ideal place for extreme skiing – here come beysery and paragliders. It often hosts some festivals. For lovers of quiet ride in Voss there is a green route and work in nursery schools.

Voss is located close to Bergen betweenthe main Norwegian fjords – Hardanger and Sogne feardom.

The resort sent a bus and a train from Bergen, which is followed by 1.5 hours to your destination.

In Voss there are pools and saunas, bowling alley, restaurants and bars, a sports centre, an ice rink and is quite extensive hotel database.

Voss is only about 40 km of trails, of which the longest is 4 km away and Also has 14 lifts.


The oldest resort of Norway is covered with snow all year round. It is ideal for family and adventure travelers.

Geilo is located between Oslo and Bergen on the plateau of Hardangervidda, next to the famous national Park.

The railway station is Geilo is on the way from Oslo to Bergen, and the road to it is about 3.5 hours.

The resort is the oldest and the first place where the competitions in Norway, it has the most extensive number of hotels, restaurants, bowling, children's entertainment center and souvenir shops.

Geilo is divided into three zones, including Taubane, the vestlia and Slatta, each of which can provide tourists several floodlit slopes, slopes for Burgundy and trails for cross-country skiing. Lifts are available on all three slopes.

Other resorts

The rest of the resorts in Norway are also popular among lovers of active holidays.


Snezhnyj Norefel

The closest to the capital city mountain resort is perfectly located for skiers with any level of training.

Norefjell is located 110 km from Oslo.

In the winter time from Oslo to the ski resort Shuttle buses which reach the place in about 2 hours.

Being one of the oldest ski areas, Norefjell offers bars and restaurants, pool, Spa, schools for kids, a children's area and lots of entertainment.

On the slopes there are about 120 km of pistes for beginners and experienced skiers. The topography allows you to ride on the steep sections, to practice in the snowpark or off-piste to explore the area. On the site there are 10 lifts.


The smallest ski resort in Norway attracts tourists with the possibility of intimate, unhurried riding.

Narvik is located on the North of the country, 125 km North of the Arctic Circle between the two fjords at the foot of the mountains.

To reach Narvik is quite complicated: the first plane from Oslo to Evenes airport, then drive 80 km to the resort.

In Narvik has its own snowboard Park, well-equipped hotels, a children's area, restaurants and cafes, as well as the opportunity to go to the zoo with polar animals.

Ski holidays in Narvik is a variety of trails, including lit, no queues on the lifts, impressive elevation changes, 14 beautiful slopes and the best skiing conditions.

Winter holidays in the mountains

Much attention in Norway give excellent conditions for family recreation and fun leisure activities.

What to do?

CHem zanyatsya na gornolyzhnom kurorte?

Ski resorts offer their guests plenty of entertainment:

  1. Sledding in a sled with deer, horses or dogs;
  2. Ice fishing;
  3. The toboggan;
  4. Skates.

For younger visitors almost every resort organized "Troll clubs" with live entertainment and a games Yurt with a fire and sweets, kindergarten and animation. Skeikampen in a Park "Country Badger" – tunnels in which kids are waiting for magic heroes.


Tired from skiing, tourists can enjoy the study of interesting places in Norway. In winter, the most interesting sights in Oslo or in Bergen – cities close to ski resorts.

In Bergen it will be interesting to explore the dockyard Wharf, castle Hakons Hall and the Rosenkrantz tower.

Oslo is worth a visit:

  • Akershus Fortress;
  • Royal Palace;
  • Cathedral;
  • The national gallery.

Where to stay?

Resorts abound in luxury hotels, such as:

  • Radisson Blu Resort Trysil 5* in Trysil;
  • Clarion Collection Hotel Hammer in Lillehammer 4* Lillehammer;
  • Skarsnuten Hotel 4* in Hemsedal;
  • Quality Skifer Hotel 4* in Oppdal;
  • Fleischer's Hotel 4* in Voss;
  • Geilo Gaarden 4* in Geilo;
  • Quality Spa & Resort Norefjell 5* in Morefile;
  • Scandic Narvik 4* Narvik in.

There is also the opportunity to stay in other places that host tourists – guest houses, chalets, cottages and a youth hostel.

Use this search form hotels, you will greatly save your time and money. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.


Prices for holidays

The cost of travel to ski resorts in Norway can not be called cheap – tours start from 760$ per person, and the price for ski pass – from$30.

Norwegian slopes are ideal for travelers who prefer to get maximum pleasure from skiing.