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World map with cities in Russian – Europe: where is Norway?

Norvegiya na karte mira

Norway is a unique country, which is located at the junction of land and ocean. It is here that the long nights with spectacular Northern lights.

Country on the Atlas of the world and Europe in Russian

Norvegiya na karte Evropy

The country is the most Northern in Europe. But the population in one of the largest countries is only 5.2 million people, with a density of 12 persons per 1 km2.


Norway is West on the Scandinavian Peninsulain Northern Europe. The border is in the South-East and the East goes with the territories of the following countries: Sweden, Russia and Finland.

The country is washed by the following seas:

  • The North sea – from the South;
  • The Norwegian sea from the North – West;
  • The Barents sea from the North – East.

The river network in the country is quite thick, naschityvaet more than 20 rivers, all of them flowing year-round. Among them: the Glomma, the Worm, the Namsen, Syrah, Quinn.

The topography of Norway consists of gneiss, granite and many other natural formations. Its formation occurred during the ice age when the glaciers started to melt. In the East the terrain is dissected by numerous valleys. Sea fiords stretch out into the land on the North and West.

The most famous fjords are:

  1. Viking Bay;
  2. Laxe-fjord;
  3. Porsanger fjord;
  4. Fall.


In North Norway the climate is subarctic, the main part of the country – ocean.

Autumn is the rainiest time of the year. Winter is fairly mild thanks to the Gulf stream in the South is almost never snow. In the North the temperature is low, areas dominated by snow cover.

Detailed map of Norway with cities

Strana s gorodami

Among Norway's major cities are:

  • Oslo is the capital of the country. Cultural life is very rich, there are many attractions including theatres and museums;
  • Alesson – the most beautiful city in Norway. The climate here is constantly changing because of its island location. In the beginning of XX century the city was completely destroyed by fire, but was able to recover in just a few years;
  • Bergen is known as the "gateway to the Norwegian fjords". It is impossible to see during the day, so travelers come here for a few weeks;
  • Tromso is a place known to humans since the iron age. The city itself was built in the mid XIII century. Was one of the few places in Norway, which is not touched bombing the Nazis.

How to get there?

If you travel to Norway from Russia, then it can be done:

  • By car. Trip to Norway by car will be quite long and tiring, but incredibly interesting, because the path will pass through Finland and partly through Sweden;
  • On the plane. From Moscow carry out flights of airline "Aeroflot" and "SAS". You can also get connecting flights to the airports in the cities of tromsø, Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger;

There is also the possibility to go by train or bus. But direct messages from Russia, so will need to travel with transfers in other countries.

Buy a plane ticket you can use the quick search. Specify the city of departure and arrival, the date, the number of passengers.

The internal arrange

In ancient times here came a few tribes of hunters and gatherers. However, among the Europeans, Norway became famousthanks to the Vikings. Though they knew not best, as it was a harsh war, attacking neighboring countries and settlements. Even when the lands came to Christianity, the raids have not stopped.

As for the economic sector, the country ranks third in oil exports. GDP is 329 000 000 000 dollars.

Today the capital is Oslo with a population of 635 000 people. A constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy – system of government of Norway. All in all, the country is home to 5 063 000 people, the official language is Norwegian.

Attractions and entertainment

Cultural components of this country:

  1. The Saga of the Vikings;
  2. Specific kitchen;
  3. Movies are shot either documentary or short;
  4. Developed many kinds of music, including widespread heavy metal;
  5. Perfectly preserved thousand-year architecture;
  6. Painting sample of the XIX century.

What to see?

CHto posmotret na fordah?

Of sites stand out:

  • The Museum of shipbuilding of the Vikings. It contains only three integers in the exhibit, which managed to raise from the bottom of reservoirs;
  • The armed forces Museum in Oslo. By the end of 70-ies it had the right to visit only the highest military ranks. After the entrance was free;
  • The Lysefjord. It is actively practiced climbing and other extreme sports;
  • The Cathedral in Oslo, built in the late XVII century. Hidden from prying eyes, so for most tourists is unknown;
  • Geiranger fjord. Its length is only 20 kilometers, but the landscapes of the imagination.

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What to do?

What are the opportunities for the tourists discover this unique country?


  1. A unique opportunity to enjoy the view of the Northern lights;
  2. The aquarium in Bergen, where there is a chance to observe the life of penguins, seals and other animals;
  3. To make Cycling in Oslo from the Viking Biking;
  4. To participate in the celebration of the day of the Sami peoples;
  5. Visit one of the steepest ski slopes in Holmenkollen.
  6. Learn a lot about Norway from this video: