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What can you bring from Poland (Krakow, Warsaw) from the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Polshi?

Stretching from the North to the South, Poland has absorbed millions of fragments of historical memory, ancient treasures and mysteries of gray locks.

The country's capital Warsaw and its ancient rival Krakow reveal a mystical veil over the loose beauty of the Commonwealth, bringing together the lush balls of the nobles, palaces, cathedrals, stern look, gazing down at passers-by, and delicious Polish food, culture, music.

What gifts and Souvenirs to bring from Poland?

What can you bring from Krakow? Going in search of Krakow Souvenirs, you should start with the surroundings of Wawel castle, continuing along the Vistula embankment.

Find true masterpieces it is possible also about the Jagiellonian University, or to purchase in the shops of the historic part of the city along the Royal road.

What to buy and to bring from Warsaw? Warsaw is much more of a contrast: here are old neighborhoods, adjacent to the Royal Palace, side by side with modern buildings and stadiums. Special historicity and richness of the gifts are areas of the City and the Ox.

Natural cosmetics and medicines

And if the production of alcohol craving can be traced poles to herbal and natural components in cosmetics, this trend is entrenched even more. The most famous brand Pat&Rub flower produces natural cosmetics.

Not inferior to it in quality Gdansk Ziaja. If a souvenir or a gift is meant to allergies, you should pay attention to AA Cosmetics, has made a name for hypoallergenic creams, lipsticks and balms. Gift set prestige series will cost 200-300 PLN.

What else can you buy and bring back from Poland? Polish medications – some of the most affordable in Europe. There are a business of legal drug delivery to other countries, but if you consider the medicinal substance, as a gift, it is better to consider a natural vitamin and herbal.

A significant part of the Polish people's medicine made on the basis of honey and propolis. Reliable manufacturer of herbal medicines and honey – Retter from the city of Wroclaw.

Honey treatments are used to treat skin diseases, strengthen the immune system and raise the General tone of the body.

Prirodnaya kosmetika i lekarstva

Polish alcohol

What to bring from Poland? A gift that will warm winter evenings – alcohol. The poles, being a true Slavic people, are good in moderation, soft drinks and strong, designed for lavish feasts.

The most famous drink is "the bison" – a strong tincture on the grass Hierochloë odorata, which gives the drink its bitterness and a spicy tart flavor.

As a souvenir it is better to use brands Zlota or Bison Grass is bottled in a beautiful bottle. Since the middle Ages, in Poland also popular in more sophisticated drink Goldwasser.

Aromatic herbs and a sweet liquor based here side by side with a suspension of gold flakes appearing, if the bottle to shake. The noble metal dissolved in alcohol, it is absolutely harmless.

Good Polish beer has always been made by the monasteries, and varieties Wojak and even Tuskie are the continuation of a long tradition.

Both beer brand offered the collector's drink, which unfortunately a long shelf life is no different.

Extraordinary taste is different ", Ganez" – local wine, warmed and mixed with honey, various herbs, cinnamon and cloves.

Polish sweets and products

Going to Poland at Christmas time, in any city, you can find the famous Torun gingerbread cookiesdecorated accordingly: they are made in the form of fairytale characters, Santa Claus, various animals and even famous personalities.

Each stick is a work of art, so often they are Packed in an elegant box.

Quality gift and chocolate candy manufactured by the factory "Wedel", known for wonderful taste "Wawel" and "crook".

In addition to tiles of different chocolate stores in any major city you can find cakes "Kashtanka" – politchocolate chestnuts with various kinds of sweet filling inside.

To confuse the "Kashtanka" from Danzig and Krakow, Lublin and Warsaw is almost impossible.

Leaving desserts children should move on to more serious dishes, most of which in Poland is pork. Smoked pork, making sausages, twist and dry, the course is even pork bacon, cartilage, and ears.

Street food in Warsaw is unthinkable without "Kabanek", whose place in the territories adjoining Germany is sausage "Frankfurter".

The same, with the scent of smoke, the Cracow sausage called "Krakus" and served with smoked sheep cheese oscypek.

Oscypek made gorali is a small nation, inhabiting the Carpathians and the ancient breed of sheep on the pasture at some distance from the Tatra mountains.

In the Tatras you can also buy the original oscypek wound in a strand and decorated with the national pattern of Gorlov.

Polskie sladosti i produkty

Clothing, jewelry and shoes

What other Souvenirs from Poland to bring? Choosing clothes in Poland, as a gift, consider the ancient national character. For those who are not alien to the humor and unusual taste can and does acquire knightly armor.

Themed stores are located in Warsaw near the Museum of the Polish army and the City Arsenal.

For all other perfect linen shirts and dresses embellished with embroidery. Ancient national shoes is made of genuine leather and is different from modern analogues is that the lack of laces.

In the Carpathian common fur from sheep skins and all kinds of knitted sweaters, socks and jackets. National clothes poles rather practical than elegant, but has its own charm.

What to bring from jewelry? The Baltic sea is quite a lot of amber, although a large part of Poland, imported from neighboring Russia and Lithuania.

Jewelers Polish Gdansk and Malbork treated stone, inlaying them with jewelry or creating a one-piece creations, murals and statuettes.

Jewelers also engaged in the creation of fine rings, earrings and necklaces made of silver, which are then implemented in the vicinity of popular tourist destinations.

Surprise-a parcel from Poland with my family - food, clothes and cosmetics

Decorative Souvenirs

Tragic page in the history of Poland connected with the existence of the concentration camps. Visiting Auschwitz, you can go to a small shop nearby.

The main thing is not to pay attention to those who offer things from the camp – for this will inevitably be followed by criminal liability.

Some things from Poland may seem to be trinkets, but they will be a great reminder of the shady groves, basilicas and castles of this country.

Not far from Krakow, in Wieliczka, there is a whole underground city, formed at great depth in the place of the salt mine.

In addition to the Museum, the regular festival of ballroom dancing, several chapels and a labyrinth of galleries and halls, there is a shop where you can buy table lamps salt lamp, figurines in the form of palaces or wood with salt sheets.

Dekorativnye suveniry

What to bring as a gift?


The poles are very fond of soft toys. And if in the North are more common toy horse and modern cartoon characters, but in the South, just the same, inhabited by the Hutsuls, the most popular character for children's toys – sheep.

Remarkably, they are made of natural sheep wool, linen decorating accents, wood-tone hardware.

The woman

Any woman will be surprised by the skill of the poles when working with dried flowers: from the seemingly dry grass and flowers create stunning bouquets, bracelets, ornaments for furniture.

Carvers are recreating palaces and monuments in fishnet airy style. Needle knit tablecloths and handkerchiefs, napkins and blankets.


Poland is a country with a very harsh, masculine story based more on the military exploits than on balls and fun Polish dances.

The man who came to visit Krakow or Warsaw, would have to buy a piece of military history of this country, whether cane cypha or figures in the form of "the chase", the Archangel Michael, or Polish hussars.

Souvenir shops are also found fake weapons and armor.

The Polish potters made fine painted beer mugsand glass – ware for spirits. You can buy whole sets of wine glasses and decanters, from the likes of which they drank "Bison" Chopin and Kosciuszko.

The most professional glass blowers live in Krakow and Zakopane.

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Poland is an incredibly diverse country, not only absorbed part of the culture of the surrounding Nations, but many gave out.

Visiting the country, the main souvenir memories – not a bottle of elite Goldwasser, and the taste of "Plum" in the local tavern, not ocypete, and the aroma of casseroles on the streets of Krakow.

Walking through the castles, palaces and squares, steeped in history, will be remembered for a lifetime, but great Souvenirs made by the hands of that great people, will give these memories a bright spicy with a touch of herbs from the banks of the Vistula.