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Best ski resorts of Poland on the map: Zakopane, Karpacz and other

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One of the best placeswhere you can spend your winter holidays is Poland.

It has many ski resorts, which have a relatively developed tourist infrastructure, excellent conditions for skiing, the availability of comfortable hotels, and picturesque landscapes.

Holidays in the ski resorts of Poland is more affordable than holidays in the ski resorts of other European countries, so it is becoming more popular.

Map of ski resorts of Poland

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The rating resorts


This is the most famous and prestigious ski resort in Poland, located in the South of the country at the height of from seven hundred fifty to one thousand one hundred meters above sea level.

Here you can not only skiing, but also to get acquainted with their folklore and unique wooden architecture.

The Zakopane resort has ten slopes for skiing, which differ in terms of complexity, as well as twenty-one lift.

For tourists it provides entertainment such as an outdoor pool with water from a geothermal source, which is open year round, several indoor pools and a track for skating, cross-country ski trails, and Hiking and horseback with guides through the national Park.

Anyone can ride on a sleigh KULIG or enjoy a picnic by the fire with a tasting of local drinks and dishes to the accompaniment of Highlander folk ensemble. Nightlife lovers will prefer a resort to a variety of discos and night clubs.

The resort of Zakopane is located at a distance of one hundred sixteen kilometers from Krakow. To get there by car along the road, bearing the name of the Contemporary.

In Zakopane every tourist can find accommodation according to your taste and financial possibilities. Here there are a huge number of resorts, hotels, villas and cottagesthat offer comfortable accommodation.

The resort offers diverse excursion program. From Zakopane organized tours to Cracow and local attractions.

In Zakopane you can visit the Museum of Zakopane style of Stanislaw Witkiewicz name and nature Museum of the Tatra national Park.

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Karpacz ski resort is located right at the foot of the Snow mountain with a height of 1602 metres. This resort is famous for its unique nature and healthy air and excellent opportunities for skiing.

Here there are seventeen tracks of different difficulty levels and seven lifts. There are trails for evening skiing and an area for off-piste.

Overall length is seventeen miles, and the elevation of five hundred and thirty meters.

For beginners the resort has a ski school. There are two slopes for sledding are open throughout the year.

In the ski resort of Karpacz, you'll find an indoor pool, and a lot of discos and bars as well as restaurants and pizzerias with reasonable prices.

And in a fabulous Western City you will be able to feel a real cowboy of the Wild West, ride horses and shoot guns.

Tourists are offered an interesting excursion program, including the excursion on Kovarskii mine iron ore and uranium, visit the top of the mountain Snow, as well as trips to cities like Lubawka, Klesov and Stone Mountain.

Among the main attractions of Karpacz, you can highlight the Museum of toys and dolls, sports Museum and Wang Church.

The resort of Karpacz, there are many famous ancient Polish health resortsand hotels of different classes.

To reach the resort Karpacz from Wroclaw city by regular bus.

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The Tatras are the highest mountain system of the Carpathians. They are divided into the High Tatras and the Western Tatras. For the High Tatras is typical of the altitude from 1800 to 2500 meters, the presence of many mountain lakes and deep valleys.

This is the most famous Polish ski resort of Zakopane. The Western Tatras are characterized by elevations from 1700 to 2100 meters, lots of greenery and free space. To get to the Tatras by train from Warsaw.

In the area of Tatras you will find ski resorts such as Tatranska Bukowina, Poronin and białka Tatrzanskathat are wonderful conditions for skiing and a strong network of hotels.

Tatra mountains famous for its picturesque nature. Here are the Mickiewicz waterfalls and Wielka Siklawa, visit which will give you an unforgettable experience.

The most popular attraction among tourists is a tour on the river Dunajec, including trout fishing.

Among the famous attractions of the Tatras, you can highlight the Church of our lady of fátima, Niedzica castle and the mountain Botanical garden rock garden.


Resort gołdap is located on the edge of Cheskogo Garba and at a distance of two kilometers and a half from the lake. You can get here by train from Warsaw.

At a local ski centre you can expect five lifts and six trails of varying difficulty levels. Some of the trails are lighted so you can ride them in the evenings.

Slopes served by snow cannons. Its total length is about two kilometers, and the height difference is at the level of eighty feet.

The resort tourists are offered such activities as Snowmobiling, ice diving, ice fishing and winter Windsurfing on the lake. There are many hotels where you can accommodate.

Among the most interesting attractions of the resort gołdap, you can highlight the water tower with an observation deck, built in 1905, the family tomb of Fahrenheit and Safari Park.

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Ski resort wisła is located in the Beskydy mountains, namely in the same village in the valley of the same river. To get here you can use the regular bus from Bielsko-biała, which regularly runs the train from Warsaw.

The resort wisła includes such ski areas as javorník, Soshow, Stożek and Zenkov. The most interesting trails for skiing district is famous for Soshow.

In the area of Stożek you will find a track for the giant slalomwith time measurement of the descent. District Zenkov may surprise tourists with two parallel lines of rope tows length of a thousand meters.

Total length of trails here is three kilometers, and the height difference is at the level of five hundred forty meters.

Hotel Fund of the Vistula river has a population of fifteen thousand seats, so you are guaranteed to find where you stay.

Be sure to visit the Presidential Palace and the Lutheran Church.

Christmas tours in Poland: the Ski resort of Zakopane


Ski resort Szczyrk is in second place in popularity after resort of Zakopane.

It is located at a distance of one hundred twenty kilometers from Krakow and is situated at the foot of Skrzyczne mountain, whose height is 1257 metres above sea level, and the Klimczok mountain with a height of 1117 meters above sea level.

In the ski resort of Szczyrk, a thirty-six lifts, most of which are available directly in the ski.

Here you will find eight tracks that differ from each other in terms of complexity, as well as several cross-country ski trails and four ski jumping. There are trails for evening skiing.

To reach the resort Szczyrk you can from the settlement of Bielsko-Biala, located at a distance of twenty miles.

Among the most popular activities on the resort of Szczyrk can be called sledding, dogs and horses. Here you will find many discos and night clubs, Internet cafes and restaurants.

The main attractions of Szczyrk — the Wawel castle and the Gothic Cathedral of Saint virgin Mary. Golden Sands resort Szczyrk is one of the largest in the region.

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If you want to spend your winter vacation, go to any of the ski resorts of Poland.

You are guaranteed to get an unforgettable experience not only skiing, but also from the crystal clear mountain air, beautiful nature, local culture and architecture, delicious cuisine and impeccable service.