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Guide to castles of Poland-książ, Malbork, Ryn

Zamki Polshi

Historic sites in Poland are of great interest for tourists and lovers of antiquity.

In this country a few dozen centuries-old castlesscattered all over its territory.

The magnificent structure remember the time when the crusaders and the Teutonic knights collected campaigns to combat the infidels, and successive Dukes and kings ruled the Polish power.

Over time the centuries-old buildings have undergone upgrades and modifications. However, until now the oldest castles retain their centuries-old history and heroic spirit.


The Książ Castle

Translated from the Polish his name Ksiaz means "Prince". A feature of the location of the castle is that it stands on a rock, surrounded by a gorge and the dense beech forest.

The castle has a large Park where you will find equipped terraces with fountains and sculptures.

The history of the majestic castle originates from the XIII century. For more than six centuries, this building was adapted as kings and princes, and absolutely dissolute crooks.

Only in the XVI century the castle became the residence of the masters of the kind Hochberg-Pinsky.

For the local population and visiting tourists , the castle offers:

  • lush new year's balls held in the hall of Maximilian;
  • classes at the riding centre, which contains selected thoroughbred stallions Silesian and English breeds;
  • for tourists is a Museum of carriages is located in one of the stables;
  • annual festivals of flowers and chamber music;
  • guests are invited to visit the castle, palm greenhouse, where plants are grown for the decoration of the castle.

To get to the castle książ you can use the train, which goes from Wroclaw to Swiebodzice. Then go on foot for 40 minutes in the city.

There is a second variant of the route: after reaching the city Walibi change near the train station on bus # 8, going right to the castle gate.

Zamok Ksenzh

Malbork, Marienburg he

Large-scale fortifications of Marienburg or Malbork (German – castle of the virgin Mary) was built by German knights in the thirteenth century.

The world's largest castlebuilt of brick and occupies an area of over 20 hectares, originally served as a residence for masters of the Teutonic order.

In XIV—XV century a large fortification was fortified point of the crusaders. From the mid-fifteenth century in the castle lived the ruling Polish kings.

Malbork castle, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Created in this Museum is among the most important cultural and scientific centers of Europe.

The Chateau holds 23 collection, made of amber and coins, sculpture and military equipment. In addition to admiring the exhibits tourists are offered the following activities:

  • the sound & light theater performance and a night tour of the castle;
  • the jousting tournament and feast in the spirit of the past centuries;
  • a dramatization of the historic battle called "the Siege of Malbork";
  • fair with throwing axes and spears, archery, battle on the balance beam and other amusements.

Tourists can visit the Malbork throughout the year. The castle can be reached by any mode of transport from Warsaw and Gdansk. The hotel tourist offers a well-established bus and rail links.

Poland. Malbork

Wawel castle

The castle was built on Wawel hilloverlooking the Vistula river. This symbol of Poland is often compared with the Russian Kremlin. The complex of architectural monuments are the following buildings:

  • Cathedral;
  • Church and chapel;
  • Royal castle;
  • the Seminary building;
  • the system of fortifications and other.

With the first half of the 12th and the beginning of XVII century the city of Krakow, in the vicinity of which stood the castle, was listed as a state capital and residence of kings. Here was held the coronation ceremony and other related ceremonies.

With the transfer of the capital to Warsaw castle in the role of the Treasury. Status of venue for coronations of Polish rulers still remained behind him.

The complex has preserved the tradition of burial of the remains of Polish monarchs and high-ranking state officials.

In a renovated castle in all its glory and splendor are shown the Royal apartments. Tourists open sights Armory, Treasury, and Throne room.

Paraded the symbols of Royal power, many works of art, tapestries and archaeological finds. Many celebrations, including weddings, are held in this castle.

To get to the Wawel castle by bus, tram or on foot, following special tourist route called the "Royal road".

Vavelskij zamok


The landmark of the city Market also applies to structures built by the Teutonic knights. The crusaders called the castle after the German river Rhine.

Some historic moments, namely the reign of Grand master of the order of the Conrad von Wallenrod, sung by the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz, and the battle of the knights with the rebels of the Prussian Union, are stored in the memory imposing walls.

In the XIX century and during world war II the castle served as a refuge for many of the prisoners and detainees.

In 2006 on the territory of the Polish attractions is hotel called Hotel Zamek Ryn. The style of the interior of this place is inseparably connected with the architectural concept of the castle.

The castle has 6 large and comfortable meeting rooms. Here comes Congress and corporate business Center.

Beautiful countryside, clean air and specially equipped Recreation Centre offer Wellness and comfort.

To reach the castle by train or bus, following from Olsztyn.

Nevsky castle

At the turn of two centuries (XIII and XIV centuries) on the left Bank of the Vistula by the Teutonic knights was built Nevsky castle.

This important strategic point provided the ability to control both land and waterways that passed through the town of Anger.

During the reign of Polish kings, the castle was settled by the local elders. Over time, the structure of the old castle was adapted into a barracks, granary, jail for repeat offenders.

Renovated in the late XIX century, the castle came under fire in 1921. The restoration of the architectural heritage of the poles continues to this day.

During the summer, the castle hosts knight tournaments, where you can attend as a spectator. Time flies not only over the supervision of the fights, but also during the court dances and knightly feasts in the evening campfire.

The castle is famous for historical plays and sketches, short or multi-day "living history lessons". Young people having fun in the camps, which supported the theme of witchcraft and magic.

If you drive a car on the route gdańsk-Lodz, the castle can be seen from the road. Hourly bus service between Tczew and Anger has to use public transport.

You can get to the castle and the river Vistula or from the railway station in Moreschini on foot.

Gnevskij zamok

Castle in the village of Moszna

In Tosnenskom the castle, there are 99 small turrets, which the structure looks like a stage set.

Residents of the opolskie Voivodeship proud of this fabulous facility, which, despite attributing to the ramparts, and it failed to participate in the battle.

Thanks to the unbridled imagination of very talented architects Posnanski castle became the brightest attraction in Poland.

Shlyonsky entrepreneurs have built this nest in the XVII century. The history of the creation of such an unusual structure associated with many legends that live to this day.

Posnanski today the castle is open to tourists. There is a small hotel designed in the spirit of aristocracy, restaurant and Museum.

Travel through the castle tourists are offered the help of a guide. A huge Park (200 ha) located for Hiking and horse walks. For the latter there are thoroughbred horses of English breed from the local stud.

The best mode of transport that can easily get to the village Purse, is the car. Following route No. 409, the lock will be visible immediately after the signs installed on the road.


To the buildings, erected in the XIII century by the Teutonic knights, applies the Reszel castle. It was originally built of wood, but after the burning of its builders, rising from the ashes in the form of substantial buildings of brick and stone.

In the updated image, it was used as Bishop's residence, was then taken by the Swedes. Since 1929 in the Reszel castle, a Museum.

At the present time the house of castle comes under the gallery of modern art. There are exhibitions, where participants can relax in living rooms and cafes.

The shortest route to thethe town of Reszel runs through the Northern border of Poland. Going from the Kaliningrad region (as most comfortable) on the car, you can reach the castle in half an hour from the border crossing Bagrationovsk – Bezledy.

Zamok Reshel

The Czocha Castle

For several centuries in the Czocha castle was ruled by the knights, the Czech kings and other representatives of the local aristocracy.

Some owners demolished, others had completed the construction, and at the beginning of the last century, hired by another owner, the architect changed the face of the powerful fortress to a romantic Palace.

The destructive power of the last world war walked around a sturdy lock side, whereby are preserved the integrity and grandeur of its architecture.

In the late 90-ies of the last century in the walls of the castle is a Museum. Visiting tourists can stay overnight in the rooms, which is supported by medieval style, and taste the ancient dishes.

Travel through the castle are offered guide services. There is also the possibility to sail by Lisnaskea the lake.

For magic lovers of Polish volunteers discovered in the castle School of wizardry and witchcraft Academy like Hogwarts from the "Harry Potter".


The ancient building is mentioned in historical archives as the estate of a knight of the Teutonic order, which eventually was looted and burned.

In the nineteenth century, of a noble dignitary it was restored in neo-Gothic style and settled there with his family. Since then, the structure is almost completely retained its appearance.

Since the 90-ies of the last century in the castle there is the hotel. In the premises, keeping the medieval atmosphere created by the comfortable and modern service.

Tourists are offered Hiking and horseback riding a large Park. You can even wander through the specially created mazes and attend tastings of reserves, stored in the cellar.

The castle organised a one-day event, for example, a party in honor of Halloween. Also offers short tours to celebrate the prom or friendly get-togethers with ghosts.

Get comfortable from Kaliningrad crossing the Polish border with the help of travel companies.

Zamok v Karnitah

The above are only a small part of the castles, which are famous in Poland. However, if you set a goal to visit at least a few of the listed attractions in a lifetime is enough of unforgettable experiences and vivid memories.