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What to bring from Portugal (Lisbon) of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Portugalii?

During the great geographical discoveries of the Portuguese navigators opened up the world.

And today any tourist visiting Portugal, be sure to make the discovery for themselves in the form of a local souvenir.

What are the gifts and Souvenirs you can bring from Portugal?

If you are in the capital of the most Western countries of Europe, Lisbon, you're in luck: the Central streets are filled with many small souvenir shops with large shopping centers.

However, shopping can be delayed, as many small shops with Souvenirs are a family business, passing from grandfather to father and then to grandson.

A visit to such stores can be more informative. Open the door to the store - and there is the story of goods, from the samples of the first products to modern.

What you can bring from Portugal?


What better wine to bring from Lisbon? Portugal is famous for its alcoholic beverages.

The most famous is the Portuguese port wine, and in many shops you may be asked to taste a few types of this drink, so you decided on the final choice.

Portuguese Madeira island gave its name to the eponymous fortified wine "Madeira", which is very popular.

Fans of weaker alcoholic beverages will make the unexpected discovery, when you try, and after tasting most likely bring back as a gift, light green or green wine, called Wine Verde.

Still from Portugal to bring the local liquor called "Barow" and "Maracuja".


Cosmetics in Portugal, as in any European country, presented in the form of well-known brands, however, there are also local, steady win the market, for example, the company "O Boticario".

Kosmetika iz Portugalii

More interest will be handmade cosmetics according to old recipes. But you have to look carefully at the expiration date of such product, as components are natural, without the use of preservatives, often cosmetic formulations are stored up to 3 months.

As a good souvenir will speak Portuguese soap, they are usually sold in large chunks 200 grams. in a nice touch the paper packaging.

The soap smells great, for a sense of flavor no need to open the package, because of this, you can easily choose the one that you like it.

Usually after transportation this soap smells them whole suitcase, and it is a natural indicator of quality. There is also a soap, look and a lot of which is cut off from the big piece upon your request.

Foods and spices

It is possible and to buy in Portugal (Lisbon)? The best exotic fruits, imported from Portugal will be pineapple. It should be noted that this is not the classic pineapple, which we used to see in supermarkets and markets of the homeland.

According to the Portuguese themselves that what they served us - it's not pineapple, and other fruit. The real pineapple only grows in the Azores belonging to Portugal.

Buy a pineapple in large supermarkets of Portugal, the distinguishing feature is its small size and short top"tuft".

Sweetness is national cake "Pasteis de belém" custard, his secret is kept a closely guarded secret since the 18th century.

In the city centre in a themed cake confectionery is sold as a dessert, you can find it in grocery stores.

Produkty i specii

Spices also can and should be imported from Portugal. Indeed, in the period of the great geographical discoveries in the country were imported many spices from different countries is cardamom, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and others.

Cheese, meat products, fish and seafood, olives and olive oil, sweets and pastries - all of this you can safely carry as delicious desserts family.

Coffee you can find various brands and flavor characteristics, especially popular brand Dell. Coffee drinkers can make a choice according to the type of roast, variety, country, growing coffee.

The most popular and inexpensive souvenir in Portugal, which is crazy popular and you can buy at any point - it's canned, there are tuna, mackerel,cod.


As for drugs, sold in pharmacies, special attention should be paid to medical cosmetics from natural herbsand plants growing in this region.

Drug prices, frankly, are not the lowest, but is badly needed to make a purchase, because medications are very concentrated, it speeds recovery.

Clothes and shoes

The clothes are often unusual, the smaller the store, the more likely it is that such a thing you will not find anywhere else, and it will be unique.

When visiting shops, you can find things both Portuguese and European manufacturers. This brand of Lisbon are articles of genuine leather. High-quality finish, beautiful appearance and quite affordable price.

Shoes will satisfy both fans of the classics, and dressed according to the latest fashion trends. Together with shoes, you can purchase bags, purses, wallets, and various key holders, card holders, bags, gloves, belts etc.

Luxury and expensive gift would be an ornament of silver or gold, called filigree. This is a fine piece of work with wire and twisting it in the patterns of the experienced master.

Shoes can be seen not only from the skin, fall clogs with wooden soles. Even shoes made from popular in Portugal material – cork, best suited for dry weather.

Coziness is underlined cute tablecloths, potholders and placemats from linen and cotton.

In September, in Portugal starts the season of rains. The umbrella can be selected in any shop especially look good walking-stick.

Odezhda i obuv

Other Souvenirs

A few ideas that you can bring your own from Portugal (Lisbon):

  • CD Fado, full of sadness and sorrow, which are the cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO;
  • Azulejos – from the Arabic culture of glazed tiles with blue drawings on a white background. You can buy the antique element, and made only yesterday. However, it is better to pay attention to plates, cups in the azulejo style, reminiscent of the beautiful facades of buildings;
  • various glassware and ceramics, painted dishes, plates in the form of cabbage leaves. You can see in selling stainless steel cookware;
  • the symbol of the country - the black rooster with a red comb and yellow beak, decorated with national patterns. You can buy figurines of these cocks of different sizes;
  • Souvenirs from the bark of the cork tree: shoes, jewelry, belts, bags, wallets, magnets, stoppers for closing bottles, cards, etc.

What to bring as a gift?

Men best to carry the port wine, coffee, leather.

Women will be happy to receive a gift of cork products such as bags, shoes, jewelry and cosmetics, something for the home from ceramics, spices for cooking.

Children can give beautiful picture book, the figure of a cock, sweetness.

A universal gift for all will become a magnet or cork souvenir ceramic tile.

No matter what gift you will bring from this magical country. The important thing is that most of them are the handmade work of artists and craftsmen, in the production of such Souvenirs is invested soul.

The undoubted advantage is the uniqueness of the Portuguese gifts such exactly no one has ever seen before.

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