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Where is Portugal with cities on a detailed map of the world and Europe?

Portugaliya na karte mira

Portugal is a small European country, but its nature is very picturesque. Travelers will need only 3 days to go round it. If you wish to explore the natural landscapes of the country closer and to know its culture, you need more time.

Portugal on the world map is the most Western country on the mainland Eurasia. The state is inhabited by the Portuguese, which are dominated by black immigrants from Africa.

Portugal physical and political map of the world and Europe in Russian

strana na mirovom i evropejskom atlase

To see the location of countries in Europe and the world is large and detailed map of the country, cities using online maps.

Where and with whom borders?

Portugal is located in the South-West of the Iberian Peninsula, the Portuguese Republic is bordered by Spain on the East and North, and the Western and southern part of the state washed by the Atlantic ocean.

The composition of Portugal includes the archipelagos located in the Atlantic ocean.

The island of Madeira, part of Portugal, is one of the most popular among travelers, it is located approximately 580 km from North Africa. Also an Autonomous region of Portugal are the Azores.

How to get there?

kak doehat?

In Portuguese, Kazakhstan has 20 airports, of which international only:

  • Portela (Portuguese capital, Lisbon);
  • Ponta Delgada (Azores);
  • Port name Francisco Sá Carneiro (near Porto in the Northern part of the country);
  • Faro (Algarve, 6.5 km from the town Faro);
  • Funchal Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo is now Aeroporto (16 km from the city of Funchal).

Airplanes from Russia to arrive in Portugal for three air routes: Lisbon, Porto and Funchal Madeira. The rest of the airport not open to the Russians.

A plane ticket you can buy through this search form. Complete the information about the cities of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Information on the country

If you are going to visit Portugal, plan your route, what historical sights and interesting places you would like to visit.


istoricheskie fakty

In the 12th century, Portugal became an independent state, before that time its history is inseparable from the history of the Iberian Peninsula.

The life of the country is inextricably linked with the sea, the reigning monarchs supported the research and development of technology, the result was made great geographical discoveries began the Portuguese expansion.

In 1500, the discoverer of Brazil Pedro Alvares Cabral proclaimed himself its ruler. In Portugal is not just deployed military action. At various times it was controlled by Romans, Moors, Spaniards, French.

General data

Country's total area is 89 thousand km2. The population exceeds 10 million 273 thousand. Basically, the Portuguese speak Portuguese. A small part of the population uses mirandese language. Currency is the Euro, in circulation there are banknotes and coins.

Climate and weather

klimaticheskij i pogodnyj rezhim

The Portuguese territory lies in the subtropical climatic zone. The weather conditions influenced by terrain and the cold Canaryfor.

Stands out several climatic zones:

  1. to the North-West is characteristic of heavy rains, mild winters and short summers;
  2. on the North-East of the country, cold winter for longer with snowfalls, while summers are hot;
  3. in the southern part of Portugal the winter is mild and summer is arid, rainfall is low.

The coldest month is January, with average temperatures ranging from 3 degrees in the North-Eastern part of +11,9 in the South.

The hottest months are July to August, the average temperature of 19-23,4 degrees. Hours of sunshine in Portugal 3,000 annually.

Resorts are concentrated in the South, where water temperature warms up to +21 degrees.


The tourism industry plays an important role in the Portuguese economy. Throughout the country there are 15 sites included in the UNESCO World heritage site.

Resorts - photo

  • Lisbon - the capital of the country. In the city of Lisbon beaches there, the resort area extends from the mouth of the river Tagus to the town of Cascais. This area is known as the Lisbon coast, is an interesting excursion program.

    The beaches are in the districts of Oeiras and Caxias, close to the city centre, the nearest can be reached in 15 minutes by train.

    Wild beach Casias sandy, special facilities are not provided, Parking available: paid and free.

    kurortnyj plyazh Kashiash

    3 other beach, Praia da Torre, Santo Amaro de Oeiras and Paco de Arcos, equipped better. You can rent an umbrella on the coast there are rescue towers, showers, toilets and medical facilities. Entrance to the beach is free. The resort is suitable for families with young children.

    It is possible to find a budget place to stay even in the heart of Lisbon. The hostels are often in the price include Breakfast. The guest house is more organized compared to the hostel, but it is not a full hotel. In the resort area of Lisbon it is possible to find three-star, four-star and five-star hotels.

  • The Algarve is the perfect resort for lovers of the beach or an active holiday. All the beaches are prepared to take a shower, go to toilet, eat, dress, and rent a sunbed with a parasol. The beach has a length of about 150 km, it is protected from cold winds from the North mountain ranges.
  • In the Algarve, vacationers play Golf and tennis, doing water sports and athletics, and ride on horseback.

  • Nazaré is a small resort town on the coast of the ocean. This is a beautiful and surprisingly clean place. The uniqueness of the resort is preserved in the authentic atmosphere. People dressed in national costumes, singing folk songs. The coast is covered with white-Golden sand, developed infrastructure and the surf spot.
  • kurort Nazare

  • Sintra is a resort located at the fantastic Adraga beach. A beach covered with white sand surrounded by high cliffs. The place is not very suitable for family couples with children, bathing can be dangerous. Here clearly can make incredible shots, capturing stunning sunsets, this unique photo will preserve landscapes, as if from a science fiction movie.
  • Albufeira is a resort area with a sandy beach stretching 3 km, the area is bordered by cliffs with pine trees on the tops. This is the clean turquoise water and the bottom without sharp stones, which is a rarity for Portugal. The resort can heal in this place, healthy air, and attract many surreal landscapes that can be enjoyed endlessly.
  • Evora is located in the South of the country. Beautiful city declared by UNESCO a monument of world culture. There are a lot of architectural monuments that allow visitors to feel the spirit of antiquity.
  • The Island Of Madeira. Beach of Madeira is unique – it has a lot of natural volcanic pools. This tourist area is open all year round there are changing rooms, lockers, a children's pool lifeguard station. The beach has excellent slopes and fencing.


In nazaré 2 main attractions: chapel of Memory and Chiesa Madre. According to legend, the chapel was erected on the place where were found the sacred relic – the Black Madonna. The square building was built in the 12th century, the Church of the mother of God appeared later in 1377, it was built because in the chapel of Memory not enough space for everyone to pray to the Black Madonna.

The Church of Notre-Dame was rebuilt several times, today this building in the Baroque style.

AqueductAguas, Libris – a kind of calling card of the capital city. The design presented in the form of rows of stone arches rising to a great height. A technical building was erected in the 18th century.

In Lisbon is the belém tower, listed in the UNESCO world heritage List. It is located at the mouth of the river Tagus. This structure is made in an exotic Manueline style.

Tourists vacationing in Lisbon, have the opportunity to visit the Palace of Queluz, where once lived the kings of Portugal. Luxury complex built in the 18th century, it was used by members of the Royal family as a summer residence.

The exact location of Portugal on the world map - in this video: