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How long is the flight to Portugal (Lisbon) from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg?

Skolko letet do Portugalii?

Portugalcompared to other European countries, yet a little mastered the Russian tourists.

Why is this happening? Everything from the fact that it is significantly removed from our country.

So, if you've decided to go to Portugal, then first be sure to examine how much and how to fly.

How to fly: travel time and distance

The number of hours flight to Portugal depends on the city from which to begin your journey. As example, take the two largest metropolis of Russia – Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Immediately to warn – direct flights to this country are almost there. Therefore measure the amount of time with transfers.

Travel time from Moscow to Portugal (Lisbon) will be from eight to twenty hours. If you find a direct flight, the amount of time will be reduced to five or six hours.

Distance from Moscow to Portugal anyway 3906 kilometres. The time difference is three hours.

If you decide to fly to the coveted country of destination from Saint Petersburg, then get ready for the long flight. It will be a minimum of fifteen hours. Spent time on the road can reach twenty-eight hours.

The distance to Portugal is equal 3612 kilometers. The time difference is three hours.

How to fly?

Now we need to figure out how to get to Portugal.

As mentioned above, direct flights from Moscow negligible. You are incredibly lucky if you find such. However, it is better to set yourself up for a long flight with transfers.

Flights Moscow-Lisbon is often connecting flights, the cities are: Paris, Amsterdam, Kiev, Madrid, Zurich.

Flight through Zurich is very popular, as a transplant it is quite short. Therefore, you arrive to Portugal very quickly.

As for St. Petersburg, then the tourist will not find a single direct flight to Portugal (Lisbon). As transit cities are: Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Vienna, Madrid, Moscow, Munich.

Kak letet?

The planes are what airlines fly to Portugal?

Direct flights to Portugal from Russia practically do not fly. So passengers booking tickets for onward or Charter.

Lisbon airport can be reached by the aircraft of the airline TAP. From Moscow to Portugal connections the following companies:

  • Swiss;
  • Air France;
  • Lufthansa.

Search for cheap flights

We recommend you to use search of the most advantageous variants of flights in this direction:

Portugal. Beautiful wild beach (excursion)

Stay in Lisbon

What can you see in Lisbon? To interesting local attractions are:

  1. The Commerce Square. It also has another name – the Palace. Until the mid-eighteenth century this place was a Royal Palace. But then the earthquake happened that destroyed it.

    Now the area of Commerce built many neat and attractive homes. A place of honor in the center is statue of king Jose the First, galloping on a horse.
  2. Tower Of Belem. This monument appeared in the middle of the sixteenth century. The main value of the tower is that it is made in manualism style, now almost forgotten.
  3. The jerónimos monastery. Located near the above-mentioned structures. It was founded in the mid-fifteenth century Henry the Navigator. Today this place houses the national Museum of archaeology.
  4. The Sé Cathedral. It was erected as a symbol of the victory of Christianity over the Moors. The building is made in Gothic style.
  5. Lisbon Oceanarium. It is the largest in Europe. It offers excellent views of marine life. Land quickly move the penguins.
  6. Lisbon zoo. The owners of the zoo tried to make all the animals feel in the wild. This attraction of Portugal is rightlyconsidered one of the most magnificent in the world.

Otdyh v Portugalii

The tourists are of the opinion that on the plane to get to European countries is very expensive. So they decide to go to Portugal on your own machine.

However, such a decision rashly. Time the trip will take a lot more. Accordingly, a significant share of the vacation you spend on the road.

If you find last minute, that's nice to save money and use this money to buy more Souvenirs.