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A beach holiday on the sea in Romania: a journey for resorts and sanatoriums

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Russian tourists vacationing on the Black sea, as a rule, choose Bulgaria, Turkey or the Russian black sea coast of the Crimea and the Caucasus. Rarely the choice of stops on vacation in Romania at the sea. This relative unpopularity is not entirely deserved.

What is the resort of Romania to choose?

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The main advantage of the Romanian seaside resorts — surprisingly clean sandy beaches and low prices, you can compare with which can only be beaches of Bulgaria. Besides relaxing in Romania, you can not only sunbathe and swim but also significantly improve their health.

Almost all the sea resorts of Romania, combining a beach holiday with health-improving procedures.

The resorts of Romania are divided into three main directions:

  1. Sea resorts on the black sea coast, offering mainly a beach holiday, located in the historical region of Dobrogea;
  2. Mountain and ski resorts in the Romanian Carpathians;
  3. Medical resorts and sanatoriums, which are located both on the coast and in the mountains.

Best places to vacation

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In each category, the resorts of Romania have their leaders, offering the most interesting vacation and the best prices on accommodation and services.

  • Constanta is one of the largest cities in Romania and the most populated city on the black sea coast. This is the main seaside resort in Romania, attracting tourists not only for its beaches, but the city's rich history and many attractions.

    The beaches in Constanta sandy, however, half of the sea coast in the city is a huge port. The city has many hotels and rest houses for every budget.

  • Now Constanta — the main center of 50-mile-long resort area, stretching along the sea coast to the North and South of the city.

  • Mamaia is a small town North of Constanta, located 5 kilometers from it. Mamaia, the oldest resort in Romania, it was founded in the early XX century on a promontory between the sea coast and lake Siutghiol.

    Now the mom — family fun center, there are more than 60 hotels in all categories. The main attraction of Mamaia is one of Eastern Europe's biggest water parks. The sandy beaches of Mamaia stretches over 8 kilometres along the coast.

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  • The resort town of Costinesti is located 30 kilometers South of Constanta. Costinesti, in the first place, the youth resort, the hotels here are much cheaper than in Konstanz, and is mainly represented by categories 2 and 3 stars.

    This resort also features an active nightlife: there are many night clubs and in holiday season there are night dances on the beach.

    Full of Costinesti and cultural events: here is a youth film festival, and during the jazz festival many of the musicians playing on the streets. The beach is located right in the city and stretches for 5 miles along the coast.

  • Neptun-Olimp — the most picturesque resort on the black sea coast of Romania. The resort is on the edge of the forest Komarova, adjacent to the coast, so the air at this resort has a high purity and health benefits. Hotels in this resort have categories from 1 to 3 stars, there are many entertainment venues, restaurants, amusement Park.

    Neptun-Olimp is located within a 10-kilometre resort area, established in the socialist time in the southern part of the Romanian Black sea coast. Many of the resorts in this area are enchanting ancient names: Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and others.

  • Mangalia is southernmost resort of the black sea coast of Romania. Mangalia is the oldest city in Romania, founded in the IV century BC by Greek colonists. Mangalia beach, and successfully combines therapeutic recreation: here is a unique combination of mineral and thermal springs and healing mud sources.
  • Mountain resorts of Romania located in the Carpathian mountains attracts the lovers of clean air, Hiking and horseback riding and ski vacations. Bestski resorts in Romania are Poiana Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal and Busteni. Here you can not only learn to ski but also to enjoy the unique beauty of the Romanian Carpathians.

Improvement of Romanian health resorts

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Romania — one of the centers of therapeutic recreation in Eastern Europe. This status, Romania has been able to obtain thanks to the combination of balneological and thermal and mineral springs, thanks to which treated a variety of diseases. The most famous health resort of Romania:

  1. The medical treatment Cold Baths, located in the Spa town of Eforie Sud on the shore of techirghiol and the Black sea coast, uses the famous healing mud of the lake. The salinity of the water in the lake is almost the same as in the Dead sea;
  2. Sapropelic mud from the lake bottom helps people suffering from skin diseases, musculoskeletal system and rheumatism.

  3. Eforie Nord, also located on the shores of lake techirghiol, is a complex of various sanatoriums, boarding houses and health centres. This is one of the oldest health resort balneology centers direction in Europe. A big plus of rest and treatment in Eforie Nord are the low prices for accommodation and Wellness treatments;
  4. Recreation complex "Doina" in the resort Neptun-Olimp combines Spa sanatorium and physiotherapy centre, located in coniferous forest with a wonderful air at the sea coast with great beaches;
  5. Perhaps, the most famous medical and Wellness complex of Romania is situated far from the sea in the heart of Transylvania, at the foot of the Carpathian mountains. We are talking about Sovata — mountain village, which is surrounded by the famous thermal lakes: Ursu, Negru, Rosu and others.

    The most famous of the lakes Ursu, is the title of the"Dead sea of Transylvania". The resort of Sovata helps patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, endocrine system and other diseases.

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Beach vacation

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Coast of Romania stretches for 250 kilometers along the Black sea. About half of the coast and has turned in numerous resort area.

All the beaches in Romania — sandy, wide enough (0 to 250 metres), the sea is almost always calm, it's smooth, so a holiday on the black sea coast of Romania to delight the most fastidious tourists.

The most attractive beaches

Almost all Romanian beaches have "Blue flag of the EU", which is issued for the purity of the coastline and water and the high comfort of a beach holiday. Best beaches in Romania include:

  • The beaches of Constanta, stretching in the city, different high purity for a fairly large city;
  • In Constanta beaches is particularly suitable for lovers of active rest there is a wide range of marine activities and beach games.

  • The Venus beach is considered one of the best and most picturesque in Romania coastline as if it forms an amphitheater, protecting travelers from the winds and waves. The width of the beach is almost 200 metres;
  • The beach of the resort of cap Aurora is a series of small bays with a narrow, but cozy beaches. The beaches of this village is particularly suitable for those seeking a secluded holiday away from prying eyes.

Traveling with children

Almost all the beaches in Romania suitable for a family holiday, choosing a resort is possible to make a focus on youth and family rest.

  1. Mamaia Beach in Mamaia beach width from 100 to 200 meters with a gradual entry into the water and is quite clean and calm sea. Considered one of the best beaches in Romania and the most suitable for families with children. The beach is 8 kilometers, the sand is extremely fine and Golden.
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  3. The beaches of Mangalia is the widest on the black sea coast of Romania, their width up to 250 meters. The sand of the local beaches sapropel contains particles that are beneficial to human health. Climate Mangalia is the most warm and soft in all of Romania.
  4. The beaches of Jupiter are particularly gentle entrance into the water, which will make a holiday with children the most secure on the entire Romanian sea coast.

Travel tips

Romania, despite its relative poverty, it is a civilized country, so tourists will be easy and comfortable to interact withlocal authorities and residents.

However, as in many European countries, there is widespread petty theft and fraud, so tourists should exercise caution, particularly in relation to local Gypsyand the Diaspora which in Romania is one of the largest in Europe.

Also, do not exchange local currency from private money-changers, as in this case, the risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

In addition, in Romania prohibited the photographing of bridges, ports and military installations.

In order to take in the Romanian atmosphere, you should definitely try the local cuisine and the wine produced in Romania. The national Romanian dishes are different types of meat and corn, particularly popular sausages MiCHi and Hominy.

We encourage you to watch a video about some of the resorts in Romania: