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Ski resorts in Romania: Poiana Brasov, Sinaia and Predeal

Gornolyzhnye kurorty Rumynii

Romanian ski resorts are of interest not only for lovers but also attract the attention of professionals.

First, these resorts are distinguished by the presence of a large number of trails of varying length and complexity, which are often used as an arena for international competitions.

The second reason is the convenient location of these resorts can reach them easily from the capital of Romania – Bucharest.

To use this you like your own car or use Shuttle services that allow you to quickly get to these places without special financial expenses.

Only on the territory of Romania is located 28 ski resorts, but most of them are very small and difficult to reach and therefore will be of interest to tourists who only learn skiing and don't want to do it at a large gathering of people.

The same who feel confident on skis and want to try your hand at the challenging tracks, and then to have fun and relax in one of the numerous bars or clubs of Transylvania and explore a number of interesting attractions you may wish to visit Sinaia, Poiana Brasov and Predeal.

The Romanian ski resorts on the map

Rumynskie gornolyzhnye kurorty na karte

The rating resorts

Poiana Brasov

Each of the three largest ski resorts in Romania has its own characteristics, and in the case of Poiana Brasov is primarily a size and developed tourist infrastructure.

The resort is located at 1,020 metres above sea level on mount Postavaru. Here you can enjoy beautiful views of coniferous forests and learn what a real pure mountain air.

In close proximity to numerous ski slopes, the length of which is more than 14 000 kilometres, is located the small town Postavaru. Here you can stay in one of 40 hotels.

Tourists may seem unusual complete absence in the town car as the vehicles on this resort used sleds, and in summer – horse and wagon.

Infrastructure Postavaru allows guests to enjoy not only skiing, but also visit other interesting places:

  • roller;
  • sports complexes;
  • baths and saunas;
  • the restaurants and eateries where you can sample Romanian national dishes.

Wishing to devote time to expanding your horizons and self-development and those who just wants to add to his collection of photos pictures of interesting sights is to book a tour to bran castle.

It is a gloomy structure built by Vlad Tepes, better known as count Dracula (or,at least, was his prototype: the locals say that it is different person).

The castle has more than five years, and the last time he carried out his duties in the XIX century, when it housed the residence of the Romanian rulers.

Rejting kurortov: Poyana Brashov

Near the resort is another medieval building – the Peles Palace, which today is also a landmark and a monument of architecture.

All ski slopes in Poiana Brasov are located on the southern slopes, and among them there are simple tracks for beginners and difficult routes for professionals.

But you can not ride on tracks, and take the skis to rent and explore the forest and the slopes on their own.

The resort is located in 167 kilometers from Bucharest, to get to Poiana Brasov by car: the drive takes about three hours.

You need to either pre-book a Shuttle service with prior booking of the hotel or to hire taxi's in Bucharest, but in the second case the trip will cost more.

Visiting count Dracula: the Sinaia ski resort


The second largest resort of Sinaia. Here you can see a large number of ancient architectural monuments and to explore the attractions and features of local nature, especially attract tourists dense pine forest.

The resort itself is the name of the same monastery, which is located here: it was built in 1590.

Sinai is located just a hundred kilometers from Bucharest, but to get to the resort from Brasov, if you fly on flight to this city: the road from Brasov to Sinaia twicein short.

Here are more trails than other resorts of Romania, and their total length is more than twenty kilometers. These tracks are also divided into several categories: for beginners, professionals and self-lovers.

Also, the resort built many different structures for winter sports, so here are regularly held various competitions of different levels.

After skiing guests can return to hotel and relax, work out at the sports complex, pools and gyms or to relax in bars, restaurants or disco.

Rejting kurortov: Sinaya


Predeal is not as big, but the highest mountain resort of Romania. Despite this, the weather here is always good, from the severe frosts and winds Predeal protected dense forests that surrounded his tight ring.

If you add to that the fact that these trees all winter held tight with snow, turning them into a real solid wall, Predeal you can still call and most comfortable resort.

It is a relatively young European resort, which was founded in 1892. The resort is constantly evolving with new trails and facilities, and despite the almost complete lack of historical and architectural sites, the flow of tourists does not dry out.

Many interesting natural attractions in the form of huge valleys, pine forests and remote places, which seldom wanders.

The tracks here are special: because of the separated location at high altitude, the snow here is very rare, and, if necessary, create artificial snow by using snow cannons.

Stands out the famous Predeal Clabucet: it is not only equipped with the latest technology, but is one of the few rides which is officially allowed, even at night, as it is well illuminated by powerful lighting equipment.

On Predeal also has trails for skiers of all skill levels, in addition there is a separate toboggan run and a great area for lovers of skiing on virgin snow.

Rejting kurortov: Predyal

Predeal is very fond of young tourists, as the resort is a lot of fun, and life in the town never stops, even at night.

From Bucharest airport to Predeal 147 kilometers, and the way to Brasov is only 25 miles, so cheaper to fly to this city and here to hire a taxi.

For ski resorts, characterized by the presence of a large number of additional entertainment. Some tourists visiting these places, never in the vacation time not be on skis, preferring to entertain at private rinks.

The slopes of the Romanian mountains interested in people as unique natural reservesthat give the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the evergreen forests and vast snowy expanses.