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Where, in what country is San Marino on the map of the world, Europe and Italy?

San-Marino na karte mira

The Republic of San Marino – a small country in southern Europe. According to legend, its founder was a simple wizard stone, who was called Marinus.

He created the Christian community, which disintegrated after his death, and its members lived freely and proudly. The place where they lived, first was called "Land of San Marino", then "Community of San Marino" and only later became known as "the Republic of San Marino".

San Marino on the map of the world, Europe and Italy

Gosudarstvo na atlase Evropy i Italii

The tiny state, the third in the list of the smallest countries of Europe.


Is in Europe, in the southern part, in the North-East of Italy. Most likely to not know what country is the little-known San Marino. Italy surrounds the Republic, it is bordered on the South and West with the region of Marche, in the North and East by the region of Emilia – Romagna.

Distance from San Marino to the main historical cities of Italy, Rome, around 350 kilometers.

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The summer with plenty of sun, long, hot. Precipitation in the summer a little, but winter with the rain and warm. Quite often there are cyclones, and occasionally it snows. Frost is rare, no more than 20 days a year, and the average temperature in winter – minus 1-4 degrees Celsius, in summer – 25 degrees with a plus sign.

How to get out of Russia?

San Marino has no airport, the closest airport is in Rimini (Italy). Before reaching Rimini, you can take bus to train station, it leaves every day at regular intervals. Direct rail connections to San Marino in the same way - via Rimini.

Choose plane tickets to Italy through this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Quite easy to reach by car, border control is missing, which is a plus. Parking almost everywhere in the Republic free.

And one of the most unusual and beautiful way to get from the capital to one of the major cities of Borgo Maggiore – via cable car (only a mile in the booths through the air with stunningly beautiful views all around).

Map of San Marino with cities in the Russian language

The state is so small that it includes no and there are a dozen major cities.

strana v gorodami na russkom yazyke

Large settlements

In this small country of just nine cities (listed according to their size):

  1. Serravalle;
  2. Borgo Maggiore;
  3. San Marino;
  4. Domagnano;
  5. Fiorentino;
  6. Acquaviva;
  7. Faetano;
  8. Chiesanuova;
  9. Of Montegiardino.

These cities are also called "Castelli" (in Italian "locks").


Capital – the city of San Marino. It is the third largest by area and population. It is slightly more than four thousand people.

The city is on hills, it also contains all state agencies. Government printing office, editorial offices of Newspapers – immediately.

Data on state

It should be considered that San Marino is the oldest existing republics in the world. The date of its Foundation dates back to 3 September 301 ad.

Form of government

The Parliament of the Republic is the Great and General Council, in the amount of 60 members. They are selected by popular votes for a term of 5 years. Head of state: two captains Regent, which representthe Executive power and is elected every 6 months.

The government of San Marino, Congress of State. All members (and 10) are elected by the Great and General Council for 5 years. The Republic is divided into 9 districts. In any district there is a Board, it elects the head - captain. The period of his election two years.

Forma pravleniya v respublike

Population and language

The population is about thirty three thousand people. Not to say that the Republic is the concept of "official language", but the documents are conducted in the Italian language. The population speaks the local dialect of Italian. Most can understand and speak some English, especially in the capital.

What to see?

Perhaps all cities of the Republic beautiful and well worth a visit. To pass between them the only vehicle on the roads that go up hills with amazing views. By themselves, the cities are the cultural and architectural heritage. Tourists can also visit the towers, which are represented on the flag of San Marino.

In two of the towers can go, paying for the entrance, and the third closed to the public.

In the town of San Marino in the town square has its own statue of Liberty. It is recommended to visit Government Palace, Museum of the Republic, and just to walk through the beautiful ancient streets, filled with the spirit of the middle ages.

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