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What to bring from Sweden (Stockholm) from the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz SHvecii?

From Sweden are often taken Souvenirs with the Vikings and the famous fairy-tale characters.

High prices do not always allow to buy something more expensive, but if you have the opportunity, you should not deny myself the pleasure to bring from Stockholm cosmetics, warm winter clothes or shoes.

And a jar of unusual delicacy.

What to bring from Sweden (Stockholm)?

Cosmetics and perfume

Swedish cosmetics is characterized by its hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and adhere to all the strictest standards.

The most famous brand is Avonwhich sells cosmetics for body care products, decorative tools, accessories, personal care and perfumes.

Despite the fact that this beauty spreads through the catalogs in Stockholm is the official store of the company. And as in Europe are often adopted to arrange the sale, definitely worth a visit to this place for shopping.

The second famous brand of cosmetics – IsaDora. Manufacturer specializiruetsya on makeup, while using only natural dyes and does not use perfume.

And the third popular firm – Curiosa. Their funds cannot be called budget, but the decorative and body line of this manufacturer are very popular in Europe.

Kosmetika i parfumeriya


Pharmaceutical products in Sweden are very expensive, but many make a choice in favor of quality, not price. Without prescription in local pharmacies difficult to buy something, except dietary supplements and vitamins.

For example, broad popular vitamins brand GreatEarth.

If you wish, you should pay attention on the pharmacy brand Weleda. They spetsializiruyutsya on organic cosmetics, but are released including the healing of dermatitis and cuts ointments and also products for pregnant women.

And for lovers of folk medicine pharmacies and tea shops in Stockholm and other cities in Sweden there are always herbal. These herbs grow in ecologically clean environment, as evidenced by strict European standards.

The goods will be more expensive than the equivalent from Russia, but its origin and quality is no doubt.


In Sweden not many products that you can take with you. Among those that have a long shelf life, allocate the Swedish chocolate with a long history under the brand Marabou.

This producer have a large range to suit every taste, and in December on the shelves it is possible to meet a limited series of themed chocolate bars.

Also sweet you should look at Are sweets, which are also one of the main edible Swedish Souvenirs.

Among the more familiar products that the Swedes are often included in your daily menu, you can select all sorts of jams of Northern berries (a particularly rare and tasty I think the jam made of cloudberries), ginger biscuits, a pate of moose, red fish and caviar.

If a person wants to buy something from meat and fish for a souvenir, the product must be either in a tin or vacuum Packed, to avoid problems at the border.

Produkty iz SHvecii


The most famous Swedish alcohol – vodka company Absolut. These bottles with transparent label knows even those who drink alcoholic beverages.

This vodka is sold in the classic version, and with different fruit flavors. As a souvenir you can buy miniature versions with a capacity of 100 ml.

Sell alcohol in Sweden only in specialized stores.

Few know, but in Sweden there is a rather successful brewery. One of the oldest and popular throughout Europe – Pripps. Their beer will be a great gift for any lover of beer.

Among the most popular has two kinds: dark and light Poster Carnegie Pripps Bla.

Swedish beer is often made with the addition of unusual ingredients (spices, berries, dried fruit), and it is quite strong (5%).

If the trip is scheduled for the new year period, everywhere will be sold to the local mulled wine. Buy it not only filling, but alsoin the finished bottles, the contents of which are then simply heated.

This gift will be well to warm the winter evenings. Among the most well-known "bottle of" mulled wine – Glogg Blossa.

Clothes and shoes

What else can and should buy in Stockholm? Swedish clothes are practicality, reliability and ability to withstand any weather. Among the popular brands of outerwear can be noted Didrikson and Tenson.

These firms are very expensive in Russia, but in Sweden on the sale of jackets from these brands would be a great gift.

Also this country is known for two denim companies: Acne Jeans and Cheap Monday. These stamps are not sold in Russia, but already have surely won many countries.

Speaking of Sweden, we can not say about H&M. This affordable brand produces clothing for all genders and ages, and the range of goods in the same Stockholm differs from the Russian.

In addition, local sales of their clothes can be bought for next to nothing.

And if you want to look at the Swedish footwear, you should go to Kavat. They have models for children and adults.

The company has its own style, uses natural materials, and the products will withstand even the harsh Northern climate. Prices from Kavat are not the lowest, but the shoes definitely will last for years to come.

And if you want to make a gift to the fisherman or the hunter, it will help firm Arxus Woodline – they produce waterproof boots and shoes for men.

Odezhda i obuv iz SHvecii


What to bring from Sweden as a gift? If you want to bring something more memorable and less expensive, it is worth having a look at one of the souvenir shops and buy:

  • soft toy in the form of an elk, because this animal is the unofficial symbol of the country;
  • books and toys with Pippi Longstocking or Karlsson;
  • the wooden horses "gave", which are analogous to Russian nesting dolls;
  • charms or figures oldest Viking ship "Vasa";
  • figurines, magnets, t-shirts and hats with images of the Vikings or their horns.

Shopping for the interior to visit a local Ikea storeand shop with the Swedish crystal.

And like to do unusual gifts should make "snus" tobacco, which is put under your upper lip.

Gifts from Sweden

Souvenirs from Sweden (Stockholm): what to bring?

The girl

For girls the best option would be a set of Weleda natural cosmetics or brushes from IsaDora.

As a nice compliment, you can purchase a bar of Marabou chocolate, and alcohol it is better to prefer store-bought mulled wine, since vodka is unlikely to please the fairer sex.

Budget gift could be a jar of berry jamand dreamy person can give a book of fairy tales in English about Pippi Longstocking, which can be purchased at the Astrid Lindgren Museum in Stockholm.


What to bring from Stockholm? For men will suit the most unusual tobacco "snus", Absolut vodka or a few cans of local beer.

Unusual souvenir will be pate out of the meat of moose, and as more than the usual gift you can buy cuts of red fish in a vacuum or a jar of red caviar.

A young guy will surely enjoy the hat on his head with horns of a Viking or some funny t-shirts with his image.

Suveniry iz SHvecii (Stokgolma): chto privezti?


If finances allow, you should buy winter clothes and shoes – such as in Russia are difficult to find, and severe frosts Swedish clothing fits perfectly.

Of toys you can safely buy plush Pippi or Karlsson, and choose one of the many moose that sell in toy stores and souvenir outlets.

Also the child can buy a souvenir t-shirt with a funny picture or slogan, but still quite a kid will be interesting to play with brightly painted horse "gave".

In short, in Sweden and especially in Stockholm, is where carousing on the part of Souvenirs.

Depending on budget and space in your suitcase and you can bring a small edible gifts and things for the interior, and even clothing for snowboarding.

Prices in this country high at all, so buying gifts is better to plan and make your budget in advance.

And don't forget about some of the customs restrictions: from Sweden not take more than 1 litre of strong alcoholic beverages.