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Ski resorts Sweden on the map: åre and sälen

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One of the features that makes Sweden so attractive to tourists – ski resorts with well-prepared pistes, uncrowded slopes and wide variety of entertainment.

When you consider that on vacation in such conditions will not go away the entire budget, a trip to the Swedish mountains – a worthwhile adventure.

Beautiful scenery, world-class amenities and a relaxed atmosphere is what you want from a ski holiday, and Sweden fully meets these requirements.

Due to the absence of the army of tourists (less than in other European resorts) this country is a great option for a relaxing holiday on the slopes without compromising on quality.

Here there are all conditions for comfortable rest of tourists of any age:

  • trails for beginners and professionals;
  • Scandinavian great snow cover from November to may;
  • full compliance with international standards;
  • accessibility features (lifts, parks, trails);
  • snowboard and bobsleigh track;
  • theme parks and attractions;
  • schools for learning to ski;
  • cozy and comfortable hotels, from the expensive to the budget accommodation places;
  • other interesting things to do besides ski skating.

Ski resorts Sweden on the map

In Sweden there are several leading ski resorts, offering excellent conditions, fabulous service and breathtaking scenery.

Only here it is possible to sweep on skis past magnificent scenery, Snowmobiling on the lake or watch from above how majestically looks all around.

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The ski resort åre (ARE, Sweden) the eyes of a tourist

The rating resorts


Åre ski resort is the largest, most advanced and most diverse Alpine area in Sweden. It includes four villages – Duved, Tegefjall, åre By and åre björnen, as well as five areas for skiing.

Each of these places to ski and stay deserves special attention because the uniqueness of these sites is obvious.

In 2007, åre hosted the Alpine world championship, which is Testament to the high quality of the ski slopes. Thus, the resort began to develop rapidly, earning the status of most attractive and budget places for a family and adventure holiday in the mountains.

First of all, tourists are attracted by:

  • clean air;
  • the presence of different slopes;
  • developed hotel infrastructure;
  • a variety of other entertainment.

It has about 100 miles of trails and an extensive system of lifts. Skiing in åre suits all levels.

The variety of tracks, from sophisticated black to a gentle wide tracks will appeal to advanced skiers and beginners. The highest trail reaches 1270 meters. Some of them are great for teaching children.

In addition to the skiing in åre there is a wide range of activitiessuch as snowmobile safaris, mountain climbing, reindeer sleigh rides and more.

This resort is also renowned for its extremely lively nightlife: a lot of clubs, restaurants, shops and cafes.

Ore, located along the shore of the lake, is also one of the most beautiful in Europe resorts.

In summer it is a picturesque area turns into a centre for Alpine summer sports such as Hiking, mountain Biking, climbing, Canoeing and rafting. In immediate proximity there are attractive rivers, waterfalls and lakes.

In the winter time to get to åre is possible on Charter flights from the major cities to Ostersund. In other seasons operates regular flights to Stockholm and then by train to åre or a domestic flight to Ostersund.

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Salen is a group of four interconnected ski resorts, located near the border with Norway: Hundfjallet, Lindvallen, Högfjället Tandadalen and the ski area on-site where you can find all conceivable types of activity in the snow.

The largest ski area of Sweden offer a fantastic base for family vacations, extreme skiing, and to visit Swedish sites.

There arefantastic range of trails (more than 100 well-equipped areas for skiing), the latest lifts and the staff made every effort to please the tourists.

About 80% of all tourists in Sälen are families with children. For the youngest skiers on the territory of this resort provided a lot of entertainment, rides, parks and a special area with activities for children.

Also interesting leisure activities awaits the entire family and on the slopes and at the foot of the mountains.

Each resort in Sälen is a bit different:

  1. Högfjället is the most gentle tracks, intended mainly for beginners and children. The area is quiet preferred by tourists, prone to solitude.
  2. Hundfjallet is a godsend for extreme skiing. Here is a forest with 400 trolls, carefully cut the locals out of tree trunks.
  3. Lindvallen is the most lively area, the activity of which does not end even at night. Here is the world's first ski McDonald's – Makskom.
  4. Tandadalen also has several black runs and you'll be the stormy evening of life.

Away from the slopes there is a large choice of bars and restaurants and excellent leisure facilities, including bowling, pool, cinema and an indoor play area as well as bars, restaurants and a Spa.

In any of the areas Salena there are hotels, Inns or cozy family houses. Between the villages there is a free Shuttle bus that will quickly take you to the right place.

The preferred airport for Salena plane to Stockholm, then bus or train to the village of Mora. From there directly to the resort Shuttle bus service.

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Instead of a conclusion

Less popular and secluded Swedish ski resorts Idre and Funäsdalen. Here prefer to visit local residents, beginners of ski and families with children.

Thanks to the ideal conditions for relaxation, Swedish ski resorts will bring a lot of pleasure to the representatives of any country, of any age and with any riding experience.

Picturesque mountains, delicious and hearty cuisine and good-natured staff will make the rest into a continuous exciting adventure.