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What can you bring from Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich) of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz SHvejcarii

French sentimentality, the expression of Italian and German punctuality...

Switzerland is a unique European countrythat combines the features of the immediate territorial neighbors, but has its own unique face. As a child, which is both similar and not similar to all members of the family.

"Gingerbread" houses along the streets and gingerbread houses in the Windows of confectionery shops. On the pastoral gifts and pastoral outside the window.

Mountain cliffs, ski resorts, Roman baths, medieval fortresses, ultra-modern business centers and centers of contemporary art.

The policy of neutrality and the principle of "banking secrecy". Tradition and reliability. Country, memories of which I want to bring home and share with loved ones.

What to bring from Switzerland?

Souvenirs from Switzerland: what to bring?


Chocolate. Though he is one of the leading positions in the list of platitudes imported from Switzerland and at least a national product that does not becomes.

Elegant gift would be a handmade chocolate sold by the piece. Everywhere you can buy packs of chocolates, decorated in the form of mountain ranges or national symbols.

But the Swiss chocolate – Toblerone. Unlike chocolate firm Lindt & Sprungli, it's not easily available in Russia.

And that Toblerone is one of the unofficial symbols of the country, and also the personification of genius marketing ideas.

If you don't know what to bring fellow designer, friend or worker trading business – buy a triangular chocolate bar, and best of 2 – dark and light.

Suveniry iz SHvejcarii: chto privezti?

Cheese. About the Swiss cheese, even Soviet schoolchildren knew he was "full of holes", but I didn't know what kind of cheese it is.

Manner to a fiery speech fabulous Strelets Fedot was the sort of Emmental. Hard cheese, with characteristic large cavity ("hole").

It is believed that this cheese is originally from Bern, but I have already performed there.

"Tête de Moine" ("Head of a monk") – cheese which is interesting not so much the taste as a way of "cutting."

Head cheese is sold in a special box and provided with a knife-blade, which upon rotation cut from the finest lace cheese slices, folding into the tube.

Appenzeller is another very Swiss cheese. Is called by the name of the Canton (Appenzell), which is produced. Cheese soaked in wine (white) or cider.

In Switzerland, produces about five hundred different kinds of cheese – a huge selection for a seemingly small country. Sells cheeses, both in bulk and in sets.

It sets very popular with tourists, having no time to get acquainted with all the varieties.

What else can you buy in Switzerland? Another gastronomic souvenir that you can bring along – smoked ham with a special cutting knife. But for such a present will need a separate Luggage room.


Alcoholic drinks, like their kitchen, absorbed many of the features of the peoples living on the territory of the country – Italian, German, and French roots are"visible" but have their own individual characteristics.

In almost every Canton (in the Canton – almost in every village) has its own local alcohol - beer, wine, aperitif, liqueur or brandy.

Wine from local grapes and beer from local Breweries very interesting in order to make his presentation on this issue.

But to talk about some special Swiss aesthetics of production and drinking is not necessary. If the Frenchman is to choose cheese for wine, here – on the contrary.

Kirschwasser and Zwetschgenwasser (Zwischenwasser) – this is literally the cherry (or cherry) and plum water. Forty degrees!

Kirschwasser (aka Kirsch) is usually attributed to brandy, Zwetschgenwasser to the schnapps.

Plum "water" French-speaking Swiss often called "pruneaux" (prune), whereas Cech has called her "slyv'yanka", and Russian, most likely plum moonshine.

The Swiss and international (i.e. Franco-German) should be considered eau de vie de wine route (translation - living water plum).

There are "water" and of other fruits too. There is still a strong herbal liqueur Appenzeller, Alpenbitterused astreatment-and-prophylactic means.

When choosing a local drink, is the Golden rule: ask a local resident (holder of a beer or distillery), that specifically in this city, in this year and this time of year delicious. Don't be afraid, you will not be deceived.

SHvejcarskij alkogol


What else can you bring from this beautiful country? And anything with the flag of Switzerland, or with the view of the mountain peaks.

Wool, towels and aprons, folding knives, Victorinox and Wenger with a host of features and manicure sets of the same producers.

The most accurate clock in the world and aneroid (mechanical barometers). Porcelain and pans that can be inherited by the descendants, as some of them put the warranty from 30 to 50 years to life.

Edelweiss – another symbol of Switzerland. Here you will see him everywhere. However, to gain a real Edelweiss flower will not only work, but also to fork out.

The Edelweiss, a protected plantgrown in remote protected areas. Since the middle of last century, it cannot be used for the manufacture of Souvenirs.

With some luck, it is possible to find an antique copy in resin or in glass.

The image of this symbol of the mountain you will come across at every step. It is believed that Edelweiss brings good fortune, including love.

Alternative amulet can become a fairy-Edelweiss – little porcelain doll in a skirt in the shape of a flower.

What to bring from Geneva and Zurich?

The woman

Cosmetics and very. In the list of Swiss manufacturers of medical and decorative cosmetics, deserves special attention, more than two dozen names.

Most of them already known to the Russian women. But repetition does not hurt:

  • phytocosmetics Methode Cholley;
  • professional tools for a facial, Mila d'opiz;
  • cleansing, moisturizing and anti-aging agents (for both women and men) Cellcosmet;
  • Juvena (youth) products to rejuvenate and maintain skin tone;
  • Swiss Line skin treatments and anti-aging;
  • caring cosmetics with active ingredients of Louis Widmer;
  • MALU WILZ - decorative cosmetics and means on care of face and body;
  • cosmetics and vitamin complexes Just;
  • cosmetics Dr.Hauschka based on medicinal plants;
  • products Dr. Grandel possess a deep healing and restorative nature.Active complexes and serums for any skin age and type.

CHto privezti iz ZHenevy i Curiha?

Due to the fact that the choice is very large, and Swiss laboratories produce products for customers of different ages, it is better to inquire in advance so as not to waste time at the counter.

Jewelry. Despite the fact that Switzerland has the world famous brands manufacturing jewelry with precious stones and pearls, more traditional items are better to buy in small jewelry shops.

Made of silver, depicting the same Edelweiss, cows, houses, shoes and even head cheese, will be a wonderful memory and a great gift.

Magnets, jewelry boxes and teapots, wall-mounted porcelain miniatures and plates, hooks for towels and kitchen utensils, depicting a traditional Swiss Alpine Chalet.

Decorative wall plates - popular throughout Europe traditional interior decoration. Here they not only views of cities and individual attractions, but also with scenes of rural life, cheese and chocolate types of Switzerland.


Alcohol we understood in the beginning. Clock all the same more or less clear- all "Swiss made" is not can not operate (or is it the watch is not Swiss).

The knife is a great gift not only for the Amateur tinkering or an avid angler, and for all men. How many things happen in life unforeseen situations? And the creators of the knife they are already anticipated by adding additional features and functions.

Bell national symbols. In helvetsiya (also known as Switzerland) have a fun wedding tradition called by now to the last moments of single life.

Such a gift would be appropriate to present to a friend who is planning marriage. The bells are different from tiny key chains, to huge on a cow.


You can bring a piece of Switzerland in a box of crayons. Guessed, what is it? Of course, on stationery Caran d'ache. Pencils, markers or pastel chalks. And all at once.

Chocolate Easter Bunny or Darth Vader. Bernese Teddy bear, or toy Bernese shepherd.

Dogs - another local theme. They, like cows, are found everywhere and in all guises – magnets, cups and saucers. But why? And what?

Saint Bernard – a rescue dog from the monastery of St. Bernard, Bernese mountain dog, a big shaggy Sheepdog tricolor Alpine and Appenzeller – sleek black with white and red spots, medium size dog. It isalso a national treasure.

CHto privezti rebenku?

Dolls in national costumes. The European tradition to create a miniature young ladies in national costumes came to modern souvenir and tourism industry from the 19th century.

But not many countries can boast such a range as Switzerland. Each Canton my folk costume (festive, casual and, so to say, professional) and of the cantons-cantons with 26 pieces.

In Switzerland the most popular is collecting these dolls.

From the country of banks and cheese you can bring, and Swiss humour in tangible form.

A sculpture of Freddie mercury in Montreux, monument, N. In.Gogol in Vevey (lake Geneva), a giant fork in the "ease" of lake Geneva, the Bernese Chronos "eater of children" (Barmaley for Swiss pranksters) and the Flower clock in the English garden of Geneva - souvenir depicting extraordinary sights not only surprise but also amuse your friends and family.