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The sights of Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich, Montreux and others)

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Switzerland is interesting not only for cheese, watches and chocolate. The country, which were inspired by the many talented and famous people with the rich historic past keeps a lot of unforgettable secrets.

The Swiss climate is varied and dependent on the height above sea level, the influence of the Atlantic ocean; so, here you can find a lot of glaciers, but you can grow mosses, palm trees and Mimosas in other areas.

Switzerland - where is it?

Switzerland is a small country, surrounded by lakes and snow-capped peaks of the Jura mountains. Beautiful scenery and historic sites attract numerous tourists to this country.

The country is encircled by France, Andorra, Italy, Germany and Austria. Thanks to this diverse neighborhood has areas where they speak French, Italian and Romansch dialect.

Stretched Switzerland 41 285 sq. km, paying her the Swiss franc.

Switzerland supports the Schengen agreement, so to visit it will need the same visa.

Major industries: dairy products, precision engineering and Finance.

Zurich is a world banking center operations, and Geneva - in turn, the headquarters of the many transnational organizations such as the Red Cross and world health organization.

What to see?


Located in the southwestern region of the country, the capital of the French-speaking Canton. The city is divided in two rivers Rhone and Arve.

On one side of the city nestled in the city center associated with historic events, town hall and Cathedral of St. Peter, and the other stationed the Palace of Nations and train station.

The most striking and memorable feature of the city can be called the eponymous fountain shoots 140 metres up into the skythat can be seen from any point of the city and even at the height of up to ten kilometers.

From the forecourt Cornavin, you can get a good look at the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, hewn out of sand blocks.

A lot of amazing can be found in the mausoleum of Duke Charles II of Brunswick. The famous eccentric donated part of his fortune to carry out works in the Park of Bastion and for the construction of the Opera building.

CHto posmotret: ZHeneva


Located on the semi-circle, enveloping the lake Geneva, an hour away from France.

The world famous jazz festival has left its mark on the city - devoted to this kind of music paraphernalia, cafes and restaurants, and even sculpted statues of iconic performers everywhere here.

The lake lies parallel to the penalty spot walking area with benches, sculptures and fresh flowers. It leads to the castle, built in the 13th century, Chateau de Chillon.

And from the observation deck of the dents du MIDI offers a magnificent view on the Geneva Riviera.


The city stands on the banks of the rivers Limmat and Sihl. Already the station building with the blue angel hovering near the ceiling and gold column zero kilometer is amazing. For the new year here set the Christmas tree, studded with Swarovski crystals.

Leaving the building and moving the pointer will leave the Swiss Museum, look more like a castle.

The first impression does not deceive, because it is a copy of the city of Baden tower, and other buildings executed in the style of late Gothic and early Renaissance.

The Museum has a brilliant exhibition of costume, sculpture, painting, even restored residential interiors.

Admire the city from a conspicuous tower of the former Observatory Urania. Touch look to the history of the first settlement on this place, on the ruins of the Roman baths, preserved as vessels for fragrant oils.

Three cathedrals, which were part of the route of worshiping the Christian shrines - the Grossmünster, Fraumünster and Wasserkirche.

A small crypt of the Grossmünster interesting, among other things, their wall paintings - more than a thousand.

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Walking along the lake, passing the fountain, Manzoni you will come across the Cathedral of Santa Maria degli Angioli. Theinteresting is hidden inside a surprisingly clear and easy murals, such as the "Crucifixion of Christ", etc.

Parks Lungolago and Belvedere with avenues of limes and walnut form a striking contrast between the bustle of the financial centre and an oasis of calm and sculptures will brighten up a walk.

The Villa of Malpensata is a Museum of contemporary art with an exclusive collection of Dadaists, also presents sculptures, paintings and art objects.

Guests who wish to explore paintings by Degas and Renoir can do it at the Art Museum where the works of local and European artists of the last and previous centuries.

While strolling through the Park, Civico you will come to the Villa Cianiwhere now is the exposition of the philanthropist Antonio Cassia, belonging to the Museum of fine arts.


Near the hotel there is a small garden that remembers its famous resident George.Byron.

Behind him hid a Church which is part of the Augustinian monastery and the Museum of pewter figures, showing the different historical episodes.

It affects the connection style of the Victorian era with elements of traditional Chalet in the building of the casino Kursaal.

In the Old part of town with interesting town hall and a 15th century Church. Interested in the development of Railways in the region will enjoy the model railroad in the historic pavilion.

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The capital of the Canton in Central Switzerland is interesting for its varied architecture. With a wide modern bridge Sherbrooke offers a wonderful overview of the city, lake and surrounding mountains.

On the right Bank of the lake lies a large and magnificent building of the Centre of culture and Congress centre with a huge concert hall, there are also funds Art Museum.

Because of the high cost of the project could not rebuild the building right in the lake, but his visor visually connects with the water, Recalling the architect's plan.

And walk down to the square, Kapellplatz, you'll find the oldest Church of the Old town - chapel of SV.Peter.


Large Basel - pedestrian historic centre with the Cathedral at its heart. Another noticeable part of the center - Market square and town Hall.

Branch of the Historical Museum of the strange quirks of fate lies in one of the houses, which was owned by the owner of the silk factory.

But if from the Museum turn right, you will see an Exhibition hall for contemporary art.

Of no less interest is the fountain tingly, it's a constantly moving interpretation of the Brazilian carnival in the view of the author.

CHto posmotret: Bazel


Local cheese factory La Mason Du gruyère will not leave anyone indifferent, and curious guests can personally observe all stages of its manufacture. Tells the story of cheese making.

The heart of the city is castle with a tower Tour de La Barba Bought. Interesting the interior of a small chapel in the late Gothic style, decorated with fine stained glass.

To the right of the castle is located the Museum Geiger with a collection of monsters, created with love by this inventor, artist and designer.

Below is the white tower of the Church of SV.Teodula, and the gruyère castle, rebuilt in the last century in the Renaissance style. Also worth noting the stained-glass Windows with the emblems of heraldry.


City on lake Geneva, famous for its Gothic Cathedral of SV.Francis, but even more Gothic in the majestic Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Paintings, statues, round stained glass Windows and the organ with over 700 pipes will amaze travelers.

A street of Saint-françois will lead to the area of Palud and the center of the Old town, arcade, clock tower and looking at the guests dragons cast doubt that before you the building of the City administration.

CHto posmotret: Lozanna


With the wooden bridge from the 16th century, which can be accessed by moving from the station to the pier, goes a great view of the city and lake Tunese.

A luxury building at a distance a guide for those who wish to see a memorial plaque Brahms and the art Museum.

Then fork for lovers of toys - Museum dedicated to them and the Historic interiors of the main tower.


Notable Orthodox Church.The barbarians, built by a Swiss architect according to the project of Russian architect; on a hill stands next to the Church.Martin with a nave in Gothic style.

Next in the Museum on jänisch can enjoy a collection of graphics lovers, in particular, works of Durer. On course - Museum of Power, organized a headquarters of nestlé

And among these museums are sheltered monumentChaplin, there is his Villa.

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