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Map of Spain: pictures and description of attractions in Palma de Mallorca

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Amazing island included in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea, is considered one of the best resorts in Spain and throughout Western Europe.

First of all, the tourists are attracted mainly wonderful beaches, plenty of sun and excellent climate. However, the island not only to relax on the beach, but also culturally enriched by studying the history of Mallorca and sights and breathtaking nature of the mountain part of the island.

Attractions of Mallorca on the map in Russian language

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Mallorca (in Catalan Mallorca) wonderfully combines the old city with historical sites and luxurious resorts with all modern facilities.

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Palma or Palma de Mallorca, was founded by the Romans in the conquest of the Balearic Islands. After king Jaime I reconquered the city from the Moors in the XIII century, Palma became one of the main centers of the Kingdom of Majorca existed at the junction of the XIII and XIV centuries.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria (Palma Cathedral) is the main Catholic temple of Mallorca and all the Balearic Islands. The magnificent Gothic Cathedral began to build in the beginning of the XIII century and its construction lasted for a century, like many other grandiose of Gothic cathedrals.

Completion of construction dates back to the beginning of the XVII century, when were built the main portal of La seu.

kafedralnyj sobor Palmy

Despite this, in the future, the Cathedral was enlarged and modernized, for example, the work on its interior was occupied by the great Antoni gaudí in the early twentieth century. The main relic of the Cathedral is the ark of the true cross, made in the XV century and decorated with precious stones and metals. The Cathedral of Santa Maria is the largest on the island, its length is 110 meters and the width is nearly 20 meters.

Bellver castle is located in the suburbs of Palma de Mallorca and is one of the most spectacular Gothic castles in Spain. Its history Bellver takes in the XIV century, when the Majorcan king Jaime II decided to build a fortress on the island, which will protect Majorca from the Muslims who controlled the island of Menorca, part of the Balearic Islands.

In the structure of the castle attracted the attention of three round towers and high walls, and it offers magnificent views of the city and a coastal Bay.

The Almudaina Palace is the oldest Palace building, which is owned by Spain. At the base of the Palace, a Muslim fortress, built during the Moorish rule in Spain. As Bellver castle, the Almudaina Palace — the handiwork of king James II.

Dvorec Almudajna Palma-de-Majorka

On the Palace grounds is situated the Gothic Church of Santa Ana, Tinel hall and the Royal apartments of the Palau del Rei. The upper floors of the Palace is the residence of the Royal family of Spain, and in other parts of the Palace is a huge collection of paintings XVI-XVIII centuries.


The historic town of Alcudia was founded in the Roman era and during the Empire was the main port of the island.

  • The Church of St Jaume in Alcudia was built by the order already familiar to us of king James II in the early thirteenth century. Its present appearance the Church took in the late nineteenth century, as a significant part of the building collapsed from antiquity.

    The most interesting artifact of the Church is the bell of the XIV century, located in the bell tower of the Church.

  • City walls and gates Alcudia, built by king James II, was built to protect the city from Muslim piratesterrorized the island. The gate of Pureta de'hareincluded in the system of fortifications of the city, considered to be the symbol of Alcudia and often depicted on Souvenirs sold to tourists.
  • The old town of Alcudia was built in the XIII-XV centuries and has largely survived to the present day. The architecture of this place is one of the best preserved samples of the residential development of the middle ages in Spain.


Magaluf is one of the best and perhaps the most noisy and youth resort of Mallorca. The construction of this fashionable resort began in 50-e years of the XX century, because there are no historical attractions, like in the old towns of Mallorca.

dom Katmandu v Magalufe

The main attraction of the resort is the urban beach of Magaluf and the beach of son Maties, are crowded in high season. Well, the night life of the resort are more than 800 restaurants, bars, Nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

Historical attractions are not to find, but incredibly interesting:

  1. Visit the upside down house of wonders "Kathmandu";
  2. Fun water parks, Western West Park and Aqualand;
  3. Animated program "Pirate adventure".


Valldemossa — a tiny town with a population of only 2 thousand people. The main attraction of the city is an ancient monastery of the Carthusian order in the name of Jesus Nazarenkova. The monastery was founded in the end of XIV century the king of Aragon Martin I on the ruins of the Moorish Palace.

Of the monastic buildings of greatest interest is the Church in classicism style, built in the XVIII century. The monastery in Valldemossa is famous because it in 1839 lived the great composer Frederic Chopin and the outstanding French novelist Georges sand.

In today's time, the cell where Chopin lived, turned into a Museum in his name.

Especially interesting is the piano, moved by a composer from France and was used by Chopin to compose his preludes.

Other attractions in Valldemossa include Palau del Rei Sanch (the Palace of king Sancho) and cultural centre of Costa Nord.

Calas de Mallorca

tropa v Kalas-de-Majorke

Calas de Mallorca — modern resort located on the Eastern coast of the island, 70 kilometres from Palma de Mallorca. Calas de Mallorca is one of the most peaceful and quiet resorts on the island, ideal for a family holiday.

The main entertainment in this city is the diving centre Aqua Life, which the novice or experienced diver opens the undersea world of the Mediterranean sea.

You can also arrange a self-guided tour of the walking path, which is laid along the edge of the cliff all along the sea coast. From there, the views are spectacular. With marine walk you can visit the amazing Bay, where the rock formations nature has created incredible caves.

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What else to see photo and description

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Apart from popular resorts and ancient cities of Mallorca offers tourists many other attractions scattered around the island.

Natural objects

  • Cape Formentorlocated in the North of the island, is one of the most visited places of Mallorca. On the edge of the Cape is a cliff with a height of over 300 meters above sea level, offering a breathtaking view on the sea and the coastline of the island. From the observation deck is a trail which you can walk to the lighthouse of Formentor, the most Northern point of Mallorca.
  • Drakensberg cave, located on the Eastern coast of Mallorca, will impress even the most sophisticated tourist. Underground route through the caves is more than 1,700 metres and leads through the halls of the Waterfall, Large lounge, White cave, and others.

    In the depths of the Dragon's caves is the largest underground lake of Europe — Martel.

  • Tropical Park Jamaica is the only one on Mallorca a place in which it grows tropical fruit such as banana. The Park is located about 20 kilometers from the resort of Porto Cristo on the East coast of the island.

Where to go in one day?

When selecting sites to visit are may go one day, look to the many historic attractions scattered throughout the island.

The castle of Capdepera is located in the eponymous town in the northeast of Mallorca and isan impressive fortress on the hill which is seen from throughout the urban area. Inside the fortress there is the Museum of history of the castle and Church. John The Baptist.

zamok Kapdepera za odin den

Luke monastery, or monastery of the blessed Mary Luxray, is considered the main spiritual centre of Mallorca and all the Balearic Islands. It was founded in the XIII century, its present form was accepted in the Renaissance, and later over his labored facade of Antoni gaudí. The patroness of the monastery of the virgin Mary Luczka depicted as the Black Madonna. The monastery is situated in Luc and its walls is annually visited by over 1 million people.

What to visit with children?

The best family holidays is a commandment to comply with the authorities of Majorca and representatives of tourist industry of the island. Entertainment for children there is offered a great variety.

  1. One of the best water parks in Mallorca, Western Water Park, Magaluf is decorated in Wild West style.
  2. In the famous Park-Dolphinarium Marineland hosts exciting performances with marine animals: dolphins, sea lions and other marine life. Also there is a zoo and aquarium which contains creatures.
  3. Entertainment Park "Katmandu" was voted the second best parks in all of Spain. It is located in Magaluf and offers tourists 10 rides, most of which is upside down house, which is a maze full of puzzles and riddles.
  4. Aquarium of Palma de Mallorca is the habitat of over 700 species representing the fauna of the Mediterranean and other warm seas. 55 thematic aquariums is home to many fish, shellfish, marine mammals and other amazing inhabitants of the world ocean.

Self-guided tours

samostoyatelnye pohody po Serra-de-Tramuntana

When traveling to the island in no case do not limit yourself to the hotel and the beach, located at one resort.

Mallorca is a small island, so you can travel independently on foot or by car.

Hiking trails

Hiking trails on the coast or in the mountains of Mallorca are very popular. While the entire island is so beautiful that you can not search for a tour, and go Hiking alone in literally any direction.

If you highlight some particularly beautiful places, be sure to walk along the mountain trails of the Serra de Tramuntana in the North-Eastern part of the island, which is the highest peak of Majorca, the Puig Major.

Also among tourists is popular for Hiking routes:

  • In the valley of Boquer , close to the Cape of Formentor;
  • The Archduke's trail in Valldemossa;
  • Around the mountain lake of Kuber, from which a path leads to the mountain of Puig Major.

The drive

Mallorca is a mountainous island, therefore at movement on its campus by car, please be careful with traffic on mountain roads.

Well, the trip itself should definitely visit the sanctuary of Randa on the mountain of Puig de Randa, 30 kilometers from the island's capital. This monastery is highway MA-5018.

You can also go to Albufera natural Park, located in the resort of Playa de Muro on the North-East of the island. It leads to the highway MA-13.

See a video review of the attractions of Mallorca in this video: