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Map of Spain - where to go: sights of Salou with photos

Ispaniya: dostoprimechatelnosti Salou

Resort town in Spain located on the Costa Dorada - Salou. Spain attractions are closely intertwined with history and culture, and this resort is no exception.

In addition to the pleasant climate, pristine beaches and plenty of entertainment for adults and children, its attractive feature is the abundance of spectacular sights, interesting routes and beautiful places.

Salou on the map of Spain in Russian

gorod na russkoyazychnoj karte

The city proudly bears the title "capital of Spanish tourism" due to the excellent conditions for rest and the ability to quickly get to the coast. At the same time, tourists from Russia will feel "at ease" as live in the city and employs many immigrants from the former Soviet Union and the Russians can find the printed information in their native language.

Due to its popularity, Salou has become one of the largest resorts in the country.

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Where is?

On the map of Spain, Salou is located on the North-East of the country in Catalonia. The town removed from the capital of Barcelona is only 90 km away. It is part of the province of Tarragona and is part of the Costa Dorada. You can reach it in several ways, the most popular is to fly to Reus and from there the bus to the coast.

The main tourist areas

glavnye ekskursionnye rajony

Despite what many are considering Salou as a tourist town whose roads lead only to the beaches and in clubs, here you can find historic areas with interesting and unique places.

One of such significant sites – the Historical centre and the medieval quarters, the other is the Boulevard Jaime I. Near the most significant objects are signs in 8 languages with important information and description.

The resort town itself is divided into two halveslocated on both sides of the railway.

On one side is the coast with its beaches, bars, beautiful promenade and clubs, on the other side of the living area.

Sights with pictures and description

In Salou there are some ancient monuments of the reign of king James I, cultural properties, natural sites and modern entertainment.

Architectural objects

arhitekturnaya krepost Torre Velya

Business card Salou and Torre Vella – the old fortress, which appeared here in the XVI century at the request of the Archbishop. The coast was often attacked by the Saracens, and this massive building has made it possible to protect the residents from pirates.

The tower is perfectly preserved to our days. From the outside it looks all also in the military, representing a simple rectangular Fortbuilt from stone. The structure looks so authentic that within its walls, residents hold a wedding. Inside is a Museum and centre for contemporary culture, which regularly carry out different activities, exhibitions and performances.

Torre Velha is surrounded by a green garden with different sculptures. The most attractive of them is the sculpture "the Three graces". It depicts three girls dancing a traditional Catalan dance – Sardana. The monument was erected in 1990 in honor of the fact that Salou was declared "center of the Sardana".

For many years, Barcelona was a major port as long as these powers are not transferred to Tarragona. Of these important developments is reminiscent of the building of Capitania is a small structure, built in 1820. It collected customs duties that brought considerable income to the city budget.

Realthe pride of the inhabitants of Benidorm – Spanish-Catalan – architectural complex consisting of the manor, the peasants dwellings and outbuildings, clearly depicting the Catalan people. The structures presented here are still caught in the rural areas of Catalonia.

In summer, these homes suit a fair selling jewellery, ceramics, jewelry and Souvenirs. All products are made by local craftsmen. In the winter season in the estate made to the city of celebration, and the most beautiful and interesting happen at Christmas. The residents act out scenes from the Christmas stories.

obekt arhitektury - Masiya-Katalana

The religious attraction of Barcelona – the Church of Santa Maria del Mar – an ancient temple in the town built in 1776. The original structure was built for sailors and had a small size. With time it was destroyed, and in the XX century was in ruins. Half a century later it was decided to restore the monument.

The building was expanded and decorated inside with murals hand lluís Maria güell.

Salou is the jewel of the modernism, and its territory is decorated with real masterpieces, especially such as Villa Bonet. This building ordered a rich merchant, and the project belongs to the disciple of Gaudi – Domenico Sugranyes. The building was built in 1911 and designed in the art Nouveau style. Soon, the city had other estates in this unusual style.

Outside the manor is decorated with frescoes and mosaics, the charming balconies of wood and unusual front door. Inside the house is not less beautiful and attractive – the walls are decorated with various depictions from the life of king James I and other historical events.

The estate is surrounded by a colorful fence and a lush garden with flower beds, a chapel and a swimming pool. There is a sundial with ceramic tiles, decorated with motto "Use the time properly, it flies irretrievably".

Strolling in Salou, you can find interesting monuments:

  • James I – the first ruler of Aragon, who began his military journey at this place.
  • fisherman statue – the sculpture depicts a typical inhabitant of a medieval city – weary fisherman pulling the net out of the sea.

Historical value is also a railway station. It is within walking distance to the Central promenade Boulevard Jaime I. Walking area starts from the railway station and stretches along the Llevant beach, separating the business part of the city from the tourist.

Natural beauty

prirodnye plyazhi

In Salou separate attraction is the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Authorities give their all to nine beaches were clean, well groomed and picturesque. The most popular of them – Llevant (Levant) and his lovely alley filled with greenery and stretches along the sea. No less interesting Ponent beach with crystal clear water, designed for families with children.

Salou is located a few parks and gardens, the most famous city Park area with artificial ponds and green spaces.

City Park is decorated with several sculptures, comfortable gazebo and walking paths.

Among other natural attractions, Salou is worth noting the two bays – the singing, Tallada and Punta de Kaval is a small walking area to visit is during sunset. These places are considered the most beautiful natural sites of the resort.


razvlecheniya v Port Aventure

In Salou there is the legendary Port Aventura is a large – scale amusement Park, open spaces that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is a theme Park decorated in different styles. Here you can find the fastest roller coaster in Europe, water attractions, shops, restaurants and shops with Souvenirs.

Its territory is divided into 6 thematic areas:

  1. The Mediterranean;
  2. Wild West;
  3. Mexico;
  4. China;
  5. Sesame;
  6. Polynesia.

Each area is decorated in a unique stylethat allows children to make the exciting journey to different corners of the planet.

Fun can bring a visit to a karting Park in Marbella, designed for both adults and for children 9-12 years.

What else to see?

At this attractionsSalou is not the end. In the city and beyond can find many interesting and amazing places.

Where you can go on their own in the surrounding area?

kuda otpravitsya v okrestnostyah?

Outside the resort there are a lot of new interesting things, especially if you go on a self guided tour of the ancient citieslocated near Salou: Barcelona, Vila-Seca, Tarragona, Reus, Figueres or Girona. A visit to these cities – introduction to ancient places with rich historical heritage of the Catalonia region, with diverse monuments and ruins.

In Tarragona interest:

  • the Roman Amphitheater;
  • Roman walls;
  • Cathedral of SV. Thekla and St. Mary;
  • Tarragona tower Als Castells;
  • house with a deceptive facade;
  • the Roman aqueduct.

All this old architecture creates an incredible atmosphere of history and a fascinating picture.

Among the oldest cities located in Vila-Seca is a small territory with a unique complex of architectural monuments. The journey to these places will acquaint you with the castle in the Gothic style, with a tower from Roman times. Here are the gates of St. Anthony and watchtower that served as protection against pirate raids.

Where to go with kids?

At the end of the Boulevard Jaime I include the singing fountain. Every Friday and Saturday starts at 21:00 musical light show. At such moments, jets of water, accompanied by music, break out the bright and varied colors. During the peak tourist season of the show satisfied every day after 22:00.

All in Salou three of the fountain. One of them is installed on the square. It is a luminous design, which produces about 200 jets of water. On creating this object worked Carles Buigas, and for the first time his beauty failed to assess in 1973.

The other fountain is located right on the promenade, and attractive it made a rather unusual form spirals and beautiful lighting, turning on in the dark.

Young tourists will be interesting to see the other sights of Barcelona, such as the building of the railway Carrilet – territory, covering a small section of the branch Reus-Salou. It turned into a recreational area for children and an attractive object was placed vintage steam locomotive.

See this video top 5 most beautiful places in Salou: