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All the attractions of Tenerife: what to see in parks Siam and loro?

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Tenerife is the most famous island of the Canary archipelago, is available for relaxation at any time of the year. This point is particularly enjoyable when there's snow everywhere and cold, and in the resort the weather is not changing almost never.

Tenerife on the map

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Due to its unique location, Tenerife has all the necessities for recreation: an abundance of attractions, magnificent nature and plenty of entertainment.


Canary Islands location Tenerife. It is the largest island of the archipelago – the land located in the Atlantic ocean. Though these Islands and belong to Spain but they are closer to Africa.

For these features it is called "the place where there is eternal spring," because on the island, unlike the mainland, is warm and pleasant weather.

Distance from Tenerife to the African continent is approximately 300 km away and the Iberian Peninsula, which is Spain, 1000 kilometers.

Regarding the Canary Islands of Tenerife occupies a Central position. On both sides the island is surrounded by three nearby: Palma, Gomera and Hierro. A bit further is Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and a group of small uninhabited Islands.

Tour of the city

Going on a trip in Tenerife, tourists choose the resorts of the southern coast. In this part of the island is favorable weather, photos attractions get the most vivid and impressive.

However, in the Northern part of the island, monuments of history and culture is no less beautiful. Among the beautiful alternative to the southern resorts in the first place, it is worth noting Puerto de La Cruz is a city in which there is an opportunity to combine a beach holiday and tourism.

In the compulsory program of sightseeing to include:

  • Icod de Vinos;
  • La Orotava;
  • Garachico;
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife;
  • San Cristobal de La Laguna.

It is also important to know that Tenerife is not only rich in tourist cities with plenty of architectural landmarks and unique natural monuments, the main of which is the volcano Teide. Often sightseeing programs include a visit to this wonder of nature.

When is the best time to go?

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Weather in Tenerife is always beautiful. According to those who managed to visit in Tenerife island you can come at any time, as the day temperature here rarely drops below +19°C. in Winter there are no tropical rains, and in summer – hurricanes, and even being close to the equator does not cause the intense heat. The hottest month is Augustand coldest is February.

Even if the water in the ocean is not conducive for swimming, you can always take advantage of sightseeing tours, to engage in active sports or recreation.

Where to stay?

The most warm and Sunny region of the island is the southern part of the island, and such resorts as the oldest resort of Los Cristianos, no less popular, but young Las Americas and Costa Adeje, as well as a secluded Los Canary Islands. Tourists choose Aaron andGuía de Isora – two cities which are home to beautiful hotels, the best cafes and many convenience facilities.

Of hotels worth noting:

  1. Guayarmina Princess 4* (Garmin Princesses) is amazing beautiful hotel with direct access to the beaches;
  2. Gran Melia Palacio de Isora 5* – one of the luxury places to stay with very reasonable prices for this segment;
  3. Blue Sea Lagos de Cesar hotel for family and youth recreation with a swimming pool, a tennis court and a well-developed infrastructure;
  4. Club Hotel Riu Buena Vista hotel in the South of the island with a private tennis court and direct access to the beaches;
  5. Apart Hotel SOL Sun Beach – quiet and cozy hotel surrounded by blossoming greenery.

It is worth noting that the largest selection of hotels are in the resort of Las américas, and the most prestigious in Costa Adeje. Regardless of the choice, almost all the beaches of Tenerife municipal, so the entrance is free.

To choose a suitable hotel, use this convenient search form. Enter the host city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Attractions with photos

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Tenerife is not only a luxurious beach vacation on the Atlantic coast, but also the many attractions scattered throughout the island.


The most notable monument of Tenerife – the statue of Christlocated on the top of the volcano Teide in the heart of the island's capital – Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The sculpture can be found near the landing of the cable car, and from this location it has not just. The observation deck is the highest point of the island and it can be reached exclusively by cable car.

The statue of Christ with outstretched arms rotated so that the tourists climbing in the booth to a height of 3,555 metres knew that with them nothing will happen.

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you can see several monuments:

  • The fountain "Fallen angel";
  • Sculpture in honor of Andres Pinheiro;
  • Monument to the fallen in the Civil war.

The capital is the famous monument dedicated to the native inhabitants of the island – guancha. Scientists still have no idea how the aborigines were in Tenerife, but according to one version, a tall blond Guanches came here from Atlantis and lived on the island for as long as the Spaniards have not fully eradicated them.

In memory of the people on the embankment of sculptural composition representing aboriginal strong and mighty warriors, fighting for their territory.

Also worth noting is the interesting monuments in other cities:

  1. Monument to the fisherman's wife Sonya in Puerto de La Santiago;
  2. The monument to the emigrant in Garachico. The monument is made in the form of a man with a huge hole in the body and suitcase in hand, ready to jump off a cliff. In this sculpture incorporated a lot of sense.

Religious buildings

religioznaya bazilika

The main religious attraction of Tenerife – Candelaria Basilica is a Church which attracts all the inhabitants of the island to worship the patron of the temple – the virgin Mary. It is located in the capital of the island.

This structure is a little different from the usual temples in the holidays here can hold concerts, launch fireworks and put on a show.

Very attractive churches Tenerife:

  • Church of the immaculate conception of the virgin Mary – Metropolitan temple in the Tuscan style;
  • Parish Church San Jose Catholic Church in neoclassical style;
  • Church. Mark the Evangelist – building era of the colonization of the XVI century.

In Punta Blanca, you can find Church SV. Rita is a luxurious three-tiered Basilica with a cross on the roof of the building and openwork railings on the balconies.

Will also be interesting Holy places of the city of La Laguna: the Cathedral and the Monastery of Saint Catherine of Siena.

And in the city of Puerto de La Cruz, you can admire the Church of Nuestra Senora de La Pena de Francia and the chapel of San Telmo.

Architectural objects

Monuments in Tenerife – not just a house, built in colonial style, and entire neighborhoods and towns, the familiarity with which gives a complete picture, it looked like a traditional settlement of the Spaniards in the Canary Islands.

In the obligatory tourist programme should include a visit to the city of La Orotava and its historic center. In this place there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the architecture of the XVI century, the traditional houses with wooden balconies and hand-carved handmade jewellery. Among them, especially the popular "House of balconies" and "tourist House" – two buildingsto explore, not only outside but also inside.


On the coast of Tenerife is located a few locks of the XVII-XIX centuries., once served as a robust protective structures, helping to withstand a siege of the British fleet, Admiral Robert Blake, and later Admiral Nelson.

zamok San-Migel

Nowadays, the castles are not in the best shape, some of them are ruins, others are gradually being restored.

The most famous historical castles in Tenerife:

  1. San Juan Bautista is a powerful Fort in the centre of the capital of Tenerife;
  2. Castillo de Paso Alto castle that could withstand a lot of attacks;
  3. Castillo de San Felipe is a magnificent building in honor of king Philip VI, was erected in San Juan.

The largest and most attractive lock Tenerife – San Miguel – old structure, built in a medieval style, is located near the city of San Miguel. The castle attracts tourists not only for its atmosphere but also the opportunity to be in the heart of tournaments.

Here is often a spectacular joust, in which you can see exciting fights and breathtaking stunts. Visitors have the opportunity to try the meals that feed soldiers, but it will have to do without forks and spoons, as well as it did in the ancient time it with your hands.


Planning a trip to Tenerife should visit a few historical museums in different cities. Each of these exhibitions gives the opportunity to meet with very interesting displays and exhibits.

Most noteworthy Museum of history of Tenerife is a unique place, which collected exhibits related to the life of the indigenous population of the island, the Guanches. Also such historically important items are in the collection of the Museum of anthropology and the Archaeological Museum.

In the Museum of science and space will love the children, because it's possible to learn about the features of the Universe and its development even to those who are far from astronomy. Location: San Cristobal de La Laguna.

Gardens and parks

The treasure of Puerto de La Cruz- "loro Park" – a unique Park, which has a rich collection of animals from around the world, as well as large Dolphinarium, aquarium pinguinii and Europe. Here you can not only observe animals, but some of them even feed with it. By itself, the Park looks colorful and its stylized exoticism lends even more authenticity while exploring with animals.

Loro park

Among the guests there those tourists who would not visit the famous parks of the island. These include the national Park Tenerife – a unique nature reserve where you can see not only rare flora and fauna, but also visit the business card of the place – the volcano Teide.

The best time to visit the Park is between April to may, when everything blooms, happy bright colors and fragrant.

Lovers of exotic flora will enjoy visiting the Botanical gardens – places where since the XVIII century were a unique collection of plants, including tropical Madagascar, Brazil and other countries.

Natural objects

Nature Tenerife is a separate and almost the main attraction of the island. These objects include the Teide volcano, the ascent to which is a lot of fun.

To be a very interesting tour to the nature reserve - Hell's gorge, located 10 minutes ' drive from Las Americas. Despite this intimidating name, this place is very picturesque. Here was discovered caves with traces of rock paintings.

Another is to visit the following places:

  • Dragon tree – the oldest tree on Earth (about 2.5-3 thousand years);
  • Gorge "the Mask" – one of the most beautiful places on the island;
  • Lava pools – water bodies formed on the ocean after a volcanic eruption;
  • Waterfall in hell's gorge , the only waterfall on the island in one of the most frightening places.

The can admire cliffs "Los Gigantes" – black sheer slopes that adorn the shores of the town. There is a splendid view of the ocean and how it splashing whales and dolphins.

Also worth a look in one of the most beautiful places of the Teide volcano – a Lunar landscape.

Walking on a Lunar landscape create the feeling of being on the moon or on Mars.

What else to see and where to go?

chto mozhno posetit i kuda sezdit?

In Spain there are attractions for every taste, and some of them in Tenerife will be interesting even to children.

1 day

Planning the acquaintance with the monuments of Tenerife, you should pay attention to the fact that the most comfortable way to travel around the island is to rent a car. Itwill allow the day to visit all the attractions located in different parts of the island.

Will be interesting to visit the following places:

  1. Pyramids of Guimar – mysterious place that scientists study so far;
  2. The Auditorio de Tenerife building, which became symphonic and chamber hall;
  3. The Torres de Santa Cruz – two of a giant skyscraper.

Definitely worth a visit miniature Park Pueblo Chico is a fabulous place, occupying a rather large area. Here you can find all the major attractions of the island, both architectural and natural.


If you plan to travel with children, you should look in places specially designed for young tourists. First and foremost, it will be interesting to spend time in the "Siam Park" , the main amusement Park located in Costa Adeje. Here is also a water Park with many water rides and Park buildings and cafes.

Of course, the kids will love the zoo "Lobopark" with different types of animals.

In the South of Tenerife is the jungle Park (the eagle Park) is a place where a natural setting is home to approximately 500 animals, including monkeys, lions, tigers and Cougars, as well as rare species of parrots and birds of prey.

On each of the abodes of the Park, the employees of this facility will tell the fascinating story.

In the Park, monkeys , children can get acquainted with the most rare Primate species and have fun feeding the animals with it. Food for life can be purchased at the beginning of the Park.


For tourists on the island there are numerous routes that you can build your own or order directly on site.

Personal tours

personalnye ekskursii v ushele

Individual trips to the sights of Tenerife involve a sightseeing tour around the coast of the island and visit the natural places to which to travel independently will be difficult. These include a trip to the gorge "Mask", in the village of Santiago and the charming town of Garachico, as well as familiarity with the symbol of the island – Daconil tree and tasting of local dishes.

Personal tours also include:

  • The Teide Volcano;
  • Relic forest;
  • Wind Cave;
  • The Pyramids Of Guimar.

Among the interesting walks also worth noting trips on motor boats on the ocean and entertainment helicopters.


Even self-organized travel does not exclude a visit to mount Teide and its surroundings. To the top can be reached by funicular, by car or on foot. Along the way you can meet a lot of interesting, for example, a Lunar landscape, national Park Las Canadas and fire Tenerife pine. Also on the way found a rock of Los Roques de Garcia – peak, which can often be found on the Souvenirs of the island.

Not less interesting promises to be a visit to Icod de Los Vinos is a typical Canary town with architecture of the XVI century. In the center of the city contains historic buildings – houses and churches, as well as more modest, but no less attractive colonial-style homes – many of them remain as they were built 500-600 years ago. The island has excellent public transport links, so getting to the right places is not difficult.

By car

With a rental car, you can organize the most interesting acquaintance with the island and its attractions. During the trip you can see the largest and most famous city, visit parks and water parks of the island and visit the national parks, as well as in the most remote and difficult accessible areas of Tenerife.

Tenerife is incredibly interesting in terms of excursion tourism. The island, which can be reached by car in 3 hour, keeps on its territory a plenty of monuments of history and culture.

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