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Tour of Spain: sights of the fortress of Tossa de Mar photos

Ispaniya: dostoprimechatelnosti Tossa-de-Mar

The town of Tossa de Mar (Spain), attractions that will fascinate any tourist, is one of the top resort destinations in the province of Girona. At the time, this resort was considered quite fashionable, but now you'll be quite affordable prices.

Charming resort - photo

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Tossa de Mar is a tiny (6 million inhabitants) town, part of the famous Costa Brava — the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia near Spain's border with France.

Where and how to get there?

The town of Tossa de Mar is located in the North-East of Spain in the province of Girona, Autonomous community Catalonia. The distance to Barcelona is 90 km away.

Tossa de Mar is one of the most remote resorts of the Costa Brava, so getting here is not easy.

The starting point for the trip to the resort is the airport of Barcelona, but the direct rail link between Barcelona and Tossa de Mar is not. Therefore, tourists planning a trip to a remote resort, you have the following options:

  • Can be reached by train from Barcelona to Blanes, where to take the bus to Tossa de Mar;
  • Twice a day (morning and afternoon) from the airport of Barcelona is bus transfer to the resort. Journey time — two hours, as the buses stop at almost every hotel coast;
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  • The bus ride from the city center takes much less time — about 1 hour 20 minutes. However, it is necessary to add on the time taken to travel to the city centre. Place of origin — North bus station (Estació del Nord);
  • Drive in a taxi from the airport or Barcelona — the most convenient and fastest way to get to Tossa de Mar. But, of course, the most expensive.

Historical note

Like many other cities of the Mediterranean, Tossa de Mar has considerable age. The city existed even before our era, and the beginning of the first Millennium of our era, settled here and the Romans, who gave the city the name Turissa.

In the middle ages the town became a possession of the counts of Barcelona, and in the XII century was built the main attraction of the city — fortress "Vila Vella". At the same time the town together with the whole Catalonia became part of the Kingdom of Aragon, and after the "Iberian wedding", bringing together Aragon and Castile became part of unified Spain.

For centuries the city prospered thanks to its main product — the bark of the cork tree, but by the twentieth century the need for traffic has dropped significantly and Tossa de Mar has lost its significance and became even decrease in numbers.

Saved Tossa de Mar tourism — first the city was opened by the artist (Chagall, Masson, Miro), and after the filming of "Pandora and the flying Dutchman", which was held in the town, he received wide acclaim and began to develop rapidly as a holiday resort.

Particularly popularity has contributed to the outstanding actress Ava Gardner, after filming moved there and left to live in Tossa de Mar.

Sights and interesting places of the city

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Despite its small size, Tossa de Mar boasts impressive sights.

Architectural objects

The millennial history of the city could not be reflected in its architecture.

The main attraction of the city — the castle-fortress of Vila Vella, built in the middle Ages. The main purpose of the fortress was a defense against Muslim pirates for centuries, threatening the coast of Catalonia, Kingdom of Aragon, and then Spain.

Now Vila Vella —the only preserved on the Catalan coast example of a medieval fortified settlement. Translation of Vila Vella means "Old village".

The special charm of the complex give 3 cylindrical towers, each with its own name: Torre-Codolar, Torre de Les of Ores and Torre de Joanes. Inside the Fort there are more than 80 medieval houses, among which is the Governor's Palace, built in the XIV century in the late Gothic style.

Worth the attention of tourists and Municipal Museum, located in the walls of the fortress. Here are the paintings of Marc Chagall, worked in the city, Roman mosaics, paintings by contemporary Spanish artists and other notable exhibits. Also in town you can visit the navigation Museum, a former lighthouse Camino de La Luz.

Ancient architecture of Tossa de Mar is a classic Mediterranean town with narrow streets and houses, harvesting each other, and often located under the same roof. It is noteworthy that the so-called "New town" not much younger "Old town", located in the walls of the fortress, so the streets of Tossa de Mar you will be able to take in the medieval atmosphere.

A couple of old buildingsthat should not be missed:

  1. Church. Vincent was erected in the XV century, but in the nineteenth century was almost completely destroyed. The locals have restored the Church and it is now open to the public. Especially impressive are the spectacular interiors of the Church;
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  3. The ruins of an ancient Roman Villa of the IV century ad, was discovered only at the very end of the nineteenth century. Thanks to this discovery has been able to reconstruct the history of the city and to prove that Tossa is much older than was thought previously.

The most famous monuments of Tossa de Mar is a sculpture, dedicated to ava Gardner, and "a monument to the generations", which is a composition of an elderly man playing a boy.

Natural beauty

The coast of Tossa de Mar, as well as the whole territory of the Costa Brava, in itself is one big natural attraction. Therefore, most importantly, why are you coming to Tossa for tourists is the coast.

And if the city beaches during the holiday season is always filled, a little after driving from Tossa to enjoy the wild beaches of the Mediterranean coast, for example, in the bays:

  • Salons;
  • Potager;
  • Giverola.

In the city's major recreation areas are Municipal beach and the beach of Mar Menuda.


Tossa de Mar is a quiet resort town, designed for a relaxing holiday, so the abundance of recreational activities to speak of.

Nice variety to the holiday a visit to the diving centre "Andrea's Diving", which is recognized as the best diving school in Spain. Here any beginner will teach you to dive and help you enjoy the depths of the Mediterranean sea.

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Another notable kayakingequipment can be rented on the beach Mar Menuda. Particularly exciting coastline located to the North of the city in the area of the Floor bays and Giverola.

Lovers of active holidays will attract paintball center "Paintball Can Garriga"islocated in a green area among the lush trees. After receiving physical exercise outdoors, you can always sit quietly in one of the many restaurants or bars in Tossa de Mar.

Feature of Tossa de Mar is the large number of festivals in the summer, timed to coincide with various holidays.

Special beauty different festivities in honor of St. Jordi, St Night. Juan and the main national holiday — Day of Catalonia.

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What to see in the surrounding area?

Resting in Tossa de Mar, it is not necessary to limit yourself to just this resort. Before the tourists the option of visiting other Costa Brava cities or interesting places of Catalonia, which she is so rich.

Excursions from Tossa

ekskursii v Rupit i Besalu

The whole province of Girona, which is part of Catalonia, open to exciting excursions from Tossa de Mar.

  1. Definitely worth a trip to the ancient towns of Rupit and besalú, which seems to have stopped centuries ago.
  2. Another direction is the capital of the province of the city of Girona, delighting in its sights. Especially interesting are the beautiful waterfront of the Onyar river, the Cathedral, or the fortress of montjuïc.
  3. Anotherdirection for a solo trip — the town of Blanes, near which stands a medieval castle. The castle is famous for its jousting tournaments and flamenco festival, so the tourists got such a hot idea, get an unforgettable experience.
  4. Exciting destination in the vicinity is acquainted with the famous Catalan wines of Torres in the town of Paks del penedès, located in the province of Barcelona. Excursion to the winery, of course, includes a tasting and opportunity to purchase products from the manufacturer with a minimum premium.
  5. And, finally, at rest in those to visit the capital of Catalonia - Barcelona is one of the greatest cities in Europe, full of historical attractions and modern entertainments.

Where to go with kids?

A strange complex of "Humor Amarillo" is located under the open sky and is a large site occupied by various attractions, obstacle courses, playgrounds and sports equipment.

"Humor Amarillo" not like normal theme parks and is designed primarily for sport enthusiasts of all ages.

Back in the summer of Tossa de Mar is a free bus to the water Park Marineland, where young tourists can not only enjoy the water slides, but also to see the performance of dolphins.

See this video overview of the fortress Vila Vella: