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Spain attractions: what to see in the City of Sciences in Valencia?

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The splendor of the sea beaches, developed infrastructure, friendly locals – all the Valencia attractions which will not leave anyone indifferent, because it is the crown jewel of tourism of Spain. It is equally interesting to both adults and children.

Valencia on the map of Spain in Russian

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She is one of the largest Spanish cities, as well as being the capital of the homonymous province.

Valencia has a favorable geographical position and has direct access to the sea depths.

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Located next to the Mediterranean sea, near the mouth of the river Turia. The South-Eastern part of Spain. It consists of three provinces:

  • Valenciaperforming the function of the administrative center in the region. Famous for its culinary traditions, lively celebrations, and the startling beauty of the lagoon;
  • Castellón – coast resort with a rugged mountain types;
  • Alicante – the center of tourist centers on the intricate shapes the shore. Here the landscape was influenced by the fierce waves, cut the land.

Stay here like returns during the middle Ages with numerous battles. The colorful atmosphere is created thanks to the festivals and holidays.

Popular sightseeing areas

turisticheskij rajon Kosta del Azahar

Valencia is primarily a tourist region, where hundreds of kilometers of line the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, spread an enormous number of comfortable hotels.

This is the territory of fast-paced fun. At every step travellers expect pleasant surprises.

Among popular areas for tourists are the following:

  1. Costa del Azahar or the Coast of orange blossoms. On this coast is the administrative center of Valencia, the third largest in the country. Fantastic beaches and bizarre rock landscapes it offers. The city imposed the imprints of different cultures. Visit the old part of an unforgettable experience for lovers of art and history;
  2. Costa Blanca or White coast, owes its name to the long ribbon of fine sand beaches. Here you can relax in the best hotels of the province. Especially famous resorts of Calpe, Benidorm and Denia, where you can enjoy a rich daily and evening entertainment programme;
  3. populyarnyj region Kosta-Blanka

  4. Alicante – developed city, built in the spirit of mixing different styles. It entwined Moorish, Romanesque and Greek flavor. Nearby on a rocky hill the castle of Santa Barbara. It has two paths – take the Elevator or the winding serpentine road.

More active tourists in any corner of Valencia discover interesting sights that you can become better acquainted.

The sights of the city and surrounding areas - photo and description

In the capital region and her district is something to see. There are combined old and modern buildings, there are beautiful cathedrals and museums, unique natural objects.

Architectural structure

The main point in the list of attractions of Valencia – City of arts and Sciences. So call the huge complex, which includes five buildings:

  • Opera;
  • Oceanographic Park – the largestthe whole of Europe;
  • Botanical garden;
  • the planetarium and theater;
  • the Museum of science.

When the night light is the combination of buildings of the City of arts and Sciences resembles a space ship.

It is located at the bottom of the dried up Turia. His picture is emblazoned on all the art historical references of Spain. Also the architectural ensemble is picturesque with pools and green areas, the restaurant type.

arhitektura Goroda nauk i iskusstv

Plaza De Torros – the place of the incarnation of popular Spanish entertainment - bullfighting. Here the man enters into a fierce battle with the bull. On the city's arena can hold up to 16 thousand spectators. Very impressionable and animal advocates have to taste the Portuguese bullfight is Spanish, which is enough to rip the horns of the badges and to kill the bull to achieve victory is not necessary.

It is located near the Northern railway stationbuilt in art Nouveau style. On the bright facades catch the eye of a colorful mosaic. They depict Valencia tangerines, hot Spanish women dressed in traditional outfits, and red stars.

The next destination marked on the tourist map, - city hall. On its facade hid a bat carved from stone. The toothy animal, a symbol of Valencia. According to legend, he saved the Aragonese monarch Jaime from certain death during the war with the Arabs.

Close by is a magnificent structure with boxes for letters in the form of heads of a lion – the post office.

The final destination – La Lonja. It is a Gothic structure of the 15th century is under protection of UNESCO. Previously it was a silk exchange, where deals get done, held the court session on trade issues.

The building resembles a medieval castle with turrets, battlements, and with figures of fabulous creatures – gargoyles. The entrance is crowned by a sculpture of the mother of God. In the middle of a huge Hall with a vaulted ceiling.

Religious objects

Mostly cathedrals and monasteries are concentrated in the historic part of Valencia. Their architecture combines a variety of styles – Renaissance, Baroque, Moorish and Gothic. In the city you can look at:

  1. Torre del Miguelete – the bell tower;
  2. The Church Of SV. Augustine, San Juan, St. John, of the knights of Malta;
  3. Santo Domingo – the monastery;
  4. Real Monasterio de la Santisima Trinidad , the home of the poor;
  5. The Crypt Of Svetotechnika Vicente.

religioznaya kripta

But the main religious Shrine is considered the Cathedral of the virgin Mary with the exemplary architecture of the middle Ages.

Gothic building built in the former sanctuary of the ancient Romans. Inside it is painted with scenes of Renaissance period.


The City of arts and Sciences is the science Museum, named in honor of Prince Felipe. The architects have tried to give it a sophisticated, easy shape. The creation of their hands like braided lace.

Here the visitor plenty of opportunities:

  • interactive viewing of information;
  • independent study exhibition copies;
  • the chance to participate in experiments;
  • familiarization with the history of applied Sciences with the help of experienced guides.

muzej Felipe

You can visit the exhibitions, which are confined to particular discoveries in the field of science and history. Build in the spirit of futurism fits in perfectly with Mediterranean flavor, effectively reflecting in the water lit at night.

Another Museum is located in the Central area of the city, in the Palace of the marqueses de DOS Aguas. Unique facades of the buildings have a rich historical past. They are decorated with alabaster sculptures. Striking combination of mythological, religious subjects, with plant motifs. Here is the national ceramics Museum.

The main part of his heritage – private collection. It was presented to the Museum gonzález martí. Here are collected everyday objects and decoration of ceramic, symbolizing different epochs. There are even the works of Picasso. The Museum's collection complement the luxurious interiors of the 19th century. Also visitors can see the beautiful patio and exposition, which presents the unique Palace of the carriage.

Natural places

Among the natural attractions of Valencia are especially popular Royal gardensthat are the largest parkland in the region. The Park was created in the mid 16th century, to decorate the area adjacent to the Palace of Philip II. There were over 4000 species of plants.

In the Peninsula war the building was destroyed, but a collection of green spaces updated and expanded.

Royal gardens is notable because:

  1. herecollected rare varieties of plants;
  2. this is the natural habitat of different animals and birds, their diversity complements a small zoo;
  3. there are artificially created ponds, fountains;
  4. in a green area built beautiful columns and pergola in the spirit of Gothic;
  5. prirodnye sady

  6. completes the architectural-Park complex twisted Aragonese bridge;
  7. at the end of any alley is one of the local attractions.

This is a great place for those who do not like the tedious walk around the city or want unity with nature.

Fans of extreme relaxation will enjoy a visit to the caves of Saint Joseph. They are located in the settlement of Val Duso, North of Valencia. Here you can take a boat trip, floating through the underground arteries of our planet.

Tourists with a unique view bizarre rocks hanging over head stalactites and stalagmites.

Where else to go?

Excellent dishes from Spanish chefs – another reason to come to Valencia, the home of the famous dishes. The highlight of the program each cafe or restaurant serves paella. Its taste and aroma can be experienced here in different incarnations. During the holidays signature dish is prepared on the main square in open braziers.

What to look for 1 and 2 days?

After getting acquainted with the main attractions, or if you plan a trip to Valencia just for one or a couple of days to get acquainted with national culture can watching flamenco.

kuda shodit za 1 ili 2 dnya?

At La ' Bulería show dance show lasting about an hour. During his speech serves classic local cuisine.

Another improvisation in the style of flamenco have the opportunity to see the Café del Duende. Dance show starts on Thursday and runs every evening until Sunday inclusive.

Familiarity with the city, you can continue your sightseeing tour. For a few hours you will experience the atmosphere of ancient Valencia. Here you will visit:

  • the Ciutat Vella district;
  • watchtower;
  • The Holy Grail;
  • Central square;
  • the Basilica of the virgin of the Helpless.

Another interesting offer excursions by bus. Is one day tours to the natural water of the Albufera, home to rare species of birds, or port Saplaya with its colourful houses and canals. You can order a photo tour or a trip to the winery.

What to visit on your own with the kids?

Terra Mitica , the famous theme Park, divided into themed zones. Its creators were inspired by the idea of playing in the live drawings and the figures of the mythical civilizations of antiquity.

With a child you can visit the Park of Gulliver. From the height of bird flight you can see a huge human figure lying on the ground. Next to her everyone will feel like a baby. In the Park there are playgrounds, slides, ropes.

Valencia is perfectly located for family holidays and romantic trips.

More attractions in Valencia you can see in this video: