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Spain attractions: what to see in Girona in 1 day - photos

Ispaniya: dostoprimechatelnosti ZHirony

In Europe, plenty of cities rich in history and culture, one of them - Girona (Spain). The sights of the place stunning architectural shapes, unusual ideas and strength of materials.

Girona on the map of Spain in Russian

gorod na russkoyazychnoj karte

Girona (some use the word "Girona", and the Spaniards called Girona) is one of the cities of Spain, where the constructions preserved since the middle Agesthat constantly attracts the city many tourists.


The city is located in the North-East of the country, in the Autonomous area of Catalonia, in the province of Girona. To reach the city by train from Barcelona , the journey time is one hour.

In Girona there is the airport that regularly fly planes from many countries of the world.

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The main tourist areas

The most visited tourist places in Girona are:

  • Plaza Catalunya – it combines fortifications, the coast of the river Onyar and lovely gardens;
  • Jewish quarter El-Kal – in the middle ages was considered one of the major Jewish associations in the country. The neighborhood is the historic museums;
  • glavnye ekskursionnye rajony

  • the Old town is a real historical relic of Girona's walls withstood numerous sieges;
  • The Arab baths is a huge building in the Romanesque style, inside which there are baths and pools of different size and type;
  • The Cathedral is one of the best architectural structures of the city.

Attractions - photos with description

Girona is often called the "immortal city" or "city of a thousand sieges" due to the fact that the town has withstood many assaults and sieges, but was never broken. Therefore, the city is replete with serfs and medieval buildings, historical places, museums of various types.

In Girona every curious tourist will definitely find something to your liking.

Architectural structures

arhitekturnyj dvorec

Girona architecture fills the historic city center and ulevaade legends and rumors, sometimes frightening hearing.

  1. Palace Agullana. The Palace was built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries, then repeatedly rebuilt and reconstructed. Today the building was purchased in the 17th century.

    According to legend, there lived for some time bloodthirsty vampires, feared by the whole town. But the Palace in the first place, attracts the attention of unusual architecture – the entrance to the building lies directly above beveled arched span.

  2. The Tower Of Gironella. The tower is the only thing left from the walls of the city. The exact date of the construction of the tower is difficult to determine, but it is known that the tower was used in the early 12th century. Now the building remained only ruins, which nevertheless attract the attention of tourists.
  3. North gate. Through the gate in the period of antiquity the Roman merchants imported their goods into the city-fortress Gerundo, now called the city of Girona. North gate connects Old and New town, and at the top of the archway of the gate you can see the image of the virgin of bona mort.


Every city has its own monuments and memorials, which are associated with interesting history. The city of Girona is no exception.

Leo Girona is a small sculpture of a lion that climbsup the pillar, was erected in the 12th century and is located near the Cathedral. Although to say that climbing animal is the lion, impossible – time has not spared the sculpture and blurred her features.

It is believed that for the fulfillment of the wishes, you need to kiss the figure of a lion in the"fifth point". And to make it easier to reach out, to sculpture the oversight of a special ladder.

Churches and cathedrals

Kafedralnyj sobor

The main cultural attractions of Girona are the majestic churches and cathedrals.

  • Cathedral. The construction of the Cathedral began in the 14th century and lasted several centuries, and its architecture is mixed from few styles. Also a distinctive feature of the Cathedral is the huge staircase: it is believed that one who, rising, counted an even number of steps of a righteous man, and who will account for the odd – a sinner.

    The openings of the Church adorned with stained glass Windows and courtyard lie the famous people of the Girona.

    The Cathedral has its own Treasury, which includes the various Church artifacts, including woven rug "creation of the world", Dating back to the 12-13 centuries, and various statues, ancient manuscripts, gold and silver Church utensils.

  • Church Of San Feliu. The Church, built in the 15-16 centuries, dedicated to two righteous, Felix and Narcissus, who were martyred by the Roman pagans. The architecture of the Church also, there is a mixture of several styles. Inside the temple there are some sarcophagi of Roman Christians, as well as the ashes of Saint Narcissus, the patron Saint and protector of the city.
  • The monastery of St. Peter. This is a Prime example of the Catalan Romanesque style 10-12 centuries. On top of the monastery is octagonal belfry. In the 19th century it housed a Museum featuring archaeological excavations of ancient tombs and artifacts. Near the monastery pitch their wonderful garden.


Museums and exhibition halls in Girona, not so much, but each of them deserves attention.

  1. The cinema Museum. It is a private Museum, which presents more than 30 thousand exhibits, related to the cinematography. In particular, here are the famous projector of the Lumiere brothers, and a large number of posters and films from different countries and times.
  2. muzej kino

  3. The Museum of art. Located in the Episcopal Palace, the Museum presents works of art 10-20 centuries – here and carved statues, rare manuscripts, and paintings, medieval altars. In the garden of the Museum you can see sculptures of stone.
  4. The Museum of history. This complex has 14 exhibition halls where the exposition of the history of Girona from the first settlers to the present day. An interesting collection of musical instruments from different eras. Geographically, the Museum is located near the Cathedral and is only on Mondays.

What else to see in town?

Girona is a small city where, in addition to architectural structures and Church facilities, there are more attractions which are worth a look.

Natural objects

Through the city flows the river Onyar is the main natural attraction of Girona, where there is a possibility to make good pictures.

Panorama of the reservoir attract many tourists – it offers a wonderful view of the main street.

prirodnaya reka

For walking on the natural objects perfect gardensgrowing in the Episcopal Palace and the Church of Sant Feliu. In the city not so many picturesque places, but in the surroundings you can visit the following sites:

  • natural pool in Begur;
  • Cape roses;
  • the beach of St. Antonios.

Where to go yourself one day?

Often in the journey, not enough time to visit all the attractions of the city. For convenience there is a list of places to visit in Girona in one day:

  1. iron bridge of Eiffel – is that in Girona all the bridges are not only connect two shores, but also a symbiosis of the past and the future;
  2. The Jewish quarter with a variety of shops and souvenir shops;
  3. the Church of St. Philip, located near the Cathedral;
  4. wall – it is best to climb a wall and walk on top, because from there you enjoy a wonderful view of the surroundings;
  5. the city's waterfront, filled with restaurants and antique shops.

In this video you will see an overview of the main attractionsGirona: