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Palau de la Música Catalana - picture of Palace of Catalan music in Barcelona

Dvorec katalonskoj muzyki

Enchanting melodies in luxurious surroundings – this combination will not leave anyone indifferent. The rave reviews left by all who were fortunate enough to attend a concert at the Palace of Catalan music. This amazing structure in Barcelona, not in vain is recognized as a world heritage site.

The magnificent Palace of Catalan music - photo

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The capital of Catalonia is famous for its architecture and special flair. One of the ornaments of this city – the world famous concert hall Palau de la Música Catalana, where it is believed honor to be leading musicians in the world.

The halls of the Palace of Catalan music filled with the sounds of classical symphonies, Catalan songs, jazz improvisation, chamber melodies and passionate flamenco.

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The Palace is in Spain and adorns the Central part of Barcelona. He blends into the ensemble of the historic district of La Ribera, which is adjacent to the Gothic quarter. The name of the street where the concert hall – Palau de La music.

Historical note

istoricheskie svedeniya

Whom the descendants have to thank for creating this masterpiece of modern-style? The Palace was created on the idea of a talented architect Louis Domenech I Montaner and under his leadership.

  • Originally the building was built not only as a magnificent concert hall, but also as the headquarters of the choral society "of the Catalan Orpheus". It exists today, differing from other similar European teams with many prestigious awards and promotion of local Catalan music. In his extensive repertoire of classics, and folk songs.
  • Built the Palace of Catalan music for the most part on donations to the Fund choral society.
  • Just work on the construction of the building took about 3 years from laying the Foundation stone in April of 1905 to the Grand opening in February 1908.

  • The city Council has expressed its recognition of the architect. The Palace of Catalan music was named the best building, and Montaner have received a gold medal.
  • The first major restoration and extension of the concert hall held in the 80-ies of the last century and in the beginning of this century it had been restored.
  • One of the best buildings in the style of modernism in 1997 UNESCO included in the list of sites that are considered monuments and are protected as a world heritage site.

The design of the building

eksterer zdaniya

The design of the Palace of Catalan music in many ways unique. It combines different styles and artistic techniques. Pleases the eye with an abundance of decorative elements – stained glass Windows and capitals to turrets and spires. Modern touch to the overall appearance of the building makes use of steel structures.

But there is a particular distinction of this Palace from the others – it is illuminated with natural light, not electricity. In Europe, such as concert halls anymore.


The facade of the building is its "face". The Palace of Catalan music it is very beautiful, with a vivid and memorable features. The facade is conceived and made by masters in the best architectural traditions of Spanish and Arabic culture. And it looks like this combination is very organic. The usual appearance of the buildings straight lines are giving way to the curved.

Adorns the facade of the concert hall is a sculptural group called "Catalan folk song".

The main facade is crowned by a mosaic composition. This is the allegorical image of the participants of the choir "Catalan Orpheus".

Columns located on the second floor of the facade of the building, beautifully decorated. The artists used colored glazed tiles with floral ornaments.Both columns topped by a candelabra.

And over the columns, according to the authors, are placed busts of prominent composers. Experts recognize Wagner, Bach, Pierluigi-da-Palestrina, Beethoven.

Concert hall

koncertnoe pomeshenie

2200 spectators at the same time can attend the concert at the Palace of Catalan music. But visiting it every year half a million people not only enjoy the works of world famous celebrities. They admire the splendor of the concert hall.

The interior of the Palace deserves special attention. To look at this beauty, people pre-book excursions. Due to the natural lighting atmosphere in the room is special.

  1. Light enters the room through the unusual shape of the ceiling. It is made in the form of an inverted dome of glass mosaic of different colors: Golden scale in the center, symbolizing the sun, and blue sky around.
  2. The walls of the concert hall is decorated with huge stained glass Windows. When it gets dark, the stained glass Windows emit a special light. Seem alive and moving numerous sculptures – Pegasus, the flying Valkyries and Muse, which is located right on the stage. In the center of the stage – the Catalan flag. And above it, the majestic organ.
  3. Spacious concert hall consists of several tiers, the boxes arranged in a semicircle, which is very convenient for the audience. Anywhere offers an excellent overview of the hall. Sitting in the second tier feel like floating on top.
  4. The room is large enough, with an abundance of decorative elements. But it doesn't look clumpy or overloaded with details. On the contrary, the situation creates a feeling of airiness.

The concert hall has become a landmark of Barcelona, the center of the cultural life of the Catalan capital.

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pravila posesheniya

To visit the Palace of Catalan music by ordering tour or buying tickets to one of the concerts or musical performances.

How to get there?

If to reach by public transport, it is convenient to use the metro – the 1st and 4th lines. You need to get out at the station called Urquinaona.

The Palace is located in the centre of Barcelona, where are many routes of city buses. So to get to the destination special not working – can be reached by buses №17, 19, 40, 45.

While working

Tours of the Palace are from 10 o'clock in the morning. Every half-hour inspection of the concert hall and other premises are subject to a new group of visitors. Tour service lasts till 15:30 daily. In August, the visit time extended up to 18 hours.

Why the tour ends quite early, at half past three? The reason is simple – in the evening here are concert programs and performances.


glavnyj vhod

Tickets to the Palace of Catalan music are sold in the ticket office and official website.

During the tour the guide will introduce the guests with:

  • concert hall;
  • hall rehearse members of the choir;
  • hall, Luis millet, who founded the choral society of Catalonia;
  • the main Palace stairs.

The tour lasts approximately 1 hour, in a group of no more than 55 people. Guides speak Spanish and Catalan languages as well as French and English.

The tour in Russian language – once a day. All the questions you need to clarify when booking tickets.

How much familiarity with the musical and architectural landmark of Barcelona:

  1. admission for an adult costs € 18 (about 1,260 USD), and for those who have not attained 10 years of age – free;
  2. profitable to visit the Palace families – if the household not less than four, then the tour will cost 50 Euro (3500 roubles);
  3. discounts include students, retired people and those who are not currently unemployed;
  4. discounts are provided for concerts or certain categories, including people with disabilities and students.

The Palace of music thanks to the talent of the architect has become a unified ensemble, although it combines elements of different styles. But it is so organic that the facility has become the center of attraction and music lovers, and connoisseurs of architectural art.

The Palace attracts as a magnet to new visitors and regulars of this cultural center. And the international stars ready to give your talent on the stage of the Palace of Catalan music – a real href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/dostoprimechatelnosti-barselony-i-okrestnostej/">dostoprimechatelnosti Barcelona.

In this video you can see the Palace of Catalan music outside: