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Where in Spain the mountain of Montserrat and the monastery, the Black Madonna, weather, photos

gora Montserrat v Ispanii

The mountain of Montserrat – the most famous mountain range in Spain, slaying its unique landscape. Many have visited here say that Montserrat is a place of spiritual rebirth of man and the unique natural site with stunning scenery.

The mountain of Montserrat on the map

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In Spain, the inspection minutes - is simple enough, as all the cities are well organized transport accessibility. To get to the sacred mountain is not difficult, if you know how to do it.

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In Spanish the name of the mountain means - toothed, sawn mountain. Spain has a huge nature reserve, in the heart of which is the mountain of Montserrat. It is in the North-East of the Iberian Peninsula, Barcelona is 50 km from this Holy place.

How to get there?

To the foot of the mountain can be reached by train, bus, private or rented car. Trains run from Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona, right up to the foot of the mountain. To the top can be reached by cable car or a dedicated track of the funicular.

The bus goes from Barcelona once a day. His departure from the bus station Estacio Sants is about 9 am.

In addition, you can order an excursion. The bus will take you straight to the Montserrat mountain and back to the Catalan capital. The duration of this tour about five or six hours. It is worth noting that will have morning and afternoon excursions on the mountain.

What is it, the Holy hill?

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If we consider the history, the mountains of Montserrat, there are analogues is Krasnoyarsk Pillars in Russia and the Bastei cliffs in Germany.

The origin and characteristics

Extraordinary mountain side looks like a series of bizarre peak, "cloves", formed of sedimentary rocks of the mouth of the river that emptied into a giant lake. The river and the lake dried up after the death of the Balearic continent, and what was in their day, under the influence of erosion have transformed into these fascinating hills. Limestone and eroded rocks makes a mountain of Montserrat, strong and the most resistant to climate change.

The height of the mountain - 1,200 metres above sea level, a length of 10 km and width 5 km. Montserrat is a series of cliffs that rise a mighty idols. Especially capture and thrill the mysterious caves and crevices formed between rocks.


The climate of the mountains is as unique as its nature. Experts describe it as "wet Mediterranean", and the strong elevation changes of the mountains lead to a fairly drastic change in the weather. As with the other high peaks, at the peak of Monstserrat much colder than at its foot. On the mountain are frequent and strong winds from the Mediterranean sea, which leads to the formation of fog and lower temperatures in General. But the snow on the mountain is rare.


The unusual rocks of the massif gave rise to many legends about its origin among local residents. For example, one legend tells that these slopes were created angels jokersthat are for fun, sawed with saws Golden mountain into many pieces.

Individual hills and cliffs also got their quirky names, such as:

  • Cat;
  • Mummy and Little mummy;
  • The face of the Holy virgin;
  • God's finger;
  • The belly of the Bishop.

On the mountain there is the monastery of Montserrat. Its origin is also surrounded by many mysteries and legends. In the 9th century a group of young shepherdsheard on the hill fanciful melody, and then saw a bright light rising to the heavens.

Learning of this miracle, the local Bishop of shells in the mountain expedition, during which in one of the caves was found the figure of the Black Madonna, carved from black poplar.

The figure subsequently became the main Catalan Shrine. The history of its origin and today it is impossible to establish exactly, but the legend says that a wooden statue belongs to the hand of St. Luke the Evangelist, author of many intravital portraits of the blessed virgin. On the Pyrenees it was taken by another disciple of the Savior, Peter. The figure failed to remove the mountain, so the Bishop gave an instruction to arrange on top of the monastic skete, dedicated to the outlandish Madonna.


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Tour groups can arrange a variety of agencies with an experienced guide, from which you can learn a lot of interesting information. Barcelona, Costa Brava and Costa Dorada - the most popular starting point.

Monastery - photo

Located on the mountain monastery, more than a thousand years, is owned by the Catholic monastic order of Benedictines, is a place of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.

Benedictine monastery is a symbol of the Christian faith and the center of the spiritual life of the whole freedom of Catalonia. Here the pilgrimage of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, instead of the traditional Jerusalem, led to the founding of the Jesuits, the most austere of all the monastic orders of the Catholic Church.

The Explorer Christopher Columbus in honor of his favorite monastery was named one of the Antilles.

Badly damaged after the Napoleonic conquest, the monastery was restored by the works of the most prominent artists of Spain of the 19th century. In particular the main altar of the monastery Basilica was designed by Antoni Gaudi.

In addition to the fascinating architecture of the monastery attracts tourists from all over the world for its famous boys ' choir, as well as a rich library and a large Museum where you can see paintings by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Claude Monet and the largest collection of Orthodox icons, and archeological finds from the Middle East.

The Black Madonna


The most famous attraction of the monastery – the Black Madonna. With this legendary statue due to a lot of people will of the Catalans. For example, want to marry before the wedding should ask for this blessing right here, and touching the statue helps in childbirth.

According to unofficial Catalan tradition, each girl gets the name of Montserrat, which gives it special protection. So it was with the famous Opera singer Montserrat Caballe.

Copies of the sculpture are widely represented in the Catholic cathedrals of the South American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. In the late 19th century the Pope declared Montserrat sculpture of the patroness of the Iberian Peninsula.

Where more Hiking trails?

The tourist route of the main peak of Catalonia is not limited to the road to the famous Black Madonna, or as affectionately called by the locals "the Beautiful". There is also a penitential path "Way of Christ" which is symbolically the type of the road of the son of God on Calvary.

This steep climb through mountain passes along the fourteen poignant sculptures that depict the events of Jesus ' death which created by the great Antonio Gaudi. The path is completed Grieving chapel, whose architecture was inspired by the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

Nearby is the cross of St. Michael, near which is arranged a viewing platform overlooking the foot of the mountain and the monastery. Nearby are chapel of Saint Michael as a sign that existed here many centuries of the monastic community. Today it is a small religious building of the 19th century, with a modest sunshade.

The Montserrat mountain is rich in architectural monuments. If you are not limited in time, you can also visit such places as:

  1. The Observation Of Fra Gary;
  2. The Holy cave chapel carved into the rock;
  3. The Path Of Prayer To The Virgin Mary (The Rosary);
  4. Artists alley;
  5. Scenic route "APE channel";
  6. The Sculpture Of St. Dominic.

We recommend you to watch a video about the mountain and monastery of Montserrat: