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Tibidabo mountain and the Temple of the sacred Heart in Barcelona

hram Svyatogo Serdca

If you enter Barcelona from the coast, it almost immediately opens the mountain of Tibidabo, on the top of it stands the temple of the sacred Heart, which is crowned by the statue of Christ, widely spread hands over the city.

Mount Tibidabo and the sagrat

gora Tibidabo i svyatilishe

And the temple, and the mountain is a place where pilgrims seek and tourists. For pilgrims, the mount Tibidabo is significant because the events on it in biblical times, told in the Holy Scriptures. And the temple - the place of fervent prayer.

Tourists tend on the mountain, to admire the extraordinary panoramic views of Barcelona. A temple is a building, striking for its unusual architectural solution.

Tibidabo rises above Barcelona at 500 metres. It is not just the highest place in the city, but also one of the most important in Spain. Here is just a few minutes:

  • TV tower;
  • Romantic gardens;
  • Museum of mechanical toys;
  • amusement Park;
  • Temple Of The Sacred Heart.

All who read the gospel remember the story of the temptation of Christ and knows that there is not provided a place where Satan tempted Jesus the third time. Therefore, in Spain believe that these events occurred on a mountain near the city of Barcelona. The mountain was named after the saying from the Bible "give you" in Latin it reads: omnia tibi dabo. Hence the name of the mountain Tibidabo.

svyashennyj gornyj massiv

Tibidabo is beautiful in itself. It is densely overgrown with pines, bizarre exotic plants. There are a lot of trails, scenic walks, romantic Bush.

Temple of the sacred Heart – the main attraction on the mountain. In the Middle ages among Catholics, there was a tradition to honor the Heart of Christ in the literal, not in a symbolic sense. In 1856, the Pope instituted the feast of the sacred Heart.

At the same time there was a fashion in the name of temples. The temples of the sacred Heart appeared in many countries. The Cathedral with the same name appeared in Spain.

How to get there?

Mount Tibidabo is part of the mountain ridge of the Sierra of Collserola, its highest peak. It is located in the North-West of Barcelona.

There are three ways to reach the mountain and climb to its summit to the temple:

  1. Going this route, you can see along the way many interesting. First, we need to pass on the brown metro line L7 to the station Avinguda Tibidabo, this is the final stop, so you cannot miss it, then get out of the subway, opposite the exit there is a tram stop, he noticed blue. It is necessary to get to the station of the funicular, which will bring almost to the temple.

    kak doehat na tramvae?

    There are some nuances: in the winter, when few tourists, the cable car may not work. But it does not violate the plans. You can climb and walk along the road for half an hour. By the way, not all tourists come on the bus, some prefer to go on foot, guided by rails. This trip takes 15 minutes. The tram runs only during the summer season, while working an amusement Park. This route allows you to see all the beauties of nature;

  2. The easiest option is Tibibus (translated as the bus to Tibidabo). In Plaza Catalunya you can catch a bus that runs on Saturdays and Sundays. It will take you to the place in 40 minutes, but from January to March tibibus do not go;
  3. The most economical is to drive to the funicular stop on the train FGS from Plaza Catalunya, then on the cable car but the cable car does not rise to the temple, so at the top station will have to change to bus 111, and it will take you to the temple. The buses run every half an hour.

In an extreme case to get to the temple by a taxi.

Historical note

Until the late nineteenth century, the mountain served as a place for walking. It was considered that it is not suitable for any construction.

But after the widow of a bankerDorothea de Chopitea of the money left to her husband, in 1886, built a small chapel on Tibidabo, there are those who wish to build on the mountain casino, the Protestant Church or anything else. But 12 of the most noble citizens suddenly decided to buy land on the mountain and send them to the Italian priest John Bosco, whom he considered a Saint for his charitable deeds.

It was decided to build on mount Cathedral, preserving the chapel. The temple project was to create an architect Enrico San'era, who lived in Barcelona.

Work on the construction of the temple began in 1902 and lasted more than 50 years. At this time died San'era, and his life's work is continued by the architect's son , Among Mary San'era.

The figure of Christ was installed in 1950. Its author - the sculptor Josep Merete. The entire complex was completed in 1961.


vremya posesheniya

The temple is open from 7:00 to 22:00. It works all year round. The Elevator to the observation deck is open from 11:00 to 18:00.

It's a Catholic working temple, so there are daily services in 8:00, 12:00, 17:00, 19:00.

In temple to photograph, but not during the service.

The decoration of the Shrine

The architects who created the temples, kept the tradition of the old masters. They carefully thought through every, even, at first glance, insignificant detail, its practical purpose or symbolic meaning. Also built the Cathedral of the sacred Heart.

Exterior design

The intent of the San'era, the Cathedral is divided into three parts:

  • The crypt is the bottom structure with five naves, it laid out a dark yellow stone. Before the entrance four columns decorated with figures of the eagle, ox, lion, angel, signs of the evangelists. The crypt is the Foundation of the Basilica, in which there are two wide staircases;
  • Basilica , the main temple, lined with white stone, it is decorated with Gothic turrets, which are directed upwards;
  • The figure of Christ – it is bronze, with a height of 7 metres, the sculpture weighs in at 4.8 tonnes.

The temple's facade is decorated with statues, going to two tiers. In the first figures of the virgin and Saints George and James, who are considered patrons of Spain. This is the work of the sculptor E. Arnau. The second series of sculptures too, depicting saints, made by the sculptor J. Merete. And then, already at the Central spire, is a sculpture of Christ. Outstretched hands, it's like he takes all the sins of the people.

naruzhnaya arhitektura

The figure of Jesus Christ, which seemed to hover in the sky, symbolizes the purification of the soul.

Above the entrance in accordance with the traditions of Gothic stone images of roses. The whole building seems to be looking up high.

In General, exterior and architectural features correspond to Gothic, neo-Gothic and Romanesque styles. Much and modern. Architect San'era was known for his ability to combine harmoniously different styles.

The first small chapel was also preserved and is located right at the entrance to the lower part of the temple.

The interior decor

The main decoration of the crypts:

  1. stained glass, arranged in a semicircle. They tell about the major historical events. I wonder what the people in these stained glass Windows are depicted in contemporary garments;
  2. the bas-reliefs with scenes about the way of the cross of Christ;
  3. mosaic pictures on the ceilings and vaults, which tells about early Christianity.

Inside the crypt created a special festive atmosphere, there are a lot of places, although the arches are not very high, as was the custom in Catholic churches, due to the fact that the crypt is a Basilica.

obstanovka v kripte

The Basilica has the shape of a square. It is decorated with stained glass, depicting different scenes from the gospel. They are everywhere: on the ceiling, the Windows. Thanks to them the whole Basilica is filled with brightly colored patches of light, shades of which depend on the weather and time of year.

Such decoration of the Church corresponds to the old Byzantine traditions. In addition to the mosaic walls decorated with alabaster. Portals located sculptures of saints and decorative moldings.

There's no luxury, above the altar stands a simple wooden crucifix. Raise high, narrow Windows and stone arches, giving solemnity to the whole room.


The Elevator that lifts to the platform, installed in the crypt. The first stop of the lift at a height of 539 metres above the sea. This is not an observation deck, and only the upper part of the Basilica. Here there is a sculpture of Christ surrounded by figures of 12 apostles staring into the distance.

Next up is a narrow staircase with stone steps, there is a second smaller area. And it is called observation. And then there is a spiral staircase to climb to the foot of the statue of Christ.

At the sitemounted telescopes for a detailed examination of the surrounding area. There are stunning views of the city and the Mediterranean sea!

Helpful information

Plaza Catalunya regularly organizes excursions to Tibidabo. They last 5 hours. The tour includes:

  • ride the tour bus there and back;
  • tour of the temple;
  • the ascent to the observation deck;
  • free time for amusement Park.

On the mountain there is an amusement Park with a Ferris wheel in this Park, and offers extremely scenic views of the temple and the surrounding area. Other attractions are also very interesting. Going to the mountain, you should take the time to visit this Park.

Observation deck with great views there are in the tower, there is also allowed visitors.

Going for an excursion on the mountain, you should take care of the food, since there are only shops with Souvenirs and cafes, where there is nothing but chocolate, water and coffee.

In this video you can see the Church of the sacred Heart closer: