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Map of the resorts of Mallorca in Russian: a description of the best beaches with photos

karta Majorki s kurortami na russkom yazyke

Mallorca is a popular Spanish island resort, where equally like to relax for families with children, and noisy young people. Resorts has everything for those who prefer a secluded or an active leisure and a variety of entertainment.

On the island you can find an abundance of beautiful beaches, a lot of upmarket and budget hotels, restaurants, clubs and an array of attractions. Map of Majorca resorts in Russian will give an idea of the most popular cities.

What is the resort of Majorca to choose from - map of hotels

kakoj gorod vybrat dlya otdyha?

Holidays to Majorca – a great choice noisy and exciting resorts in the most beautiful and picturesque bays.

On this island everyone will find a perfect place to spend the most unforgettable holidays.

If you want, you can right here to book a room in any hotel in the world. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure and number of guests.

Popular resorts - photos and description

The resorts of Mallorca is visited annually by millions of tourists. The favorable climate, which allows you to relax and swim in early may, as well as historic buildings, scuba diving and kite surfing centres, make a trip here an incredibly popular and interesting.

Even in the capital of Palma de Mallorca there are always fun for everyone, and there are beautiful beaches and hotels. All that remains to be done to the tourists who choose to vacation in Mallorca, is to choose a suitable resort to match the queries.

foto Palma-de-Majorki

Conventionally, the resorts of Mallorca can be divided into youth, for families with children and for couples who want to go to the island for a romantic trip. The most popular of them believe youth:

  • Magaluf. Among all resorts in Mallorca this occupies a leading position not only on the island but in the whole of Spain. Being here, we can safely "go crazy" day, resting on a noisy city beaches, and in the dark at parties.

    The holiday season opens may 1 and continues until 1 September. During this period there are two large beaches, numerous hotels from 3 to 5 stars, water Park and House of wonders "Kathmandu".

    Here you can stay in one of the first-class hotelsoffering a full range of services, for example, the HSM Atlantic Park 4* Sol Katmandu Park & Resort 3* Sol Guadalupe 4* Sol Antillas Barbados 4*. All the hotels developed infrastructure, a large choice of entertainment, and the beach is on the doorstep;

  • Arenal. The second most popular resort in Majorca stretches along the East coast. The beaches are the preferred place for European youth, but also the Russians, the resort is popular thanks to budget prices on vacation.

    From entertainment in the resort of Arenal is worth noting the largest water Park on the island.

    From other areas it differs in that it is the first resort, so the density of hotels is rather large, as the number of beautiful beaches with soft sand.

    opisanie Arenalya

    Hotels of Arenal of different categories well-appointed rooms, landscaped gardens, a large selection of services and entertainment. You can consider such hotels as Hotel Gracia Hotel Fenix, Hotel HSM Reina del Mar. If your budget is limited, on the coast enough of the wonderful accommodation facilities 1 and 2 stars;

  • Can Pastilla. A is a small cozy resort with three great beaches, lovely parklands, nightlife and shops. Beaches are designed for active recreation. They can find everything for the boring pastime as beach volleyball, water sports and mini Golf. The resort has about 20 hotels, the best of them the Hotel Balear and Hotel Roc Linda;
  • Playa de Palma. This resort is considered the most respectable and prefer it over the white beaches and an abundance of civilized leisure. In the cityfind entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes and shops, and a Waterpark, zoo and aquarium.

    Hotels Playa de Palma can offer accommodation for every taste and purse, the best of them Iberostar Playa de Palma, Hotel Pure Salt Garonda, Hotel Palace Llaut have a category of 5 stars.

We should also mention an incredibly beautiful spot, located 65 kilometers from the capital on the South East coast, Calas de Mallorca. It is a beach area that stretches along the Mediterranean coast. By itself, the resort has a rather modest size, but its features cozy coves and beaches hidden in them.

With a large selection of first class hotels and apartments located along the coast, as well as many restaurants, cafes and shops, it is very popular in the tourist season.

Of hotels Calas de Mallorca is to provide a Club Mallorca Hotel Tropicana is located at the beach of Cala Domingo, HSM Hotel Canarios Park, built close to the Cala Antena beach, Globales America with a private beach and many others.

Very popular in Mallorca two resorts are created for romance. One of them – Paguera is a small tourist area with beautiful nature, charming little coves and shallow waters on the Golden beaches.

Around full of pine trees, which is especially favorably affect the air and climate of this resort.

The hotels mostly have 3 and 4 stars, for example, Seramar Sunna Park 4*, 3 Paguera Treff* or Cala Fornells 4*. They all offer a high quality service.

populyarnyj otel v Paguera

The second resort for lovers of Andrex – ideal for a romantic weekend in peace. Thanks to drowning in the greenery of the coast, vast choice of hotels and numerous restaurants with a wide variety of dishes, it is possible to enjoy the company of each other.

Hotel service is developed at a high level. Here you can choose four-star hotels: the Mon Port Hotel & Spa, H10 Blue Mar, Hotel Gran Camp De Mar Hotel or Villa Italia.

As noted by tourists, here you can find and visit many places with a large selection of local dishes and different types of menus. If you rest in Paradise you get bored, you can always go on excursions to the nearby cities where are located the most famous ancient sights of Mallorca.

City for families with children

With a large selection of resorts, family-oriented couples, Mallorca tourists like to visit with children. For such purposes suitable areas where there are water parks and sandy beaches with gently sloping entrance to the sea.

First in the list of resorts for families with children – Palma Nova is a resort located in the South-West coast. In close proximity is the busy Magaluf, but in contrast to Palma Nova in a relaxed atmosphere. It is for this reason that the place is ideal for a family holiday.

Special pride of Palma Nova beaches, equipped with everything necessary for rest and entertainment.

v Palma-Novu s detmi

It has changing rooms, sun loungers, straw umbrellas and a great choice of entertainment:

  1. Boat;
  2. Water skiing;
  3. Windsurfing;
  4. Sailing;
  5. Scuba diving.

Of the most interesting places worth noting Marinaland water Park for kids and the casino Paladium for adults. Here you can rent bicycles to explore trails, play mini Golf or visit the diving centre.

Accommodation options at the resort quite a lot, but it is necessary to highlight the hotel who is fully focused on comfort for younger guests - it's Viva Palmanova 4*.

Here for kids provides Cribs, entertain fidgets animators, mini-club, on the Playground or in the swimming pool for the children, they will be especially interesting.

Quite popular resort of Cala d'or is a cosy place, which is a large number of small coves with sandy beaches and pine forest where you can escape from the sun's rays or simply to breathe fresh and healthy air. The highlight of the resort – no high rise buildings. They were replaced by lovely villas, which are much easier to vacation with kids.

To stay with children it will be convenient to Melia Cala d'or Boutique Hotel, offering Babysitting services and children's very well developed infrastructure. You can also consider the Rocador Playawhich offers a huge number of services, including children's cots and prams, pools designed for small children and a Playground. And in Marina Corfu Skorpios accommodation of children under 2 years is free.

Many tourists with children prefer to relax in Santa Ponsa in one of the youngest, but fast developing resorts. It is only 20 km from the capital, but has a calm, almost homely. Overcrowding even during peak season and a large number of tourists does not interfere with this feeling.

v Santa Ponsu s rebenkom

The big advantage of a holiday in Santa Ponsa is not only its beautiful beach, stretching 1.3 km along the coast, but the fact that this place is historically important. It was here that I landed Heim – the man who opened the world Mallorca. To commemorate this, here you can find a few historic sites.

Adult day cafes and restaurants, Golf clubs, and at night there are many discos and bars.

From hotels designed for families with children worth noting:

  • Globales Pionero 4*;
  • Globales Playa Santa Ponsa 3*;
  • Bahia Del Sol 4*;
  • H10 Playas de Mallorca 4*.

Among entertainment in Santa Ponsa is possible to note the tour on the ship in the open sea where you can swim or diving. The coast outfits are available to rent and also open a school to train underwater swimming. Children will enjoy a visit to a tropical amusement Park, which is a ropes courses and platforms with obstacles.

Another popular family resort of Santa Ponsa is a lovely area with a large selection of beaches and a complete lack of any night life. There are no clubs, shopping centers and bars, but universally there is awesome fresh air and white sand.

To stay with the child better in Riu Palace Bonanza Playa 4* and Bon Sol 4*, where there is everything necessary for comfortable recreation for children.

In the city's quite a few interesting attractions. It's more designed for complete relaxation and privacy, but if you want activity, you can go to the natural parks of Cabrera, Dragonera and Galazzo.

Finally, a great resort for kids can Picafort , a place where the pleasant weather and great climate allow you to relax all year round. This area comes to rest a lot of tourists, so the beaches are crowded. Holidaymakers usually stay in one of the two local beaches the level of "excellent" or go to Alcudia where the coast is no less beautiful.

Hotels Tonga 4*, Vell Mari Resort 4* Viva Can Picafort offer a full range of services from children's playgrounds to care for children in the absence of parents.

detskij otdyh v Viva Can Picafort

The best beaches

Mallorca's only about 200 beaches, mostly sandy, but across the coast and with pebbles. Regardless of the choice, all of them have a landscaped area and everything needed for beach and outdoor activities.


Pebble and rocky beaches are located mainly in the South of the island in the same district where the capital is located. They have a tiny territory and hiding in the most secluded corners. There are a total of about 33, and each of them is a great place to stay with cleanliness, safety and excellent service.

  1. Fans of the rocky coast will appreciate the beach Cala Fonoll is a small rocky area, covered with boulders and gravel. The beach is uncrowded and quiet area where you can retire for a relaxing holiday.
  2. Another popular rocky beach of Mallorca – Cala Tutnt is 200 metres away the cleanest and well maintained coast, with its sandy entrance into the water. It is surrounded by luxurious pine forest and rocky mountains.


Almost all tourists choose to holiday in Mallorca sandy beaches. They have breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear water.

In the North of the island are beaches where you can relax or go Windsurfing and in the East, secluded coves, hidden from prying eyes.

The most famous of them is Alcudia is a first – class beach included in the top 25 in the world. Come here to enjoy the Golden brown sand, Windsurfing, diving and paragliding.

luchshij plyazh Alkudii

Very popular and other sandy beaches:

  • Playa de Palma – 4.5 km of coastline with a gently sloping bottom, an abundance of bars and entertainment;
  • Portals nous beach with breathtaking view, on the territory of which for celebrities;
  • Calo des Moro is the most visited beach with fantastic landscapes;
  • Es Trenc is a wild and charming coast, located in the national Park. Part of this beach is nudist.

The beaches of Palma de Mallorca for those who want to get out of the capital, where there is everything for a good rest. In this city practically all the coast is free, but in order to relax enough to pay for the extra convenience.

Coast capital is no worse than the otherresorts. It is a clean sea, soft sand and shallow entrance into the water, so is ideal for families with children. The most famous beaches of the capital is Caen-Pere Antoni and Puro beach.

The coastal area for a family holiday

For families with children in Mallorca are perfect all the beaches, but among them it is necessary to highlight Kahlo Mondrago is a region located in the southern part of the island. Here the white beaches are sheltered from wind and weather by high cliffs, and the coast has everything for travelers.

Many couples choose to vacation with children beach of es dolc, near which is the entertainment center.

Also for children suitable Cala Cake Estreta and mitjana beach – the coast where all the hotels are on the beachfront.

Helpful information

  1. In Majorca a great choice of accommodation – darling are near the coast, on budget a little further.
  2. Very popular to rent apartments or villas, especially tourists with children.
  3. The local beaches are recognized as environmentally friendlyand marine water test every week.
  4. All hotels have free Internet.
  5. In the local "bars" you can taste the real authentic cuisine.
  6. In many hotels the most common food – half Board.

We recommend you to see the stunning beaches of Mallorca in this video: