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Spain on the world map in Russian language: towns, resorts, borders, regions

ispaniya karta s gorodami na russkom yazyke

Spaina place absolutely unique. Here the fates have crossed religion and culture in the country coexist in various natural zones, even the landscape is extremely controversial – bucolic meadows, pass into the inaccessible rugged mountains, and then give way to beautiful beaches lapped by gentle warm sea.

It is the crossroads of Europe and Africa, Islam and Christianity, in Spain a lot of medieval castles and monasteries, and numerous tourists flooding into the country, always find something to do. Tourism began to develop rapidly since 1960, brought the country to a leading place in the world in attendance.

Part of Western Europe, or where is the state?

Geographical position and borders

Spain belongs to the Western Europe and is its South-Western extremity. The Iberian Peninsula it is 80%, it consists of the Islands of Canary and Balearic, and some objects on the African coast. From Europe the country is separated by mountains, which is France.

The Atlantic ocean came to Spain from the North and from the West to the East and South its coast is bathed in the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea. The Canary Islands are mid-Atlantic, and the Balearic and Bitiutskiy the Mediterranean.

It was there, on the Islands and on the coast, the main resort area of the country. But the mountainous areas provide unlimited opportunities for skiing. Such geographical position makes the country an absolutely unique and very attractive to the European public.

gde nahoditsya gosudarstvo na karte mira - osobennosti geograficheskogo polozheniya Ispanii

Climate, population, currency

  • Climate

    In General, the climate of Spain is Mediterranean, more precisely, among the many climate zones of the countries of the Mediterranean. But they are divided into 3 main groups: marine, continental and steppe.

    If you take the country as a whole, its average annual temperature is recorded between +14°and +19°C.

  • The population

    Only in Spain there are about 40 million people, 99% of them are Catholics. Among the inhabitants of the country can distinguish 4 separate groups, or rather, 4 people: Spaniards, Galicians, Catalans, Basques.

    There are also smaller ethnic groups, they also speak their own languages.

    Because of this promiscuity of the population in the country from time to time aggravated internal problems. For example, Spain is the largest country of the European Union from those who do not want to recognize Kosovo for the reason that she has similar problems with Basque population.

    In recent years the situation is developing in the direction of worsening of such problems, as Spain increases the flow of immigrants from African countries, both legal and criminal.

  • Currency

    Today Spain goes the Euro, this monetary unit was introduced in 2002. Currency exchange problem is not, it is carried out through banks. There are also numerous exchange offices, where there is a more favorable rate than banks.

    However, to find among them the most suitable not that simple, it varies greatly in the exchange, even located next door to each other. At times the exchange has to pay fees.

The administrative division of the regions

The government Spain is a constitutional monarchy and has the capital Madrid.

The country is geographically divided into 17 Autonomous communities and 2 cities of Ceuta and Melilla, with autonomy. Autonomous region, in turn, are divided into 50 provinces.

administrativnoe delenie gosudarstva Ispaniya

Costa Brava, Majorca, Costa Blanca and other places to stay on the coast

The coastline of the Mediterranean sea surrounding Spain from the East, and then South to the Gibraltar Strait, is rich in resorts, offering travelers a chic beach vacation. The samethe concept applies to the Bay of Biscay, and to the Islands.

All Spanish beaches are owned by the municipality and provided to visitors for free.

Consider the most vibrant resort areas.

  1. Costa Brava

    The place is very picturesque, rise up to the water break rocks coastal beach into several cozy sections, between which is wedged a narrow Bay.

  2. Mallorca

    It is warm and beautiful, mountains and forests alternate with lush valleys, the infrastructure at the highest level. The prices are high on the coast and fall with each step deeper into the island. Fashionable resorts located on the South coast and West beaches approach only from the sea.

  3. Tourists are attracted to the Drakensberg caves with underground lakes and other interesting places. The Bay of Palma where is Palma de Mallorca, capital of Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, is one of the most picturesque.

  4. Costa Blanca

    Fine sand beaches here stretch for 500 km, there are lots of interesting activities, which are based on water parks, swimming pools, water slides and rides, and Grand amusement parks.

  5. karta gorodov i poberezhya Ispanii

  6. Costa del Sol

    This is the South coast, it houses the most prestigious and luxurious resorts. It is warm in winter and not summer heat, the best climate mainland Spain.

  7. Costa del Garraf

    Local authorities have paid attention to the organization of leisure for different segments of tourists, especially of mass culture events and sports activities.

  8. Costa de La Luz

    This area moved to the Atlantic and penetrated into the provinces of the South-West. Here ancient architecture, wide beaches at bordering sand dunes and pine trees, excellent conditions for lovers of water sports.

  9. Costa del Maresme

    It's in Catalonia, there are the gorgeous beaches, perfect infrastructure, land latest villas mixed with old towns and modern resorts. Here the fertile places, the local population grows strawberries whole plantations and caring for orchards.

And what is known to the South of the Kingdom - the popular resorts

In the South you can visit in Andalusia, to get to know Granada, Seville and Cordoba. Southern Spain offers tourists scuba diving and Windsurfing, Nightclubs, picturesque waterfalls and a luxurious beach vacation. This:

  • Malaga, with mixed beaches, pebbles with sand, with ancient palaces and castles;
  • Costa tropical, coast, sand, sea, fun and Medieval monuments;
  • The Sierra Nevada and other resorts for skiers, operating from December to March.

populyarnye kurorty Ispanii

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International airports

Spain has 29 airports, 16 of which have been granted international status. In fact, they are in every big city, and in Madrid and Barcelona – the largest.

From Russia, you can fly by Charter to 6 Spanish airports.

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