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Barcelona on the map of Spain: the best nudist beach close to San Sebastian

luchshie plyazhi Barselony

Barcelona – a real tourist Mecca. A trip to this region is a great opportunity to combine sightseeing with a beach holiday. Description of the architectural beauties of the capital of Catalonia is a separate issue. Just stick to the review of the best beaches of Barcelona.

The coast of Barcelona on the map of Spain

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To fully enjoy a dip in the Mediterranean sea and become the owner of a beautiful tan, you can go to Barcelona (Spain).

Whether in the city beach area?

In Barcelona the beaches located within the city and along the coast towards the Costa Brava. Beach season is not so long compared to some other popular resorts. Swim usually starts in may and finishes in September.

Most often, the temperature of the water in the Mediterranean reaches 21 degrees in the first half of June.

If you ask for not to miss a single day of the bathing season, then every few days you can safely go to a new beach. There are very many, and each has its own face.

The coastline

kilometrazh beregovoj linii

The total length of the beaches of the Catalan capital is almost five kilometers. The city and the surrounding beaches are incredibly varied: there are sandy beaches, there are pebbly, the beaches have "normal", and there are nudist.

In short, every bather will be able to find on the Barcelona coast. And, most importantly, all the beaches of Barcelona, differ surprising purity.

Which beach is best?

For the people of Barcelona and visitors to the Catalan capital accessible beaches, located directly in the city.

Beaches vary in their level of attendance and services, but they are all well equipped and are kept clean and tidy.

Central city - Barceloneta

glavnaya Barseloneta

It is a famous resort of the"third best beach in the world" according to Discovery channel. Barceloneta beach is one of the oldest, largest and most popular beaches in the world.

It is perfectly equipped: there are playgrounds for volleyball, table tennis, playgrounds, beach library and plenty of restaurants offering national dishes. However, there are no cubicles for changing – going to Barceloneta, it is worth considering this point. In the bathing season the beach, thanks to its popularity, is never deserted.

This beach is good, first of all, what a great location – here it is possible to walk from many of the hotels in Barcelona. The beach goes urban transport.

Not disappoint this area and other parameters – it concentrates a large number of cafeswhere you can taste the dishes of traditional Spanish cuisine.

From entertainment offered excursions to Costa Brava, action games,water slides and much more.

And you can go anywhere and not move – for this there is also created all the conditions:

  • umbrellasto hide from the scorching sun;
  • sunbeds for a comfortable stay on the beach;
  • towelsnot to carry unnecessary things;
  • shops with a wide selection of goods for a beach holiday and gift items.

The beach itself is pretty spacious, not cramped sometimes.

San Sebastian

To the beach of Sant Sebastia easily accessible – it is located almost in the center of the city. But the ease of access to this site has another side of the coin – crowded. Here attracts all the tourists from the hotels of Las Ramblas.

Features of this beach – service assistance to people with disabilities. Also there are going to Catalan athletes, including marine clubs. And yet there is also a library.

The beach stretches a little more than a kilometer when going beyond it you can be on the nearby nudist beach.


protyazhennost Levante

Llevant, on the contrary, refers to the youngest of the Barcelona beaches. It was opened just 10 years ago. Is not too large area - about 380 meters long and 60 meters wide. However, it has everything needed for fans to sunbathe and swim.

Levante beach attracts spring and fall athletes involved in the surfing, Windsurfing and kitesurfing.


Bogatell beach appeared in 1990-ies. It was created for the opening of the summer Olympic games. Very clean and quiet place, equipped with everything necessary. Perfect for family holidays with children.

There are also areas for volleyball, ping-pong table and a beach library with a very extensive catalog.

In the beach library you can choose classic and contemporary literature, and current periodicals.

Mar Bella

This beach was also built to held in Barcelona Olympic games. It is a small quiet beach, where there are mostly residents of the district of Sant martí. Also Mar Bella was chosen by homosexuals and nudists that should be taken into consideration when planning holidays with children.

On the beach you can play basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, there is also a Playground. Also has a marine base, offering relaxation on the waves of the Mediterranean sea.

Nova Mar Bella

peschanyj Nova Mar Bella

Nova Mar Bella is a spacious (500 metre) peaceful beach. People with disabilities are given assistance. Here you can walk through the site of the breakwater and even if you want to go fishing with her. Hungry can eat seafood in restaurant, El Boo.

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Nova Icaria

A great option for a family holiday – peace, tranquility, Playground, and volleyball courts and tables for ping-pong.

A little further, a great abundance of bars and restaurants, which attracts all local and visiting gourmets. The Nova Icaria beach is located in the centre of the coast of Barcelona. There is a service to assist people with disabilities.


territoriya Somorrostro

The beach where perfectly caught free Wi-Fi. On Somorrostro you can become an observer or participant in the game of Jai Alai is the national sport of the Basques, the predecessor of modern squash. And you can choose badminton, petanque and other games.

If you come to the beach with baby and found that he forgot all the toys, here you can rent all sorts of buckets and a rake for a symbolic price.

The bathing area of the Forum

This beach is not traditional of Barcelona, the coast of Golden sand, and something like a swimming pool with sea water.

Instead of sand, a wooden deck and into the water down a wooden staircase.

Nudist places

In Barcelona and its surroundings are quite a few beaches for swimmers "royally" and sunbathe in the costumes of Adam and eve. Some of them:

  1. the beach of La musclera – Arenys de Mar, located to the North of the Catalan capital;
  2. secluded beach La Picordia;
  3. the most popular nudist beach in Barcelona Playa Mar Bella, Barcelona, equipped with numerous playgrounds.

Seaside resorts around the city

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Beaches near Barcelona are considered still more pure, the indigenous people prefer to sunbathe and swim there, and not in the city.

In most cases, these beaches are easily accessible and tourists – the main thing is to know where you can go.


Just half an hour away by train and you arrive on the beach of the Crown, located in a small sandy Cove. Here you can admire the idyllic landscape of local villages, and not be afraid that will arrive crowds of tourists.


This beach is located near Barcelona, in the Comarca of Maresme. Has an award for its cleanliness, water quality, accessibility, friendliness and respect for the environment. In short, the perfect place to stay from an environmental point of view.

Sant Pol de Mar

It is a picturesque coastal town with white houses. One of the main attractions of Sant Pol de Mar are the beaches, of which there are about a dozen. All beaches are different:

  • there are more lively;
  • there are more quiet;
  • there is a beach fishermen;
  • there is also a beach for nudists.


shirina Kasteldefelsa

The beach, located 18 kilometers South of Barcelona on the wide strip of sand, stretching for almost 5 kilometers. Is between two unique natural areas in the Llobregat Delta and Garraf natural Park. Perfect for lovers of water sports. The bottom is wonderful, beach is clean.


South of Barcelona is the resort area of Costa del Garraf. Its coast is covered with sand. Here are several beaches, equipped for the full program: there are changing cabins, toilets, playgrounds, hire of sun loungers, umbrellas and sports equipment, cafes and restaurants.


Noisy fun place with a lot of bars, restaurants and Nightclubs. Wears the unofficial title of Spanish capital of gay culture. It is the venue of the informal carnivals of the country.

In Sitges has 17 sandy beaches, most of them awarded with the certificate of quality Blue flag.

However, two beaches, located to the West of Sitges, remote and neurorecovery.

Russian Barcelona in Lazarevskoye

You can not leave without attention and "Russian Barcelona" is one of the beaches in the resort district of Lazarevskoye in Sochi.

Beach is landscaped, equipped with sun beds and sunshades, but according to feedback from visitors, you'll be cramped, overly loud music, which will not hear the lapping of the waves and the relentless shouting of the DJ.

Interesting facts and recommendations on the

Poznavatelnye fakty i sovety

  • In Barcelona there are no paid beaches! Each of the beaches of the Catalan capital is freely available.
  • Exemplary cleanliness of the beaches and the need for a good holiday service supported by the state.
  • Impetus to the development of the Barcelona beaches gave the Summer Olympics of 1992. It was then built those miles of coastal beaches that attract today's masses of tourists.
  • Oddly enough, Barcelona started to earn on a beach holiday relatively recently – until the mid XX century there was only one small beach in the area of Poble Nou.
  • The priority then was not bathers, ports, factories, fishermen, barracks and Railways.

  • Logically, for leaving garbage on the Golden beaches of Barcelona relies big fine. If this debris can cause damage to the environment or hurt other tourists, then the culprit will have to pay the amount of €3000.
  • There are specific to each area prohibitions. For example, in Sitges swimmers can be fined €3000 if they want to swim in a special area for practicing water sports. And if you decide to do on Barcelona's beaches surfing during the storm and will remain alive after this, then you will be charged a fine of €1500.
  • It is worth noting that along the entire beach coast of Barcelona, stretching for almost 5 kilometers, there are broad and convenient promenade, where it is convenient to ride bicycles, roller skates and just walking, not taking his eyes from the sea.

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