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Majorca on the world map and Spain: where is Palma, which country is that?

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Majorca is a picturesque tourist island that is ideal for any kind of tourism. Thanks to the lovely resort climate, the abundance of first-class beaches, mountains and wonderful scenery, it is considered a Paradise for an unforgettable vacation. Majorca on the world map is easy to find, and we will help you with this.

Majorca on the world map

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Mallorca's popularity is growing every year, thanks to the rich history of the island, beaches and abundance of attractions.

What is it, where is it and what country?

Mallorca is one of the largest of the Islands comprising the Balearic archipelago, and is part of Spain. On the world map it can be found in the West Mediterranean sea, 250 km from the Eastern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.

To reach the island from main cities such as Valencia or Barcelona.

The island of Mallorca, though it is considered large by the standards of the archipelago, but has a relatively small surface area is only 3600 sq. km. That is remarkable, and its name translates as "big island". While on the island, you can sometimes hear it called "Mallorca". Both names are correct: Spanish is the first value and the second Catalan.

Since Mallorca is considered the most largest island in the archipelago, on its territory is the capital of the Autonomous community of Palma de Mallorca. The composition of the community also has 17 Autonomous regions and is familiar to many tourists of the island – Formentera, Menorca and Ibiza – the resort, having not less popular than Mallorca.

Historical note

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By itself, the island has a volcanic origin, and noticed he was in 123 BC by the Roman Consul partial Ceciliam Metallom. It was he who founded the island's first settlement and he gave the archipelago its present name. Today, the town is nothing left, and its ruins still not fully found.

After the Roman Empire collapsed, the island passed into the possession of the vandals, and later he noticed the Moors – people from the Northern part of the African continent. They came to Mallorca in 903, after which the people accepted the Islamic religion. Of the past on the island resemble all sorts of attractions such as the Royal palaces and Arabic baths.

In 1229 Majorca was captured by James I king of Aragon and count of Barcelona. His power on the island continued for 50 years. During that time some mosques were built cathedrals and temples.

Some of them have lived to our time, and their restoration the efforts made by legendary architect Antoni Gaudi.

In the middle Ages, Majorca has become an important island because it was located at the intersection of Maritime trade routes. The island flourished, and its capital was built exchange and Maritime arbitration. But in XVI century it lost its importance from the part due to the peasant uprising, and partly because of the Turkish pirates plundered merchant ship approaching the island.

Mallorca got a new life in the XVIII century, when restrictions were lifted on trade with America. By that time, piracy ceased, and the island's economy began to grow significantly. By 1838 between Mallorca and Barcelona to establish a successful steamship connections, and this step led to the fact that the island has turned into a popular tourist site. His visit quickly became popular, especially among the European aristocracy and artists.


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As befits the island located in the Mediterranean sea, its territory is quite a pleasant Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot and dry summers and mild and warm winter. The holiday season on the island kicks off in early may when the air and water warmed to a comfortable temperature in 25 degrees.

Even in the winterMajorca is very attractive for tourists. During this period the sea is cold, so swimming it will not work. But the air temperature is 14-16°C will give the opportunity to enjoy the holidays, especially if you know that in this period on the island in the shops there are enormous sales.

Major cities

Those who are planning a holiday in Mallorca, you should know that the resort city on the island have a totally different specialization. Some of them are ideal for a relaxing and peaceful retreat, and others for rampant noisy parties.

The capital Palma de Mallorca

The capital Palma de Mallorca is a real luxury of this island. It is located in a cozy and beautiful Bay, and his whole appearance suggests that the city is completely designed for tourists.

In the city is a major airport and the Marina, where every day are thousands of holidaymakers.

Because of the scenic landscapes, crystal clear water on the coast and the high level of service, here love to visit famous people and the Royal family of Spain.

Palma de Mallorca is divided into several areasof interest for tourists:

  • Central is the most popular place for recreation and activity. It includes several interesting districts, among them the Old city, Jaime III, Calatrava and La seu;
  • The Western district is a picturesque area, which is of particular interest coast, lapped by the Balearic sea, as well as a few blocks full of hotels;
  • North district – an area with few hotels and attractions but perfectly suitable for long stays and luxury homes.
  • Playa de Palma - the most popular area along which is the most beautiful of the coastline from beaches, plenty of entertainment and dining.

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Popular resorts

In Mallorca every city is designed for enjoyable stay of the tourists. They are all beautiful, but the most interesting of them are the following:

  1. Cala d'or resort, suitable for young people and for couples. On its territory there are beautiful sandy beaches in cozy bays, hotels, and different entertainment;
  2. Santa Ponsa is a cozy travel area for a family holiday, situated away from noisy parties and has a wide sandy Bay;
  3. Alcudia is a popular resort that is designed not only for beach, but also cognitive rest;
  4. Magaluf is the most popular resort of the inhabitants of Russia. It is preferred because there is always a lively, well-developed infrastructure;
  5. In Magaluf there is a wide choice of hotels and activities such as water Park, go-karting and the famous BCM disco.

  6. Arenal is the oldest holiday resort for an active and affordable holiday on the coast.

Among the popular resorts in Mallorca, you can hear names such as Cala Major is the closest to the capital city, Illetas and Palma Nova is a quiet and comfortable resorts, and Club for lovers of beautiful nature and romance.

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How to get there?

The annual holiday in Majorca choose millions of tourists, because this island getaway is easily accessible, especially to the people of Russia.

How long is the flight from Moscow?

From Moscow to Mallorca is easy enough to get on the aircraft, following direct flights in the peak tourist season or Charter flights year-round. The airport is located directly in the capital, where you can easily go to any resort. Flight time is about 4.5 hours.

Slightly less popular flights with transfers with such companies as Aeroflot, S7, Iberia and Vueling. Travel time will take about 6.5 hours, and docking will be carried out in such cities as Prague, Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Copenhagen or Dusseldorf.

In order to buy a plane ticket, take advantage of this convenient search form. Enter the departure city and arrival city, date and number of passengers.

From Barcelona

A very popular way to be in Mallorca to travel by plane from major Russian cities to Barcelona. To this famous city should be much more flights, and from it every half hour, passengers can fly to the island and overcome this route is only for half an hour.

From Barcelona to Mallorca sent a passenger ship, which will take you to the island for 4.5 hours. Anotheroption – passenger ferry – it should be 8.5 hours and is suitable for those travelling by car.

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