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Salvador Dali in Spain: where are the theatre-Museum in Figueres - photos

muzej Salvadora Dali v Ispanii

The birthplace of Dali is located in Catalonia. Unique Salvador Dalí museums in Spain is located in the cities where he once lived and worked.

They talk about his personality, life and work. On the one hand, they are all very different, and with another – all three are United by the uniqueness of the great artist.

Salvador Dalí museums in Spain

muzejnye vystavki zhivopisca

All three museums are included in the famous "Dalí triangle":

  • Theatre-Museum Dali;
  • The House Of Salvador Dali;
  • The Castle Of Gala Dali.

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Where - in what city?

All of them are located in Catalonia, in northeast Spain, about 40 km from each other.

  1. Theatre-Museum in Figueres (Figueras) is the most famous of them is among the most visited in the country. Located in the small godok Figueres, standing at the border with France.
  2. Theatre-Museum is located at the area of the gala-Salvador Dali (Plaza Gala-Salvador Dalí), 5.

  3. The house-Museum of Salvador Dali, where the artist with his wife and Muse with Galoi lived for more than 50 years. It is located about 40 km from Figueres in the seaside town of cadaqués. You can find him on the beach of the Bay of Port lligat (Platja Portlligat).
  4. The gala Dali castle, which the artist gave to his beloved wife, is located in the small village of Pubol: the area of gala Dali (Gala Dalí SquareE-17120 Púbol-la Pera).

How to get there?

kak doehat?

To get to all the museums on the car and public transport.

Figueres directly from the airport of Barcelona via Girona is 602 bus (transportation is provided by Sagales).

Train to Figueres from Barcelona Sants station is 1-2 hours. Travel time and price depends on the category of trains: normal train Regional Express Talgo or the interim version of the Regional Mitja Distància.

Trains depart approximately every half – hour from 6.15 till 21.45.

From the train station of the village Vilafant to the Museum can be reached on foot in 20 minutes or 2 times faster to take the bus.

Anyone can 2 hours drive from Barcelona to Figueres for a taxi.

Tourists, vacationers in Girona, it is easier to get directly from there. This can be done by train in 15-20 minutes (driving time – from 8 am to 10 PM) or by bus (it's less convenient option – the trains are longer, the tickets are more expensive).

To get to Cadaques is easiest by bus from Barcelona or Figueres, and then walk 15 minutes.

To get to Pubolto see the castle of gala Dali, by bus from Figueres or Girona. The bus arrives to the village, stopping at the stations flaca, 4 km from Pubol (from here you can take a taxi or walk) or La Pera (from here to the gala Dali castle is just 2 km away).

From Barcelona to flaca station, go trains, will have to take about 1.5 hours.

Theatre-Museum in Figueres

teatr v gorode Figeras

For 14 years from 1961 to 1974 Dali himself built this amazing building.

The history of creation

The Museum appeared as a gift of Salvador, his hometown. This place before the civil war there was a theater that was almost completely destroyed. Dali rebuilt it, to bring to life their bizarre fantasies.

He came up with a real maze of rooms,stairs and corridors where easy to get lost and stumble upon another surprise hidden by the great Spaniard in the secret corners of the Palace.

The Museum building along with elaborately inscribed paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations can be called a tangible expression of his life.

Exterior and interior

The building itself is divided into separate "scenes"devoted to the varied genres in which he worked, the great surrealist.

  • The lobby of the Museum is painted with it – the painting depicts the famous couple Gave washing gold.
  • On the building Gave built a large glass dome.
  • Outside bright crimson walls adorned with Golden bread loavesas a reminder of the boundless reverence of the artist in front of the bread.
  • The roof is littered with huge eggs, so often depicted them in the paintings.

Before his death, Gave wished to remain permanently in the Museum. In one of its towers is now the tomb of the famous Catalan.


In the collection of the Museum presents not only the works of Dali, but also paintings by El Greco and some of the famous Spanish artists, collected by the wizard.

Here you can trace the career of Catalan from impressionism to surrealism. Visitors will see paintings, collages, holographic works and installations. Especially popular among the visitors enjoyed the famous "room-face" with a fireplace in the form of the nostrils and the scarlet sofa exactly reproducing the lips.

odin iz eksponatov

A very big impression on visitors to produce a "living" exhibit of the Museum. They come alive and begin to move when they toss a coin.

A separate exhibition devoted to Dali products from precious stones. This permanent exhibition was opened in 2001. It has about 40 works of the artist created from sapphires and diamonds, rubies and pearls, as well as sketches Given.

Exposition Dalí-Jewels located in a separate building of the Museum, the tickets are purchased separately from the main exposure.

Every year in August the Museum is open before hours of the night.

Night visitors will enjoy not only the works of the great showman, but also audio-visual support.

In addition visitors are offered champagne.

Working hours

The Museum is closed on Christmas day (25 December) and New year's day and Mondays (except from June to September).

Opening hours depend on the season, approximately from 9:30 to 6 PM (for more information on the official website of the Museum). Last entrance 45 minutes before closing.

The cost of the ticket is 14 euros (about 985 RUB), children under 8 years can visit the Museum for free. Students and pensioners, presenting a paper, pay 10 euros (about 700 rubles).

Groups up to 25 people you need to book your visit in advance on the Museum website. Night visit in August is 15 euros (about 1050 rubles).

Tickets for the exhibition of jewels Dalí-Jewels worth 7€ (490 rubles), and discounted admission 5, – € (350 rubles).

The house-Museum in Port Ligate - photo

fotografii doma hudozhnika

In this house on the beach was a big part of the life of a married couple Given.

Historical information

This place, the artist looked back in the 1930s, buying a small fishing hut. Later, together with Galoi was bought several neighboring houses. Over time this place has grown a multi-level maze of tiny rooms.

It was here that Dali lived for more than half a century until the death of his beloved wife in 1982. 15 years after this sad event here was opened a Museum.


The interior is quite confusing and not very spacious, so visitors are let inside in small groups up to 8-10 people. At the entrance welcomes them stuffed huge bear with the lamp. It reminds us of the love of the artist to the stuffed animals in the house, a lot of them: swans, eagles, bears.

In the workshop remained unfinished works – the artist was unable to continue working on them after his wife's death.

Visitors to the Museum will see:

  1. the library and the workshop of a genius;
  2. dining room and garden;
  3. the private rooms of El Salvador and gala Dali.

In the private spaces of the master – Yellow living room and Bird room – a lot of cages for crickets and Canaries. Dali loved to work, listening to their warbling. Oval gala Dali, decorated with numerous knick-knacks, wall niches and a circular sofa, was unavailable for her husband.

In the spacious garden, where the couple Gave welcomed the guests can admire the snow-white dovecote, the roof of which is crowned with a large egg and olive groves, dotted here and there with sculptures, a longpool and gazebo.

Working hours and entrance

The Museum does not work in the new year and Christmas holidays, January 9 – 10 February, 29 may and 2 October. In addition, it is closed and most of the Mondays: the workers are only Mondays from 1 March to 1 November.

Working hours depend on the season of the year: in summer the Museum is open from 9:30 to 21 hours, the rest of the year it opens late and closes early.

prohod i chasy raboty

Entrance to the Museum for the majority of citizens – 11 euros (≈770 RUB) (this price includes the visit to the house and olive groves), children under 8 years can visit it for free.

Students and pensioners, with supporting documents, paid 8 EUR (≈560 rubles). If you want you can buy the ticket only in the olive grove without visiting the house. This ticket costs 5 € (≈350 RUB) (4 euros (≈280 rubles) for students and seniors).

Those wishing to visit the Museum must book a visit on the Museum website. This is due to the low permeability of the Museum – because of the small size of the visitors run in small groups.

Castle gala in Púbol

This historic castle was donated by Dali to his beloved wife instead of the promised once in the Italian Tuscany.


The old building of the XI century almost completely reconstructed and redesigned inside himself and Gave his friend of Pinho. On the old wall saved crack as a reminder of the time.

Ceilings and walls painted by Dalí to Gala, living here alone and allowed her husband to visit her only by a written invitation, always remembered him.

The ancient Gothic castle is decorated quite simply, in Russian style, with Windows overlooking the wheat field and quiet Park. One of the most luxurious rooms of the castle can be called knights ' hall with ancient coats of arms and the throne was Given, received from the Spanish king the title of Marquis de Pubol.

Under the castle there is a small cryptwhere Gala was buried Given.

Exhibitions and art

vystavochnye zaly i predmety

Among the most interesting exhibits – a carin which Dali brought the body of a beloved wife, who died in cadaqués. The machine is near the tomb of a woman. Love to Gale and says the Golden throne of the Marquis de Pubol engraved initial letter of her name.

In the attic of the castle, presented the collection of dresses of this femme fatale, as long the former Muse of the great artist.

Wonderful Park decorated with sculptures of giraffes and the famous elephants with long thin legs. Here you can see a fountain decorated with colorful ceramic busts of Wagner.

In 1984, the castle was seriously damaged by a fire, which almost killed Dalí himself, yearning for the woman he loves. He then moved to Figueres, where he died 5 years later.

Most of the rooms of the castle preserved in the same form as they were during the life of the owners.


The castle is closed January 1 and 2, December 25, from 9 January to 14 March and most of Monday. From 15 June until 15 September, entrance from 10 am to 8 PM. The rest of the time of year, working hours can be found at the Museum website.

Ticket price 8 euros (about 560 rubles), students and seniors – 6€ (about 420 USD), children under 8 years stay free of charge.

The most relevant information (opening hours, ticket prices, current exhibits, etc.) can be found on the official web-site, common to all museums of the Dalí triangle.

Here you can see a virtual tour and buy a ticket in any of the three museums. Information on the site is provided in several languages, including English.

In this video you can see the theater-Museum of Salvador Dali outside and inside: