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Santa Susanna on the map of Spain: sights, hotels, weather

Santa-Susanna na karte Ispanii

The old town of Santa Susanna on the map of Spain must be sought in the province of Costa Brava. For its construction in the 12th century, was chosen as 7 hills on the banks of the Mediterranean sea. They are all located in a wonderfully scenic location.

Despite the longevity, the real heyday of the resort began only a few decades ago.

Santa Susanna on the map of Spain in Russian

kurort na karte strany

The town of Santa Susanna (Costa del Maresme) was built at the height of 4 meters above sea level. His geographical coordinates: 41°37'59" n, 2°43'00" W. D.

Where is the city?

The resort is a suburb of Barcelona. The distance between cities in a straight line is 52 km away. the City is divided into two parts by the highway that connects Spain and France.

Walking along the promenade of Santa Susanna, you can quietly get in Malgrat de Mar. It is adjacent to Santa Susanna resort.

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How to get from here to Barcelona?

To get from Santa Susanna to Barcelona quite simply. City connects roads and Railways.

  • By train or by train. The best way to get from the resort in the Catalan capital on the train. Trains heading to Barcelona go with an interval of 30 minutes (a detailed schedule can be found on the website of the Barcelona station). For a trip to Barcelona, any train going to the right from the railway platforms if you stand to face her. It is in Santa Susanna alone.

    kak doehat do stolicy Katalonii?

    Spanish train and trains are not like the majority of Russian. In order to get to the wagon train, you need to press the button. Duration of trip is 1 hour 10 minutes.

    All information about the stops is shown to passengers on an electronic Board of the car. To go when traveling to Barcelona from Santa Susanna better at the station Catalunya. It has a subway, which provides quick access to the desired parts of the Catalan capital. The mode of departure of trains:

    1. from Santa Susanna every 30 minutes;
    2. from Callely every 15 minutes.

    The first train departs in the direction of Barcelona at 6 amand the last at 10 PM.

  • By taxi, bus or car. By car from Santa Susanna to Barcelona you have to get on the highway C32. It runs along the sea. The distance between cities on this route is 59.7 per km to Overcome it on the car for 40-50 minutes.

    Sending a bus in the neighboring resort city and Barcelona is provided from stops located close to the railway station.

    The trip from Santa Susanna to Barcelona by bus takes about an hour. The day departs 4 flight, 2 in the morning and evening.

    To order a taxi by phone or on the website of the carrier.

The ancient city today - photo

foto sovremennogo goroda

Santa Susanna is among the most Spanish resorts, with a rich history and well-developed infrastructure. The historic sights of the small town are perfectly combined with modern buildings. A large proportion of them are hotels.

General information

Santa Susanna is one of the municipalities of Spain. The resort covers an area of 12.45 square km. it has just over 3 thousand people.

The first high-rise buildings , the resort began to build in 2001. Since then, the city began to change its appearance.


Santa Susanna is famous fortheir sandy beaches. Their clean blue flag. Here is not crowded as in other places of the Spanish coast. This can be explained by the fact that actively develop the resort began since the beginning of this century. For a short time the Spaniards managed to upgrade the infrastructure of the resort.

Major shopping centers, restaurants, bars and resort hotels located in the waterfront area of the resort.

The historical part of the city is surrounded by dense vegetation. There is a large number of buildings belonging to the Middle ages. In one of them, the Palace-castle of Kan-Rates, organized the work of the cultural centre. Next to him laid a huge Park, it's not the only one in the town of Santa Susanna is one of the greenest resorts in Spain.

To get around Santa Susanna on the tourist train. Some hotels provide their guests with the opportunity totally free.

The disadvantage of the resort Nightclubs in lieu of the restaurants and cafes. After nightfall they began to live music and the real fun begins. Most restaurants have children's menus. For them, the resort built playgrounds.

Shops in Santa Susanna mainly focus on tourists: Souvenirs, beach apparel and similar goods. To get to shopping while global sales, as for example in shopping centres of the Catalan capital, was not possible.

Weather by month

pogodnye usloviya

Santa Susanna has a convenient geographical location. It is located in the valley of Altata surrounded by one side the sea and on the other rocky cliffs. Such an environment creates is mild Mediterranean climate. The average temperature of the summer season is +28°C.

  1. Winter. The average temperature at this time of the year does not fall in the afternoon below +13°C. This rate is typical for January and February. In December in Santa Susanna on 2 degrees above.

    The night the air temperature drops to +7°C. the sea Temperature is +13-15°C. the Number of Sunny days in Dec — 23, Jan — 21, Feb - 19.

  2. Spring. Daytime temperatures of the spring months is kept in the range of 15-21°C, at night - +3-14°C, sea +13-17°C. the Number of Sunny days in March — 20, April — 21, may — 21.
  3. Summer. In June of the Mediterranean sea the resort warms up to +21°C in July to 24°C. air Temperature in June during the day - +25°C, at night +20°C. the Average temperature in July in the afternoon - +28°C, night 20°C.

    The hottest summer month — August. The average daytime temperature at this time, the resort is +29°C, at night +20°C. the sea Temperature is 25°C. the Number of Sunny days — 28.

  4. Autumn. The average autumn temperature is held at a resort in the range 18-26°C during the day and 12-18°C at night. The number of Sunny days — 18-25, the sea temperature is 17-24°C.

    The highest rates occurring in September. At this time the resort ideal conditions for relaxation. Velvet season lasts until the end of October. High season at the resort lasts from may to October.

Stay: where to stay and what to do?

The coastal strip of the resort is divided into zones, each of which is a private beach. They are renowned for their purity and have well-developed infrastructure. There are also good conditions for recreation.

The increased attention from tourists to local hot springs and mineral water.

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Despite the large number of hotels, places them in the middle of the season to all tourists is not enough. It is better to book them in advance. The main part of the resort hotels have 3 or 4 stars.

The best three-star hotels Santa Susanna:

  • Hotel Indalo Park is a modern comfortable hotel. The rooms have satellite TV, air conditioning, safe Deposit box and Central heating, a Hairdryer, a telephone and a TV.

    The hotel has 3 bars, 3 pools and a restaurant whose menu you can find dishes of Spanish cuisine. For aerobics opened a special room. Evenings can be spent playing Billiards or Darts. Every day there is a variety of entertainment programs;

  • Aqua. Comfortable hotel near the city centre. The hotel features postal service, Parking, doctor, currency exchange and. Food is organized on system "buffet".

    The hotel has 2 outdoor pools, open gym, activities, tennis court and much more. Children can enjoy the mini club. Near the hotel there is a sandy municipal beach.

Among the best hotels of Santa Susanna 4* include: Florida Park, Royal Sun and Onabrava. All rooms have private bathrooms and toilets, equipped withair conditioning, safes, telephones, televisions and mini bars or fridges.

  1. Florida Park. One of the most comfortable hotels in the resort. Has a very convenient location. Distance from the sea 50 m to the city center is 1.5 km away. the restaurant serves a buffet. The hotel has everything for a comfortable stay. There's a pool, Jacuzzi, sauna.
  2. Royal Sun. The hotel is in a picturesque location on the promenade of Santa Susanna. It is a beautiful white facade. The hotel has a swimming pool, Solarium, all conditions for outdoor activities. Among a large number of features of the hotel include a car rental.
  3. Of entertainment in the Royal Sun has a swimming pool, Golf course, Billiards and more.

Also at the resort you can find a large quantity of offers on rent of apartments and villas. Real estate in the resort to rent for long and short term. The rental price depends on the type of housing, its distance from the sea and the time it is removed. Guidance for establishing rents for apartments and villas is the cost of your stay.


plyazhnaya zona

The length of the beaches in Santa Susanna beach is 2 km away. In fact this is a sand beach divided into 3 zones. The width of the coastal sandy strip of coastline the resort is 30 to 50 meters. Divided areas of the coastline of the beaches of Santa Susanna called:

  • Llevant;
  • Caletes;
  • Have dunes.

Relax on they are very comfortable and nice. They are all very clean and have a well - developed infrastructure. There is a rental - you can rent equipment for swimming and relaxing on the beach.

Cruises are scooters, catamarans and boats of various designs. Summer on the beaches runs a children's club. Beach volleyball on the shore equipped with a special pad.

What to see of attractions?

In the city, founded in the 12th century, preserved many historical sitesthat attract the interest of tourists coming to the resort. Among the main ones:

  1. Kan Rates. Watchtower cylindrical shape, roofed. Built on the site of the barn. Next to it is the pool;
  2. Mas Halter - tower attributed to the middle ages, is currently in private ownership;
  3. Park at the fountain Boter is a favorite place for walking mothers with children. A special atmosphere in the Park creates the bubbling water that flows out of wells, with an age of several centuries. The Park is the site of picnics;
  4. Interesting architectural shape of the Church have of the resort. Most of them belongs to the middle ages.

  5. Park in the Colomer is famous for its large Seating area and attractions;
  6. Molí d'en Jordà - the old mill, Dating back 300 years. To our days have survived the plumbing and part of the walls;
  7. Can Bonet d'avall , is a magnificent 15th century tower.

See a video review of the resort of Santa Susanna: