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What can you bring from London (England) of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Londona?

Better to think in advance about what you can bring this "sort of" from the country you wish to visit.

And, most importantly, where it can be purchased without compromising your time and wallet.

Today we go to England, to London and find out what's remarkable and original you can buy there for family and friends.

Souvenirs from London (England): what to bring?

Cosmetics and perfume

In England there are several good brands of cosmetics ,this gift will be pleased any lady from your environment:

  • ESPA - produces chemicals for SPA care, can boast of luxurious hair masks and body;
  • Bamford - a British brand that creates tools for body and bath;
  • Margaret Dabbs - manufactures products for foot care: scrubs, peels, masks, lotions, nail files and many more.

All this beauty can be purchased in specialized shops and shopping centres of London. It will cost not cheap, the cost of one unit of the product starts from £ 15.

In London you can purchase a gift of perfume brands that are difficult to find in Russia, even in such large cities as Moscow and Saint Petersburg, for example Food or Skin Dr.Harris and Co.

Another plus - the purchase (not just English brands, but also the famous manufacturer of perfume)will cost much cheaper than at home.

Stores that you must visit in search of perfumes:

  • Miller Harris is a unique perfume store, where you will create your own fragrance;
  • Penhaligons store supplying perfumes to the Royal Palace.

Kosmetika i parfumeriya

Foods and spices

Quality English chocolate is not inferior to the famous Swiss. a rich assortment of all kinds of chocolate products can be found in the shop Charbonnel et Walker. Assortment of chocolates in a beautiful package can be purchased from 3 to 7 pounds.

If you are looking to gift something exotic, take a look at the markets, Bricklin and Covent garden.

Here, you'll find all sorts of spices from the Eastern countries; as well as a huge amount of vegetables, fruits, food, famous English cheese, Carville, Gloucester, Cheshire, and high quality for every taste.


What else can you bring from London? England - the land of eternal rain and dampness, so workshops on handmade umbrellas caught here almost on every step.

A good umbrella is worth at least £ 50. Of course, you can buy much cheaper, but cheap doesn't always mean"good".


English tea, English tea - the calling card of this country. Despite the fact that England itself is not a producer of tea, this drink here is very much appreciated and every self-respecting Englishman versed in tea varieties and tea ceremony.

To buy tea the original gift packing is possible in the Tea Palace store, the cost depending on the varieties of drink starts from £ 5 and above.

Anglijskij chaj

English cashmere

To be in London and not to buy as a gift or a favorite thing from famous English cashmere is impossible.

Sweaters made of cashmere are sold year-round in many English shops, very much appreciated, hand-knitted products. The price of such things is quite high, so for a sweater or pullover, it is better to go to the Portobello market.

The Portobello market is a city cheap jerseys - Portobello China & Woollens. And if a regular store London sweater is from 60 to 100 euros, you can buy the same for € 45.

In "the flea"is part of the Portobello can be made of inexpensive shopping, it is possible to buy for myself and as a gift designer clothes at a cheap price, it is a Paradise for shopaholics.


England is famous for its beer and ale, but the mosta good gift will be the famous Scottish Scotch or English whisky The English Whisky.

To achieve all this almost in all supermarkets in London. Its price is around 20 pounds.

Clothes and shoes

What could be brought from England to wear? For it is better to go on Oxford street, this street has more than 300 different stores where you can buy clothes of the most famous brands: Gift, New Look, Zara, Dorothy Perkins and many others, but provided that you have enough money to buy branded clothes are quite expensive.

If you want to buy all this diversity "for pennies", you'd better visit the stores TK Maxx.

It here brought all the unsold clothes from different shops and boutiques, the reasons for which oceanaut different products - initially, the price of space, rather conservative tastes of visitors, these things seem too challenging and trendy.

Jeans, cardigans, suits, pullovers, you can buy 10 times cheaper than its cost in any branded boutique.

Gorgeous English leather popular all over the world, including practical, stylish shoes.

If you are in London, be sure to visit the Shoe shop Shellys, which will find collection of the most fashionable London designers. A pair of shoes or boots is a great gift to themselves and loved ones.

Odezhda i obuv

English Souvenirs

In England a huge selection of souvenir symbols of this country. Especially is replete with Souvenirs market Camden lock Market.

That just is not here: sweatshirt with a British flag t-shirt with big Ben, t-shirts with the portrait of the Queen, bracelets, belts, pens, mugs, figurines, lots of beads and earrings, jewelry boxes, key rings and more for every taste.

Antiques and porcelain

If you are looking to gift something unusual and unique, you should visit the antique shops in the markets of Covent garden and Portobello.

Of course, antique - it's expensive, but unique and memorable. Antique prints, silver, delicate porcelain,the watch is only a small part of what you can buy in these shops.


If you want to do a good deed and buy your loved ones a gift something special, such as a miraculous cure, eager to disappoint you: in Russia there is almost all counterparts overseas pills.

The only thing you can buy medicines for kidsin England they are natural, safe and effective enough. For example, droplets in the nose Nososal or cure issues with colic - Infacol.

Souvenirs from Britain

What can you buy in London?

The girl

If you have enough money, buy her a handbag from Prada. Is a world famous brand, real luxury and, by the way, the purchase will cost you less, than in Russia.

If you prefer the principle: "it is not the gift, expensive attention," bring your girlfriend a beautiful handmade umbrella or a box of English chocolate.

CHto mozhno kupit v Londone v podarok: devushke


If your friend, relative or boss is a football fan, the question of "what to bring as a gift from London?" disappears by itself. England - the birthplace of two famous football clubs "Chelsea" and "Arsenal" and their paraphernalia will delight any fan.

If football none of them are interested, then visit Portobello market. There you will find a huge selection of leather goods, which is so famous in England: belts, gloves, cases that are not ashamed to present a gift.


Choose a baby gift in London easy, children will be equally excited and a box of sweets and a toy. Be sure to visit the children's shopping center Hamleys, believe me, you will not leave there empty handed.

The nice gift will be a toy Paddington bear, who is equally loved kids and in his native England, and Russia.

Of course, traveling, do not forget that you came to explore the sights of this country, its museums, monuments, parks, and not to run to the shops in search of Souvenirs.

I hope this article will help you to save your time and money and give guests more attention.