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Sights of the Kingdom of England: London, Oxford and other

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England is one of the parts of the UK, with the biggest. There are about 85% of the total population of the Kingdom. Its name it received in honor of the tribe of the angles who lived in the territory during the 5-6 century.

The main town, aka the capital of the whole United Kingdom is London. Besides him, in England many other major cities - Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield and others.

Tourists come here primarily to see one of the oldest monarchies, and has hundreds of castles scattered throughout the country.

The main attractions of England


London — the capital of the Kingdom and the monarchy. Most of the attractions associated with it.

That is a must see in London? Of course, tower, tower bridge, go on an excursion to Buckingham Palace, see big Ben and House of Parliament.

On the South Bank of the river is set London eye - a huge Ferris wheel is 135 meters. It simultaneously takes up to 800 people.

Trafalgar square — the centre of the city, in which converge the three main streets. In the center of the square stands the column of Admiral Nelson, around which there are figures of lions.

Huge St. Paul's Cathedral is the residence of the Bishop of London and the burial place of many famous people of the country.

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Oxford is one of the most famous in the world of the English cities — all because their colleges. In addition, it is only 1.5 hours away from London, but because there you can easily go on an excursion from the capital.

The main attraction of the city is CARFAX tower, which is rising, you can see the city from above.

And, of course, to visit the famous school, the oldest of which — Christ Church, was founded in 1120. In some colleges the admission is free, the other will be accessible only with a guide.


Lester is considered one of the oldest cities in England. It was built on the site of an ancient Celtic settlement, on the basis of which the Romans built their fortifications. Now is a typical English town with a historic centre and modern suburbs.

Here you can see many old buildings — municipality-Church of St. Mary de Castro, castle and Abbey, and other buildings.

Also very popular are the ruins of ancient Roman baths and the tower Clock tower, which are connected to 5 roads. Interest "Leicester bridges" - a medieval building, which currently houses three.


Liverpool is a city that some people associate with the famous musical group the Beatles, and others of the same football club. Still, a huge number of theatres, galleries and other cultural facilities.

A visit to the city should start with the albert Dock complex, which is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Here you can see old warehouses, museums, the Beatles, the Maritime and slavery.

One of the most recognizable buildings in Liverpool - the Royal liver building. It is the largest clock of England and the figure of the giant liver birds with outstretched wings. Popular with tourists, the Central Catholic Cathedral.

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Birmingham is the second largest city in England, which grew more than 1,500 years ago on the site of a small market town. There are not very many attractions, and all of them are concentrated in the Central part.

The history of the city can be found in the Central Museum. In addition to it, there's also the science Museum, which presents 10 interactive exhibits, a planetarium and the science garden.

Lovers of water adventures available tour on the canals of the city. A huge shopping center "Bullring" includesover 150 boutiques, various goods, and two large Department store.

The Cathedral of Birmingham is well-preserved. You can walk around it, and if you're lucky and get the service.


Bristol is one of the oldest port cities in the country. Today to view it all the important places, not enough days.

Start Dating is the famous Clifton "suicide Bridge"which is built across the river Avon. On the shore is a former ocean liner "United Kingdom". Once upon a time he was one of the most advanced ships making flight from England to America, and now turned into a Museum.

The city has two high tower — Cabot and wills. In the last 68 meters is the third tallest building in the city. But the most high — the most beautiful Church of St. Mary-Redcliffe, which stands in the heart of the city.


Cambridge is the second of the ancient University towns of England. The first mention about it belongs to the year 730. Cambridge University — the oldest in the city, and at the same time its main attraction.

However, the same territory he does not have a separate housing scattered throughout the city. Many of them were founded by the English kings.

Excursions to almost all paid, and to be possible only in strictly designated areas, without going into the territory marked "Privacy".

In addition, the town is a large Botanical garden, the building of the University library with a few unique books, lots of museums.

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Manchester — one of the largest cities of England, is known worldwide for his native football club "Manchester United". In the middle ages it was a city of artisans and merchants, and got a rapid growth during the industrial revolution.

One of the Central attractions — the triangular building of the Central hall, built in the Gothic style. On the Central tower height of 85 meters, there are watch.

The building of Manchester Cathedral is located near the town Hall. It is the seat of the Anglican Bishop and the main Church of the city. A large number of paintings, sculptures and archaeological treasures can be seen at the art gallery.


Brighton southern English citylocated on the coast of the English channel. This is one of the larger resorts, and its main goal is entertainment and recreation. Tourists from all over Europe often come to Brighton on holiday.

Proximity to the Central place is the Royal pavilion, former residence of monarchs, built in the Indian style. It now operates as a Museum and art gallery of the city.

Piers is best visited at dawn, and special attention should be paid to the large and dilapidated old West. Connoisseurs of aviation will like the Museum's oldest English airport of Shoreham.

Where to go in England: Brighton! Brighton (England)


Sheffield is a city in the North of England, famous for its steel plants. However, there are many interesting sites that have nothing to do with steel.

In the South of the city are located the ruins of the Abbey, Bosif, which was built in the 12th century. Currently is preserved only the Western tower, adjacent to the Church of the 17th century.

Another point of the city, also connected with religion — the Cathedral, a kind of the heart of the city.

Abidal Industrial Hamlet is a Museum villagewhere there are a lot of workshops. Tourists can see here the complete production process of steel by technology of the 18th century.

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Bat — one of the oldest cities of England, included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Here more than 2000 years ago the Romans found hot springs and built Roman baths. Now in the modern Spa center you can also take a mineral bath.

Also in this city lived the famous writer Jane Austen, was named after one of the museums. In the same city is Bath Abbey, where they were crowned the first English king.

Art lovers can visit art gallery of Victoria paintings from the 15th century, or go to view in the theatre Royal.


Leeds is a city in the North of England, which is considered the financial center of the region. He is currently one of the fastest growing in the country.

There is a large number of interesting attractions that you can't see in one day. One of the best Victorian buildings and a symbol of the city — Hall located in the center.

On the banks of the river Aire are the ruins of the Abbey Kirkstallbuilt by monks in the 12th century.

Not far is the house-Museum of the Abbey, on the ground floor which recreated three streets of Leeds in about 1880. On the second floor the exposition devoted to the history of the Abbey.


Portsmouth is a city in the South-Eastern part of England, on the coast. Therefore, with water connected with a large part of the areas usually visited by tourists.

The Central attraction is the battleship of Admiral Nelson's victory, as well as more modern armored frigate "warrior".

There are also over a dozen different museums dedicated to the Maritime theme — the history of the Navy; marine corps; dedicated to the landing in Normandy during the Second world war.

There is a Museum of the famous writer Charles Dickens. Among the architectural places it is necessary to highlight Spinnaker tower, 170 meters high, the top of which you can see the city and the port.

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England is a big country with a huge number of attractions. Each of its cities has its own "flavor".

So, Oxford and Cambridge all to do with student towns, London — the monarchy, the Portsmouth Maritime history.

In some preserved buildings from the Roman period. And almost all British cities have a large Cathedral, built in its own, unique style.