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The residence of the Queen, Buckingham Palace: where is, room inside

gde nahoditsya Bukingemskij dvorec?

The residence of the British Queen - this building, which was built by the Duke of Buckingham for his own residence. In our day Elizabeth II spends here most of his life. However, not everyone knows where Buckingham Palace, and how to get there.

A visit to Buckingham Palace

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The Palace is among the most famous in the world. Erected it for himself , the Duke of Buckingham could not live in it because of the smell of damp, which was felt in all its corners.

After the purchase of Buckingham Palace for the Royal family he suffered a serious renovation.

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Where and how to get there?

Buckingham Palace is in the centre of London, surrounded by picturesque parks. The closest of them to the residence of Queen Elizabeth II is the Park of St James. The exact address of the Palace: Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1 AA.

Opposite the Palace are streets of green Park and pall Mall. Last Sunday and holidays becomes pedestrian. It is possible to go to Admiralty arch and into Trafalgar square.

To get to Buckingham Palace is better at subway. It is located between Victoria and Green Park. Walk to the Palace and from the station St. James's Park.

The tourists who decided to ride through London on a bus to get to Buckingham Palace on the routes: 11, 211, C1 and C10. Stop In Buckingham Palace Road.

Time and excursions

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Despite the fact that Buckingham Palace is the Royal residence, there are guided tours, which last 2-2. 5 hours. The opportunity to tour the Palace the tourists are only in the periods:

  • from 1 may to 31 August;
  • from 1 September to 2 October.

August and September are the official holidays of the English monarchs. During the whole year you can go on a tour of the existing Royal stables. The beginning of the tour route to Buckingham Palace starts from the Embassy entrance.

It is located on Buckingham Palace road.

While the Queen of great Britain in the Palace above him, raised the national flag.

The entrance to the Palace is paid. The cost of the ticket depends on the age of the visitor. Royal residence covers an area of 20 hectares On its territory, apart from the Palace, is a garden that has its own police station 2 post office and even hospital. Photography during the tour can only be done in the garden of the Palace. This is the final point of excursion.

provedenie ekskursij po korolevskomu sadu

A visit to the Palace in London enjoys great popularity. It is something to see. Personal collection of Elizabeth II contains paintings of great artists. Among them are paintings by Raphael, van Dyck and others. The Palace contains a large collection of porcelain, there are Faberge eggs. The tour route passes in only one direction.

The Protection Of The British Queen

Before you get into the Palace the tourists have the service of the Royal guard. The procedure for its passage is reminiscent of the verification system for passengers at the airport. Using a special scanner skip bags and accessories. The tourists pass through a metal detector.

Tourists are not permitted to go to the Palace with large bags, suitcases and Hiking backpacks, as well as food and drinks. All this must pass into the storage chamber.

The guards of Buckingham Palace are well-trained. It is considered one of the best in the world. Over the residence patrol helicopters, and the monarchs surrounded by a large number of special agents. A member of the Royal guards includes guards and infantry guard regiments.

A huge number of tourists coming to London, attracts sothe action as the changing of the guard. The most famous ceremony takes place at Buckingham Palace. From April to July the changing of the guard it is held daily from August to March — through the day.

Royal life: the description of residence with photo

Since the construction of his Palace, the Duke of Buckingham could not even imagine that he would become the residence of English monarchs. Marshy land went to the Duke on the corner of green Park and St James for a gift from Queen Anne.

History: when built, who lived and lives now in the building?

istoricheskaya spravka o vremeni postrojki i zhilcah

The building belongs to the 18th century. After the death of the Duke of Buckingham, the Palace was inherited by Charles Sheffield, who soon sold it to George III. Buy Palace cost the Royal family at 28 thousand pounds.

Immediately after the acquisition of the Palace was begun serious restructuring. The most significant transformation of the Palace occurred in the reign of Queen Victoria. She was officially announced by Buckingham Palace the residence of the monarchs.

In the reconstruction of the Palace and new construction of Queen Victoria invested crazy at the time amount. Spent about 700 thousand pounds. This angered the people and nobles of the country. In spite of this to improve the Palace was continued by king Edward VII.

Currently lives in a Palace Elizabeth II. Her yard is controlled by the Lord Chamberlain. Only the Royal family serves more than 800 people. Among them, the footmen, the pages and other staff.

The grounds and facade

The appearance of Buckingham Palace looks rather modest. Against this background, architectural restraint especially refined looks forged gates and fence covered with gold leaf.

The main architectural decoration of the Palace balconies. The idea of creating them belonged to Prince albert.

The landmark for England, the days of Queen Elizabeth II comes to the balcony to greet their subjects along with their grandchildren and Prince Charles.

Surrounds the Palace garden, which was founded by the designer Lancelot 'capability' brown. There is a picturesque artificial lake and a cascade of waterfalls. To feed the lake water was a network of rivers.

One of the attractions of the Palace the landscape zone is a vase of Napoleon. The Palace serves 8 gardeners. There are tennis courts, a large number of houses and even a helipad.

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Special attention among growing around the tree Palace deserves a mulberry tree, planted when James I. By his order was laid mulberry gardens. The monarch was the desire to produce in his London silk.

Currently, the Park area can meet the pink flamingos. During the summer months the Palace hosts receptions outdoors, on a visit to whom they sell tickets. Number of guests up to 50 thousand people.

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The plan: how many rooms are inside and interior

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Ordinary citizens had the opportunity to witness the splendor of the Palace interior after 1993. This period was openly a visit to the Palace for tourists. Number of rooms in the Palace:

  1. 52 Royal and guest bedrooms;
  2. 19 front;
  3. for work created by employees 92 office.

The staff is 188 bedrooms. In the Palace's 78 bathrooms, 1,514 doors and 760 Windows. The stairs are covered with carpets, the length of which is nearly 5 km.

In the decoration of the Palace features a large variety of candelabra, vases and clocks. The walls are hung with paintings by famous artists. The large number of them posted in the gallery. Its length is 50 m and width 8 m.

The main room of the Royal apartments is the hall of the Belgian. It is decorated with astronomical clock, which have a very complex mechanism.

In the Belgian hall to the ceilings hung crystal chandeliers, and the decoration of the hall used a lot of gilding.

The Belgian hall is adjacent to the pool. To set the clock it is possible to swim the attendants of the Palace. At the opposite side of the pool there is a cinema.

To visit the Palace opened a total of 9 rooms and 10 meeting rooms. Among them are the Royal gallery, built on the ruins of the chapel. During the excursion tourists visit and inspect:

  • The sculpture of Queen Victoria, made of white marble and decorated with gold leaf. The Creator of this monument was given a knighthood by king GeorgeV;
  • The Palace gates. Moreover, tourists come to the apartments of the monarchs. They can see the wedding dress of Kate Middleton;
  • Guard. In this room there is the exposition of tapestries and sculptures of the 19th century;
  • The throne room intended for the reception of VIPs;
  • kolichestvo komnat i ih ubranstvo

  • Green room. Here is a porcelain that belonged to Napoleon, and various things of Madame de Pompadour, as well as other interesting exhibits;
  • The white hall. The walls are upholstered in white and gold silk. The room contains ancient items.

In the Palace courtyard is a shop selling Souvenirs, which duplicates items "the Royal collection". In her various accessories, towels, and other products. During a visit to the Palace to watch the changing of the guard of the Royal guard, and a Cup of tea in the cafe overlooking the pond and buy a souvenir with the emblem of the Royal family.

Interesting facts

  1. About Buckingham Palace is composed of many legends. One of them tells about how on Christmas in the Palace appears a Ghostthat walks him rattling shackles.
  2. A visit to the Palace was allowed not from good life. Go for it the Royal family have prompted the lack of money for the maintenance of the Palace.
  3. During the Second world war, the Royal family refused to leave the Palace.
  4. This led to the fact that the Palace has been the most intensive in the London bombing.

  5. Those who do not have the opportunity to visit the Palace, you may travel on it virtual. On the official website of the Palace you can find a virtual tour.

The Royal interiors of the rooms you can see in this video: