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London on the world map: where is the difference in time between Moscow

gde nahoditsya London?

The capital of the United Kingdom of great Britain is one of the most popular and favorite travel cities.

Here attracts guests from all over the world to see the famous sights, to feel the influence of English culture, try the milk tea and oatmeal for Breakfast, and just plunge into the magical atmosphere of the homeland of Sherlock Holmes. So let's find out where the London.

London on world map

stolica na mirovoj karte

London is so attractive, no wonder — he has a special Royal charm, combining ancient culture, tradition and the modern pace of development. It is a city of businessmen, writers, royalty, and dreamers.

After a visit to this city leaves a pleasant aftertaste and a desire to come here again.

London ranks among global cities of the highest rank and is considered one of the world's leading financial and business centres. What place on the map is "rainy" capital of England? Where is it located and what time zone belongs to?

Where and in what country is?

All from a school bench knows what it capital, London is the capital of the UK. This economic, political and cultural centre of the United Kingdom and one of the largest cities in Europe, located at the mouth of the river Thames, in the South-Eastern part of the island of Britain near the North sea.

Time zone, and features two time zones

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London is in the Western European time zone (WET). Every year the residents of the clock on the last Sunday in March to one hour ahead and the last Sunday in October back one hour.

  • Summer is the time difference with Moscow is three hours in winter two.
  • From Yekaterinburg in summer, five in winter four hours.

How to get how long is the flight?

The fastest and most safe way to reach the capital of the island nation is the airfare.

The distance between Moscow and London is about three thousand kilometers. Flights direct flight time is about four hours.

If you fly out of Paris, the time spent on Board will be only an hour, and the distance traveled will be a little more than three hundred kilometers.

Tickets to the British capital can be purchased right now using this handy search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.

Circuit city

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London is a huge city divided into districts, and tourists will be something to see.

Administrative division

The population of the British capital is home to over eight million people. Part of the metropolis consists of thirty-three self-governing administrative area, 13 of them situated in the historic border city in Inner London (Inner London), 19 were located in Outer London (Outer London), and the last area - the city of London (City of London), is a geographical and financial center of the capital, has a special status and management.

Tour the neighborhoods and their attractions

  1. City is the oldest, historic district, in our time is considered a financial business center of the country. The British called this area "the square mile" because of the compactness and small size.

    The area wasfounded on the site of historical settlement of the Romans, as evidenced by the ruins of an ancient fortress. The architecture of this area is diverse and represents a mix of cozy narrow streets, old buildings and modern skyscrapers standing right in the clouds.

    In the city is the famous tower is one of the oldest sights of London. This ancient fortress is a true symbol of the UK, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the Green Planet.

    St. Peter's Cathedral has the status of the residence of the Bishop of London. The Museum of London, many known for the movie "Night at the Museum", is the largest in the country and has thousands of exhibits from ancient times that tell the history of the city.

  2. Shopping and entertainment quarter in the heart of the city- SOHO, formed from the same village many years ago.

    The birthplace of the strip attracts tourists with a huge choice of shops, theaters, night clubs, pubs, taverns and even brothels and sex shops.

    On one of the streets is a small refuge of gay people. Next door is the Chinatown and the city's Central square, surrounded by fountains and sculptures of fearsome lions — Trafalgar, in the middle of which stands Nelson's column of dark gray granite. In the period of new year and Christmas holidays on the square is set the main tree of the country.

    CHto posmotret v kurortnyh rajonah?

    Street Covent garden flaunts the Royal Opera and ballet, which are the famous artists from around the world.

  3. The political and religious center of London is considered to be Westminster. On the streets of the state institutions and the Parliament building – the Palace of Westminster, designed in the architectural style neo-Gothic.

    Most popular tower is the "Elizabeth tower", the majority of tourists known as big Ben. Nearby is Buckingham Palace which is the residence of the Royal family, Westminster Abbey is a magnificent Church in the Gothic style.

  4. The most elite area is considered Kensington. There are expensive boutiques, chic shops, consulates and parks: Hyde Park and Kensington gardens.
  5. The area of Bloomsbury has become the haunt of artists and writers. Here are the biggest bookstores of the city University of London and the famous London library.
  6. West London Paddington is known for its railway station, as well as a huge number of hotels and youth hostels for every taste and budget. Is the largest transit point of the London underground.


London is one of the main hubs, and, like any major metropolis, has a developed transport network.


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The total length of all the Railways is about 1,000 kilometers. In the city there are thirteen railway stations are end stations. The largest of them:

  • Waterloo Station. The main station of the South-West of the UK, the largest of all railway stations in London - a year had passed through more than 170 million people;
  • On-site Waterloo are several hotels and entertainment centers for tourists.

  • The Victoria Station. With this built in 1858, the station you can go to Dover, Brighton, Sussex, or in any other city in the North. Near the station there are many cafes, shops and hotels;
  • The Paddington Station. Located underground, is the first station of the underground railway built in 1863. It is possible to get to Beth, Hereford or Bristol. In the building of this station, many shops and several hotels;
  • Station Blackflies. Built in 1864 and renovated in 1970. Within walking distance from the station is St. Paul's Cathedral, and within a radius of about five hundred meters there is a few three - and five-star hotels.



London serves six airports:

  1. Heathrow. Located in Western direction at a distance of 25 km from the city centre. Is the largest airport. Here flights arrive from Moscow. Serves about 75 million passengers per year;
  2. Gatwick. The second largest London airport. Serving 35 million passengers a year. Flights to 200 cities in the world, USA;
  3. Stansted. The third largest of the London airports. Is 48 kmto the North-East of the city. Previously was in the military, since the mid 60-ies of the 20th century is the passenger;
  4. Luton. Located 48 km North of London. The main direction of European countries;
  5. The London City. Relatively small in size, generally manages the business of transportation;
  6. Southend. The small airport serves regional, Charter and business flights. Also a training base for pilots.

Transport infrastructure

  • Metro. London underground is one of the largest and oldest in the world. The number of passengers is second only to Moscow and Paris. Altogether there are eleven branches and more than 200 stations.
  • Buses. Most tourists associate London with red double-Decker bus. He became a real symbol of the city.
  • All around town is more than 8 thousand buses on over 700 different routes.

  • Trams. In 2000 in London go on small buses. There are four routes with a total length of over 25 km.
  • Water routes. In London there is also a system of river water routes along the river Thames.

Watch video about the most romantic station, London: