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Museum of London Harry Potter: where is London?

muzej Garri Pottera v Londone

Who is Harry Potter, known throughout the world. The young wizard graduate of the school of magic Hogwarts, a lot of fans among those who read about him in books written by J. K. Rowling, or watching movies.

The shooting took place in the suburbs of the capital of England, on the famous Warner Bros. Studio. And when it's time to put an end to this magical story, the idea was born to continue the tale, opening in stunning kinosternon Museum of Harry Potter in London.

The Museum Of Harry Potter

The opening of the Museum (which is a complex of buildings, exhibits in the fresh air) was held in 2012 on the last day of March.

Where is the world of magic, and how to get there?

muzejnyj kompleks unogo volshebnika

Town Listen, where the Museum is located 30 kilometers from the capital of great Britain. To get to visit Harry Potter on the train station London Euston (20 minutes) or on a double-Decker bus that takes passengers directly to the Museum.

Buses run every half hour, and mix them with any other impossible – they are decorated in a magical style.

Well, the first floor of the bus, so will watch through the window, if you choose the second floor, you will show a short film about the Studio Museum, where you keep the path.

Tickets are sold by the driver. The trip takes 20 to 30 minutes. If you purchase your ticket there and back, it is possible to save.

There is another option how to get to the Museum, it is a taxi. Convenient, fast and accordingly expensive: one-way journey will cost approximately £ 55 (approximately 4 thousand rubles.).

The London Museum complex - a bit of history

istoricheskaya spravka o muzejnoj zhizni

By the time of the opening of the Museum premises, interiors and exhibits were 10 or less years, such as continued shooting: everything that was created initially, and then added with each new ribbon, preserved in its original form. And it is especially costly for the visitors to see what is so fond of them on the screen.

This, of course, the first Museum Potter in Europe. By the way, every day the Museum is visited by over five thousand people, and the number of people wishing to touch the magical world of Harry Potter is not getting smaller.

The Museum brings a steady income – more than fifty million dollars annually.

During the opening of the exhibition it was visited by Directors, producers, many participated in the filming of the actors. And in 2013, when the Museum celebrated its first anniversary, it was visited by members of the Royal family – Prince William's wife Kate Middleton (wife waited then for a growing family) and the namesake of the wizard - Prince Harry.

How to buy tickets to the tale?

Fans of spontaneous decisions it should be borne in mind that to get to the Museum of Harry Potter only, in advance taking care of the tickets. Directly at the Studio, alas, do not sell. You can buy tickets on the website http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/.

kak priobresti bilety?

In the upper right corner of the window there is a button "BUY TICKETS", click on it, you will be able to choose the type of ticket:

  • INDIVIDUAL/ FAMILY TICKETS - buy tickets to one person or several (up to 10);
  • GROUP TICKETS - group booking from 10 people;
  • GIFT TICKETS a gift ticket.

After selecting the ticket type you will be prompted to specify the number of tickets, age, date of visit and time. The following window will appear confirming your action, you have to press "CONTINUE" then you will offer additional services in the form of digital guides, I press "CONTUNUE" and go to the page for selecting a method of receiving tickets in hand, and only thenit is necessary to fill personal data of visitors.

If your browser auto translator, the problems with the booking does not occur.

Please note that children age 15 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

After payment will be made, to the email address the customer will receive a letter confirming the booking on a specific chosen date. You need to make a printout of this letter and take it on a trip to present at the box office in the Studio, together with your identity document. Then you get into the hands of the long-awaited ticket, but rather is a pass to the school of wizards, Hogwarts and other places where the action of your favorite movies and books.

Another way to become a young wizard - to buy a tour (including the fare) or Golden Tours, Evans Tours.

The cost of the ticket may vary, but the average price range is:

  1. for adult (starting from 16 years) – 33 lbs (≈2400 RUB.);
  2. for child (5-15 years) – 25.5 lb (≈1800 RUB.);
  3. family ticket (two adults and two children or one adult and three children) – £ 100 (≈7300 rubles).

Children under the age of 5 years to the Museum allowed for free, but to reserve a place for them (though free) required to solve the problem directly at the Museum will not work, such are the rules here.

Often, future visitors are the so-called combination ticket, which includes a souvenir guide (guide book) and digital audio (it is necessary to specify what language you need it, the Russian version definitely is). This, of course, additional expenses, but the opportunity to save a little: in the Museum, these purchases will cost a bit more.

priobretenie prava na prohod

Return tickets, even due to unavoidable circumstances, this Museum is not provided. In this regard, the Internet sometimes ask the question: since the tickets are non-refundable and in life there are different circumstances, there is a possibility to buy a ticket to the owner of the Studio, the principle of Russia's "extra ticket"? Unfortunately, no such happy story is not given.

While working

A convenient time for you visit to the Museum you are looking at the stage of booking. And after he paid, to beat this decision to run "the flywheel of time," which was used by a friend of Harry Hermione Granger will have a visit to the Museum should be held strictly between the hours specified in the email confirming the reservation.

Opening hours of the Museum, Harry Potter change at different times of the year, this feature should definitely be kept in mind. Usually the tours start at 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning and end about eight in the evening. The duration of each is from three to four hours, however, it is possible to spend in the Museum more time: no one will tell you "exit" before it's time to close the exposition at night.

If you have the desire to wander through the magical world a little longer, sign up to earlier morning hours.

If you are limited in time, you can choose from the latest tours, which starts at 16:00, keeping in mind that the Studio will be closed 3 hours after this final day marathon tour starts.

Tourists are advised to arrive at the Studio in advance, 20 minutes before the time specified on the ticket. Latecomers – will not be allowed, so all strictly. Waiting, by the way, should not be a burden in the "additional time" can be considered the appearance of the halls, sit in a cafe, make "selfie" in the backdrop of the giant chess pieces (remember the brilliant party Ron Weasley, for which he was praised Professor Dumbledore?).

Fantastic infrastructure

obstanovka v fantasticheskom mire

In the magical world as in the real everything begins with "hangers" – or rather, with the lobby: it opens the entrance to the pavilions, you can buy an audio guide (unless you bought it as attachment to the ticket) and explore the contents of the souvenir shops. But to get something seasoned travelers recommend not to load yourself shopping for the duration of the tour.

Souvenir shops with the same range will be warmly welcomed by tourists in the end of the journey, and then it will be more convenient to make some kind of a memorial purchase.

Magic zone

One of the main attractions of the Museum is the layout of Hogwarts castle 16-meter height. It is striking in its detail. Each door – hinges, tower torches near the walls were real, living plants. Every four minutes there is a change of day and night – and the castle is transformed in a wonderful way.

On this unique modelworked 86 employees. It is estimated that if this work had to perform to some one, she would have taken his 74 years of life.

The Museum of Harry Potter highlighted two huge pavilion, which will house:

  • the great hallwhere newcomers were distributed among the faculties with the help of a talking hat, where future wizards for Breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • lounge Gryffindor, where Harry and his friends studied the textbooks;
  • the Dumbledore's office with the famous Phoenix;
  • office malicious Dolores Umbridge, designed as the outfits of the hostess, in a pink color;
  • Hagrid's hut, on the table which hatched from eggs dragon;
  • The Ministry of magic, not too friendly towards the young wizard;
  • room in the house Weasley - Harry's friends, next to which he felt himself, as if in his own family;
  • a fragment of the driving lane with lots of shops where future magicians have acquired a magic wand.

zona magicheskogo Kosogo pereulka

One of the pavilions is almost entirely given to the magical technology: here you can see how werewolves and Mandrake as change of scenery and using any devices that were born on screen miracles.

Under the open sky Museum complex is located:

  1. the Dursleys ' homewhere Harry Potter spent the first years of his life;
  2. "Night knight" - the bus that came to the rescue of those in trouble;
  3. "The shrieking shack";
  4. bar Three broomsticks.

About Museum visitors Harry Potter is not to say well-known poems: "From room to room moving, is moving people." The most tourists long delayed at different exposures, unable to break away from the magical instruments, talking portraits antique Cabinet with a huge number of vials, keeping someone's memories. In Diagon alley fascinate showcase stores with different unusual animals, books, magic potions.

Those who decided to continue the movement, at every step, waiting for surprises. For example, pass a broom for Quidditch, say "Up!", and the broom will literally jump into your hands. And the house of the Dursleys slit for letters and then take off the envelopes with a return address of "Hogwarts". If you're lucky, it can take a souvenir, while wanting them to happen, unfortunately, much more than the envelopes.

In one of the rooms of the Museum complex is decomposed boxes from the magic wands, each of which is written the names of people who participated in the filming of movies. There is also an autograph of the Creator of Harry Potter – J. K. Rowling. To help tourists – an employee who is willing at their request to talk about any of these people.

Legendary exhibits

In 10 years of filming created a lot of interesting things that have now become Museum exhibits in London. This:

  • wax heroes many characters (Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore's pet elf Dobby, Victor Krum, caring for Hermione);
  • legendarnye figury

  • the layout of the Hippogriff;
  • 18 metre spider Aragog, who was terrified of Ron Weasley;
  • stuffed rats Scabs;
  • "Monstrous book" of monsters, which it is advisable to stay away;
  • the flying car;
  • folding suitcase style Professor Lupin;
  • the flywheel of time, which Dumbledore gave to Hermione;
  • enchanted knitting needles in the house Weasley, which is knit on their own, without human intervention;
  • figurines of goblins and elves;
  • apparel of ghosts;
  • Hermione's dressin which she danced at the Christmas ball;
  • brooms Quidditch different models – "Lightning", "nimbus 2000";
  • different small things – jars, flasks and so on.

Additional services

Offers such useful things as free Wi-Fi and free same dressing room where you can leave your coats, bags, strollers and light excursions.

In the Museum complex it is possible to remove the sample from the magical beverage – butterbeer. To do this, go to the bar Three broomsticks and order a pint.

By the way, "to children to sixteen" the drink are not only allowed, but encouraged – it is soft, smells of toffee and butter biscuits. Here you can buy a mug as a souvenir.

Children at the entrance to the Museum will offer free certificate, according to which during the tour they will wait for 6 tests. You have performed any task (for example, caught the Golden Snitch) – get another "plus". This document will help you to keep in memory the impressions of travel in the magical world.

In the Museum of Harry Potter it is even possible to fly on a broomstick and get your own photo or video as proof, what is it with you really was.

a broomstick"/>

In the gift shop tourists go, to the Museum. Why are only cash machines in the style of Gringotts Bank. Your wallet is here pretty skinny, after all, as a souvenir can be purchased here:

  1. the mantle of wizard;
  2. Quidditch broom;
  3. magic wand (however, keep in mind that to do magic in the Muggle world forbidden);
  4. scarves and t-shirts with symbols of the faculties of Hogwarts.

From edible Souvenirs it sells chocolate frogs, sugar feathers and candy with different flavors (Dumbledore once caught with the smell of earwax, so that you do not blame me if you buy something similar).

Advice to the visitors of the "school of magicians"

  • Want photo for memory? Remove as much as necessary. The only "but": it is impossible to use professional photographic equipment.
  • If you experience any problems with audio guide, you can use the services of the staff: they will help when you need to recharge the device or to switch electronic translator from one language to the one that you need.
  • Be prepared for surprises, the descriptions of which were not on the Internet – the Museum is constantly appears something new.

    So, once the tourists found themselves in a winter Wonderland: the layout of the building of Hogwarts literally had powder snow, artificial, but like two drops of water similar to the natural. Match "season" and the warmth of the spruce garlands, wreaths of Holly, Christmas delicacies on the tables a Large living room.

Watch video about the amazing area of Harry Potter in London: