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Detailed world map in Russian: where is the Kingdom?

Velikobritaniya na karte mira

Britain is a small, but incredibly attractive Kingdom, where tourists from around the world come to get acquainted with the architectural, cultural and natural attractions of this country which has left its bright trace in the history of the world.

Once it is here that Shakespeare was born, there was a group "the Beatles", there were legendary street Baker street and opened the world's best universities – Cambridge and Oxford.

UK on the world map and Europe

Velikobritaniya v Evrope

The UK occupies a very vast area of the British archipelago, and the full name of this country sounds like the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Commonwealth includes several regions located in close proximity to each other.


If you look at the map of Europe is large, then the Kingdom can be found North-West of the continent. The country is situated on two major Islands with a total length of 244 100 square km the largest island is called great Britain, and on it are:

  1. England;
  2. Wales;
  3. Scotland.

From mainland Europe the country is separated by the Straits of La Manche and Pas-de-Calais and North sea.

The second island in the Kingdom of Ireland. It is located to the West of the British Isles. Here Britain owned almost half of the island, called Northern Ireland.

Watch a video about the detailed location of great Britain on the world map:

Who is on the border?

Nearest neighbours are the UK – Ireland, located on one of the Islands countries as well as France, which you can reach fast enough for Eurotunnel under the English channel. Also neighbours of great Britain are small Islands located close to the Kingdom. These include the Isle of man and channel Islands.

A relative of the North sea, the Kingdom is the coming of the water border with Belgium and the Netherlands, and a little further – with Denmark and Norway.


Relef strany

Traveling the Kingdom, many say that the UK has a diverse landscape, which is replaced by each other along the way. Just over an hour plain may be replaced by high hills, and behind them followed by scenic mountains. The topography of all countries comprising the UK are very diverse and dissimilar.

The southern half of England is located on the plains, but in some places there are hills and hills. In this part of the country are the famous Dartmoor hills at an altitude of about 610 meters above the sea level. In the Eastern part of the island is a swampy lowland, which is drained for the conduct of agriculture.

In the Northern part of England to revenge mountainous. Here are the Pennines, which stretch for 350 kilometers.

"The backbone of England," as it is affectionately called the inhabitants of the country, separates the North-Western part of the Kingdom of Yorkshire.

The highest point of the ridge – mountain Scafell pike, whose height reaches 2 178 meters.

Scotland is the most mountainous area, because more than half of its area cut by the Grampian mountains,located in the highlands. Only a tenth part of the country is flat terrain, which is home to the largest portion of the population.

The landscape of Wales is similar to the terrain of Scotland is mountainous it is the same. In the center of the country are the Cambrian mountains and in the North-West, the massif of Snowdon.

Northern Ireland has a flat terrain and in the center of the country is a deep Loch, No. The highest point in the region of slieve donard (862 meters).


Coast great Britain is washed by two seas – the Irish in the West, the North East, and the Atlantic ocean in the southwest. Throughout the country there are many rivers and lakes, including the Thames in London. It is the longest river of the country, and its length is 338 km.

In addition, the country is extremely important navigable waterways are:

  • Severn;
  • Uz;
  • Tis;
  • Secrets;
  • Tweed.

Many lakes situated in Scotland, for example, the famous Loch ness and Loch Lomond.

In prehistoric times Britain could boast of a luxurious nature. There was an incredibly thick forest, dominated by oaks, lindens, birch and beech. But by the end of the XX century because of human activities most of the forests were destroyed, and the swamp drained. Have brought here a larch, a fir and spruce and is strongly influenced by the changing flora and fauna of the country.

In our days the forest in the UK is only the tenth part of the Kingdom, and most of the trees survived on the mountain slopes, in river valleys or the South of the country. But despite this, it seems that getting into the UK, are in the green region. This happens because the places that suffered greatly from industrialization, again planted with trees, is found everywhere, a fence made of greenery and formed reserves.

The fauna of the UK is rich and diverse. It is difficult to call birds and animals, which is not here. In forests there are hares, foxes, wolves and wild boars and otters, raccoons and weasels.


klimaticheskie usloviya

The UK gained a solid name, "Albion", which perfectly characterizes the country's climate is humid and temperate. The weather here is variable: the morning may be clear and warm, and in the evening the sky will tighten clouds and will go a protracted rain. Such a climate contributes to a fog that's not uncommon.

Overall, for the UK climate is characterized by warm and humid summers and mild winters.

These features are associated with Pacific warm Gulf stream and the proximity to the sea and jet stream of air.

In winter the thermometer seldom shows a temperature below 0°C, and in summer does not rise above 18 degrees.

Because the UK has a length of more than 1000 km, the climate can vary significantly. On the West and North of the country is more humid, and on the East and South is arid.

How to get out of Russia?

The most convenient way to be in the UK to take an international flight to Heathrow or Gatwick – to two airports in the West and South of London. Here are direct planes British airlines – British Airlines.

To London can be reached by sea ferry from France, Belgium or the Netherlands. For this it is necessary to fly low-cost airlines from Russia in one of the capitals of Europe.

Also from Paris, Lille and Brussels to the capital of England through the tunnel the English channel followed by train "Eurostar", taking passengers for 2-3 hours.

Purchase plane tickets using the easy search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Map of the Kingdom with the countries on the Russian language

Part of the UK consists of four countriesUnited by geographical position, but with certain differences, starting from culture and ending with the language. These countries include England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Angliya i SHotlandiya

This country is considered the largest in the United Kingdom of great Britain. It is located on the British island, more precisely in the South-East. Its territory is home to about 83% of the total population (53 million), and the most populous city here is London.

England has 9 regions, comprising about 48 counties. It also includes the Isle of man, Wight and Scilly.

England has land borders with Wales to the West and Scotland to the North.Water line runs adjacent to the Irish sea in the West and from the North sea to the East.

The major cities of England are:

  • London is the second largest city in Europe;
  • Manchester – the industrial capital of Europe;
  • Liverpool is the cultural capital of England;
  • Birmingham – the sea gate of the country;
  • Brighton is a famous resort in the UK.

As a country with rich national traditions, Britain has an important historical significance for the history of not only the UK but also around the world. This country originated in 927, and with that date began its turbulent history.

Britain gave the world the first popular English language, and here was born the Anglican Church, and the laws of this country became an example for many other States. She also became the first industrialized country in the world.

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This country is the second largest region of great Britain located on the British island. It occupies the Northern part of the island, and its territory includes about one third from the total land area.

The country also includes the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland Islands.

Scotland has a land border with England to the South of the UK and also water borders with several European countries:

  1. In the West of Ireland;
  2. In the North, with the Faroe Islands and Ireland;
  3. In the East of Norway.

Coast of Scotland bordering the North sea in the East and the Atlantic ocean in the West.

Scotland is a harsh climate, so it is home to so many people – about 5.2 million people who speak Scottish and English.

Only in Scotland 9 regions and 32 area. The capital is Edinburghand other major cities are Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee.

The country is famous worldwide for its traditions, magnificent nature, especially mountains and lakes, also the stunning architecture of the local castles, which has more than one thousand years.


Uels s gorodami

Wales is the smallest region of the UK, located in the British Isles and occupying its Eastern part. The country is home to only about 2.9 million people in the territory 20 of 776 square kilometers, divided into 22 areas. It also includes the island of Anglesey, located on the South-West of England.

Wales has a land border with England to the East, and water – across the Bristol channel in the South. Water border through the Strait of St. George shares the Wales and Ireland. The North of the country is washed by the Irish sea.

The capital of Wales – Cardiff – a city populated by ancestors of the Celts, so it is not uncommon to hear the Welsh language.

To other major cities of the region include Swansea and Newport.

Northern Ireland

Severnaya Irlandiya i stolica

Northern Ireland is apart of England, Scotland and Wales, because this country is on a separate island in the North – West of the UK. The country is divided into 6 counties and 26 districts. The largest city and, therefore, capital is Belfast.

Closest to Ireland, is Scotland – it is on the East, or rather on the other side of the Northern Strait.

Also, the country is bordered on the South and West of Ireland. Water borders of the country are in the South-East with the Irish sea, and the South-West Atlantic ocean.

This country is home to about 1.9 million people, among which the indigenous inhabitants of the island only 500 thousand people, and the rest is Anglo-Irish and Scotland-Irish – people belonging to different religions. On the basis of this in Northern Ireland is constantly conflicts flared up, but in the last ten years they subsided.

Detailed map of great Britain with cities

UK is not only interesting sights, but also with many big and small cities scattered across its territory. Most major cities are marked with a status of "city"that does not give any privileges except for the prestige.


London is not only the capital of England but also the whole of the UK, and this role he performs for two thousand years. From a small settlement it became the largest metropolis (by the standards of Europe), the first being the main city of Roman Britain, then England and finally the United Kingdom.

Krasivyj London

London plays an important role in politics, economy and culture of the UK and is a major financial and political center of Europe.

Here are located the headquarters of such major companies as HSBS, Barclay and Reuters, as well as constantly operates the London stockexchange.

While walking around the city on every corner across of interest:

  • Tower;
  • Big Ben;
  • Trafalgar square;
  • Buckingham Palace;
  • Westminster Abbey.

Great interest among visitors to the British capital cause old street, located in the Westminster district, and area that stores the history of the country.

London has two major airports of United Kingdom – Heathrow and Gatwick, where are the planes from all over the world.


Belfast is famous as the capital of Northern Ireland, located in County Antrim. The town is on the coast of the Irish sea at the mouth of the river Lagan. This Prime location is very well for the country because it is the major seaport and numerous shipbuilding companies, one of which was built the infamous Titanic. The city's well-developed oil-refining and electro-technical industry and instrument making.

Belfast as a city was formed only by the XIX century, and the status of the capital received in 1921, although its territory was inhabited since the bronze age. Since then, as the city received a new status, it started to happen, bloody clashes on religious grounds. Here Catholics and Protestants were arranging clashes, to conclude that it was possible only in 1998.

Today Belfast is a large city with a population of about 600 thousand people, and its population is growing every year.

Coming here tourists makes a vast number of attractions, such as, for example, Donegall square or the sculpture "Big fish", in which a capsule containing important information about the city.


nochnoj Birmingem

Birmingham is another main city of the Central England, located in the County of West Midland. During the war the city was badly damaged, killing many residents and homes were destroyed, but by 1990, he returned to the old, slightly improved it. Today it is home to 1.2 million people, and in terms of population it is second only to London – capital of great Britain.

Birmingham was known to the world as a developed center of Handicrafts and wrought metal.

In military time, there are several strategically important factories producing military products. Unfortunately, all of them were destroyed due to fierce bombing by German aircraft.

Today Birmingham is so famous that it attracts tourists with its unusual contrasts: next to industrial areas are the main attractions of the city, and former factories converted into art galleries. Because of this, the city is incredibly popular with tourists.


Bristol is one of the most important cities for the UK and a major port in Central England with extensive seafaring history.

In fact, Bristol is on the Avon river, not the sea, and through it has access to the Bristol Bay and the Atlantic.

Because of this, throughout its history, local residents actively raised their capital through trade with the United States and the West Indies.

Today Bristol is the capital of the homonymous Countyand major business, cultural and educational center in the southwestern part of England. There was a thriving shipbuilding, sugar production, cotton textiles and carpets.

Bristol is the fourth most popular city in the UK, where tourists go first to better know the country. This place has plenty of attractions, some of which belongs to the XI century – the century of the founding of the city. It seems particularly attractive Georgian architecture, which is considered a rarity for the country.


Zamok Kardiff

This city is the capital of Walesand one of the main cities in the UK with the status "city". This status was granted at the beginning of the last century, because in Wales there was a rapid growth of the industry.

In an instant Cardiff turned into the country's main port, from where transports of coal in other UK regions. This allows you to quickly and significantly increase the population.

Cardiff is located on the shore of Bristol Bay near Newport. On the West side it borders with the Vale of Glamorgan, and in the North it is surrounded by two other valleys of Wales – Caerphilly and rhondda cynon TAFF-Cynon-Tav.

The town itself was built at the bottom of the drained swamp on a Foundation of rock formations.

Today there are about 350 thousand people.

Despite the small size of Wales and of Cardiff (by the standards of the UK), in this city there are many attractions:

  1. The Millennium Stadium;
  2. Cardiff Castle;
  3. The National AssemblyWales;
  4. Cathedral of Llandaff.

In the area surrounding Cardiff also has many attractions of Wales associated with the culture and history of the country.


The capital of Scotland is the second most popular city, which is preferred by tourists, being in the United Kingdom. This happens for several reasons. First and foremost, Edinburgh is home to many attractions, as well as the place where the largest and most beautiful festivals of the country.

Edinburgh is on the East coast of Scotland and on the South shore of the Bay of the Firth of forth.

There are about 470 thousand people, it is much less than in other big city of this country – in Glasgow. The first mention of it appeared in 1170, and in the XII century, Edinburgh became the capital of Scotlandwhen king David I moved the Royal court from Dunfermline to Edinburgh castle.

Today the city is actively growing and developing. There is a large University with a worldwide reputation (Edinburgh City University). Also, the city has numerous government agencies.


ulicy Glazgo

The first largest city in Scotland and third in Britain stretches for 32 km from the mouth of the river Clyde. Today there are about 1.8 million inhabitants, but their number is steadily growing due to the fact that Glasgow is the largest industrial center of the country, which suffers great achievements in the industry.

In the middle Ages Glasgow was known as a religious and educational centre of Scotland, but after the Industrial revolution it became the most important industrial region of the country and are second only to London. The main focus of the program of development of the town was shipbuilding.

When Glasgow began the growth of industry, its population has increased significantly. Local merchants, grown rich on trade in goods from America, began to build the city. Here there were beautiful buildings, impressive warehouses, as well as gardens and lawns.

The only problem with Glasgow have become the worst in Europe slums, immoral settlement, which existed here until the twentieth century. The city managed to cope with this problem, in connection with which he in 1990 received the status of "Cultural capital of Europe". Now here are the beautiful sights, surrounded by nature.


The city, which glorified the famous "Liverpool four", was once only a small village in England in the County of Merseyside, educated in the West the British Isles.

Due to its location, at one point he was transformed from a small and dirty village into a major port through which smuggled more than 40% of total world trade flows.

It is also a great to trade with Ireland, as the island is very close.

In 1715 in Liverpool, was opened the first in England of the port dock, and in 1880 he received the city status. Today there are about 1.3 million people, and more tourists come here to enjoy the many attractions of the city, starting from the ancient Palace of the XIII century and ending with the famous bar, where he performed the famous "the Beatles".


zdaniya Manchestera

A city with a rich history of industrialization is the third most popular tourist destination in the UK and England. Manchester had always had a reasonably developed handicraft and active trade but during the Industrial revolution he took a leading position, becoming the textile centre of Britain.

A big role in this active development of Manchester played by spinning machines, steam engines, proximity to coal mines and the port of Liverpool.

This has made the city very quickly to achieve an unprecedented scale, and rich merchants – to invest a lot of money on the cultural development of the city. Everywhere began to build galleries, and public parks.

Manchester lies at the Western slope of the Pennines on the river Irwell, and its territory is home to about 2.3 million people. Nowadays, it is considered an important cultural, industrial and financial center of the country.


The largest city located in the North-East of England in the County of greater Manchester, has long been known as a large commercial, financial and industrial center of the country.

He first appeared in the small County of Tyne and wear. Long time Newcastle was the capital of the notorious Northumberland, and finally as a centre for coal mining and an important city with a population of 300 thousand people.

The importance of the city in the UK, says having its own metro.

Today, Newcastle is known as a center of students. The city has two famous universities – Northumbria and Newcastle, as well asState College No. 1. Only in the walls of the College, more than 40 thousand students of different specialties.

Newcastle has its own attractions:

  • Theatre Royal;
  • Art gallery;
  • The Millennium Bridge;
  • Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Mary;
  • Anglican Cathedral of St. Nicholas.

Also the city has many modern shopping malls, of which there more than any other English city.


Starinnyj Oksford

The city, which houses the world-renowned University, ranked first in the top 100 best universities in the world, located in the southern part of England on the river Thames and is the capital of Oxfordshire. There are about 160 thousand people among which 10% are students.

The first mention of the town date back to X century, when they took possession of king Edward I, who founded a fortress here to protect against the Viking raids.

In the second half of the XII century, Oxford was a University that gave the world 50 Nobel laureates. Few people know, but in addition to the University of Oxford there are great colleges:

  1. Christ Church;
  2. Magdalene College.

All these ancient abode of knowledge are located in buildings with luxurious ancient architecture, so themselves are the main attractions of the city.


A city located in the South of England near London, is the capital of the County of Cambridgeshire, but he got the status "city" recently. Many Cambridge known as another place, where is the famous University which is in the top 5 of the best educational institutions in the world.

There are about 120 thousand people, some of whom are students of Cambridge and the Royal College.

The first mention of Cambridge date back to the VIII century, and in the middle Ages, the city became one of the centers of the cluster of forces supporting Parliament. In the fifteenth century by Henry VI founded the famous king's College, which is considered not only an important educational institution, but also a beautiful architectural monument in the UK.


Nottingham is located in the heart of England on the Trent river and is the capital of the County Notingher with a population of about 300 thousand people. The city powerfully developed knitting industry, mechanical engineering, food-processing enterprises, as well as coal mining and the pharmaceutical industry, but the popularity came to him thanks to the famous noble outlaw Robin hood.

The UK has played a significant role on the world map, showing itself as a strong state, influencing the rest of the world, as well as creating perfect conditions for tourist trips.